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Top 7 Clash Royale 18 Card Mega Deck Challenge Decks 2019

18 Card Mega Deck Challenge Decks

18 Card Mega Deck Challenge Decks Hi, guys 18 card Mega Deck Challenge Decks Today I will show you Best Mega Deck Challenge Decks. so, guys, mega deck challenge is going to start from 29 July 2019 and It will end after 3 days. When building your deck for the Mega Deck challenge, most of the same strategy applies as when creating your standard eight-card decks Check Out Here How to Create 18 Card Mega Deck Challenge Tips 2019

1.) 18 Card  Pekka Mega Knight Mega Challenge Deck 

The first row is spell cards, the second row is support cards, and the third row is win conditions.

Having each category account for 33% of the deck ensures you will always have at least one of those cards in your hand. I also balanced cheap and expensive cards to maximize cycling ability and late-game power Continue Reading »

2.) 18 Card Miner Balloon Mega Deck Challenge Deck

I would say this 18 Card Hog Cycle Mega  Deck Challenge Decks  or 18 Card Miner Balloon Lumberjack deck was created by Surgical Goblin and It is super defensive and Offensive Deck and you will often rely on creating a strong counter push to win the game, you will most likely build the best counter push during double elixir with Balloon and Hog

3.) 18 Card Pekka Balloon Mega Deck Challenge Deck

18 Card Pekka Balloon Mega Challenge Deck

I would say this 18 Card Pekka Poison Balloon Cycle Mega  Deck Challenge Decks deck was created by Mix.of.Xaos

we have Rascals, tesla, Musketeer and Mega Minion to Counter Ait Troops along with E wiz and dart Goblin and this deck is Good in Mega Deck Challenge, we have 5 spells in this deck which is very great

4.) 18 Card Battle Ram Bandit Mega Deck Challenge Deck

Keep cycling Battle ram + Bandit  for offence during single Elixir as much as possible and cycle magic Archer and Electro Dragon for defence

we have Goblin Giant and Miner for Counterpush and you also use Skeleton barrel if Needed

5.) 18 Card Goblin Giant Hunter Mega  Deck Challenge Deck

You want to play very aggressively during single Elixir to get as much damage as possible than rely on Goblin Giantvr + bait cards to defend your opponent’s push.

6.) 18 Card Miner Graveyard Mega  Deck Challenge Deck

7.) 18 Card Hog Cycle Mega Deck Challenge Deck

18 Card Hpg Cycle Mega Deck Challenge Deck

These Top 7 Deck Working well in Clash Royale Mega Deck Challenge and Later on we will update this page with more 18 card Decks

Thanks for reading, have fum

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Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!

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