Survivor io Pet Tier List 2024 – Best Pets, Cookies, and Perks

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Welcome to our Survivor io Pet Tier List, In this Survivor io Pet Tier List, we will tell you about pets in Survivor io. In recent update developers released a new Pet System in the game. We are going to rank every pet in Survivor io on a tier list.

In, players obtain pets by opening Pet Chests. Once obtained, players can merge three pets of the same rarity to increase the pet’s rarity and unlock additional skills. So come and take a look at this Survivor io Pet Tier List – Best Pets, Cookies, and Perks Guide. Also, read our: Survivor io Harvest Haven Event Guide

Survivor io Pet Tier List 2024 February

Survivor io Pet Tier List
Source: Survivor io Discord

Survivor io Pet Guide Wiki

There are multiple ways to earn pet cookies, including watching advertisement videos, trading coins or gems for them, and more.

It costs 300 pet cookies to unlock one pack and 2680 pet cookies to unlock 10 pets at a time. Having more pets is beneficial as you can deploy them, use assistant pets, and upgrade and evolve them.

In Survivor io, Pets can be evolved to the next rarity level by merging three identical pets of the same rarity, up until you reach the epic rarity level, which is purple.

Merging to legendary and mythical rarity levels happens in the same way as with equipment and tech parts.

You can also use pet cookies to level up your pets, increasing their attack and health. Pets have their own set of statistics and do not augment your statistics in the game

Survivor io Pet Tips by drapsag

When receiving blue pets, pay attention to the random Assist skill that was assigned to it. There are 5 types.

Boost – Pet ATK and Skill Range
Strong -Pet HP
Durable – Pet shot duration
Penetration – Pet attack Penetration
Powerful -Pet ATK and Skill DMG

Make sure to save that desired Pet with his desired Skill for your Assist slot.

Only one pet of each assisting skill can be assigned at a time.

Your main deployed pet will be the only beneficiary of the assisted pets ASSIST skill. No other stats/ skills matter.

Survivor io Pet FAQ

Are Survivor io pets worth spending gems on?


Are Survivor io pets worth spending gems if you are F2P?


Are pets in Survivor io worth spending gems if you are growth fund enjoyer?


Are pets in Survivor io worth spending gems if you have All Red S+4 gears?


TDLR: Don’t spend a dime on pets. Just watch ads and have fun.

We are working on making the pet guide and tier list. But do not spend anything.

Survivor io Best Pet


Cacophony, a special ability that Rex possesses, allows him to yell at enemies and deal 250% attack damage. In addition, when his owner levels up, he deals 25 more damage. Additionally, Rex is equipped with a legendary ability called Utmost Loyalty that enables him to take 30 damage in place of his master.

He can unlock deployment skills and raise the owner’s crit rate by 3% once he has evolved to Legend. The owner’s crit damage can also be increased by 6% by his skill Inspiration. While Rex has the ability to increase crit rate and damage, Croakian also has this capability.


Croaky has a skill called Scratch Excellent Saratches with sharp alaws to deal with 200% Ari3 damage. 423% damage when the owner levels up. O.Besecond cooldown

That’s it for this Survivor io Pet Tier List

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