Cabal Mobile Tier List 2024 – Best Classes in Game

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Welcome to our Cabal Mobile Tier List, In this article we will show you Cabal Mobile Best Classes. in short, For beginners, Force Shielder and Warrior are the easiest.

Force Archer and Blader are moderately challenging. Gladiator and Wizard require a bit more skill, while Force Gunner, Dark Mage, and Force Blader are for advanced players seeking complexity.

Cabal Mobile Tier List 2024 – Best Classes

Easy (Easiest to use/easy to pilot):

Force Shielder (FS): Toughest class, can solo most early dungeons, uses magic skills for easier questing.

Warrior (WA): Similar in toughness to FS, focus on learning controls without much worry on surviving.

Medium (Moderate difficulty):

Force Archer (FA): Best survivability among magic classes, has an overpowered heal, defensive buffs, and longest range.

Blader (BL): High evasion and defense rate, cool battle mode and skills.

Hard (Requires more understanding):

Gladiator (GL): Tough like WA and FS but has a rage mechanic that can be confusing for new players.

Wizard (WI): Not very durable but has high evasion and best mobility in the game, great for parties.

Very Hard (Most challenging to pilot):

Force Gunner (FG): Weak early game, lacks defensive buffs, but can be fun when equipped with good items.

Dark Mage (DM): Newest class, difficult to pilot, requires understanding of unique buffs and debuffs.

Force Blader (FB): As tough as FA but challenging to master, lots of intricate buffs and debuffs.

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