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This guide shares Roblox Demon Slayer Weak Legacy Trello and Discord server links. Most Roblox games have a Trello and These Roblox Game Trello helps players understand a game’s basics and cover every aspect of it.

In this Roblox Demon Slayer Weak Legacy Trello Guide, You will find the official link to the Official Roblox Demon Slayer Weak Legacy Trello and some useful guides. You can find the game Discord link on the game’s listing page on Roblox.

Demon Slayer Weak Legacy Trello Wiki


M1 = Left mouse click
M2 = Right mouse click

Camera Lock – [ `]

Demon Slayer Legacy Trello & Wiki for New Players

M1 – [Attack]

Left Shift+M1 – [Heavy Attack]

M2 – [Block]

Left Ctrl – [Counter Dodge/Parry]

Double jump – [Double tap space]

Dash – [Left Alt]

Sprint – [X]

M1s do a huge amount of damage, however, Players and NPCs can dodge after 3 hits. You can also use this into your advantage.

Heavy strikes can be parried, and your damages are like 3-hit M1s if you parried heavy strikes.

The same can be said with Heavy Strikes vs. Block. The damages are like 3-hit M1s and it gets better as you can also combo the enemy after doing a heavy strike.

By blocking (M2 or Right Click) and rolling (Left Alt) after, either by pressing M1 or doing a Heavy strike, you can initiate a quick dash against the enemy you blocked with.

(Not implemented mechanics below)

Final skills:

Final skills that are dropped by bosses initiate guard-breaking skills. It is unable to be parried either, however, some certain defense breathing skills can be used to parry final skills and it’ll not just deflect the player’s damages but it’ll deal critical damage against the enemy that has been hit by it.
(Only 2 final skills can be equipped as a result)

Demon Slayer Weak Legacy [BETA] Trello Stats

Max stats is 5,000

  • Strength – Increases overall damage
  • Agility – Increases Stamina, walk speed and climbing speed
  • Durability – Increases health
  • Mental Power – Increases breathing capacity


Scales to 500 times the player’s level. The higher your mode, the longer you can use transformations like Slayer Mark.


Your movement speed slows down by 20% if you’re sleepy. [You will also receive 50% stamina regen reduction]


Your health regeneration slows down if you’re hungry.

Demon Slayer Legacy Trello Total Concentration Breathing

Put your perseverance on the test

For Slayers:

Stage 1:

  • Increases your breathing/mental capacity by 50%. Also increases breathing speed as you progress through the stage.
  • For stage 1 Kanae from the Butterfly Mansion can give gourds.
  • Gourd training count needed: 250

Stage 2:

  • Increases your breathing/mental capacity by 100%.
  • For stage 2 you have to do reflex training with Kanae from the Butterfly Mansion.
  • Reflex training count needed: 90

For demons:

stage 1:

  • You can meditate inside the cave to get inside and fight yourself. You’ll enter into a dimension where you try to dodge random demon slayers’ attacks.
  • For stage 1 you can get the stone gourd from Kokushibo.


Gourd training gets easier the more successful attempts you have.

Maximizing Damage Input

For example: (Thunder Breathing)
agatsuma = x1.33
thunder breathing = x1 damage (without breathing equipped, it’s x0.5 damage)
thunder nichirin = x1.5 damage
total: x2 damage

w/ pattern strength damage (for example, mist) = x2 damage
total: x4 damage

Demon Slayer Legacy Trello Quest

Demon Slayer Storyline Quest

Quest 1 – You start as a villager in your town. You start your day by going to kill 5 PIGS

Quest 2 – After you kill the 5 pigs, you talk to a wandering adventurer in the town. He asks you to kill 5 SLIMES infront of the town.

Quest 3 – After the slimes are dead, you go talk to the butcher. He asks you to cut down a tree and retrieve some logs for him.

Quest 4 – The butcher now asks you to bring the logs to the city in the snowy mountains so they can survive winter.
However, when you arrive there, You find a house, with the family inside massacred. After this, you see a mysterious man in a colorful cloak fighting a girl and a young boy. The girl and boy are knocked out by this mysterious man. Despite this, you make it to the village and talk to the girl, saving their village.

Quest 5 – You need to head home. It has become night time. As your going home, a demon attacks you, and as you fight it off, a demon slayer uses Water Breathing to save you. You are thankful and run home to your village.
When you get there, you ask another demon slayer on how to become one, and he says to find Urokudaki.

Quest 6 – As it is late at night, you go to bed.

Quest 7 – When you wake up, you tell the butcher that you’re going to be gone from the village

Quest 8 – You leave the village. When you come to a fork in the road, you go LEFT as you want to be a demon slayer. The right side feels dangerous as if you’d die so you don’t go that way. (If you go that way, you become a demon. Read the Demon storyline from there)

Demon Slayer Legacy Trello Demon Storyline

Demon races are unlockable after Demon Slayer has been finished. Due to the reasons that demons have a definite buff and if put on a nerf, will gradually be weak.

We decided to make the buff only obtainable when Demon Slayers have finished the Demon Slayer Storyline as the next story arc after Demon Slayer’s original arc would be Demon arc.

However, there may be a way to become a Demon while still in the Demon Slayer arc, as it may go along well with the game plan.

Demon Slayer Legacy Trello Raid Info

How to start a raid in Demon Slayer Legacy:

Talk to the Yajiri Demon Slayer for swamp raid, located in Yajiri Village

Talk to Yushiro for Asakusa raid, located in Asakusa, Tokyo


Raid Rewards:

  • Easy – 50,000 YEN
  • Medium – 3 God Coins
  • Hard – 5 God Coins

Raid Level Requirements:

  • Swamp Demon/Yajiri Village raid: Level 200+
  • Asakusa Raid: Level 400+


The person who buys a raid is ALWAYS Teleported (unless too low level) So the 3 in circle can be three other people.

Swamp Demon Raid

This raid is located in Yajiri Village. You can get to this map from the Yajiri Village Teleport

There is a level requirement of 200+, if you arent 200+ you cant even join the raid.
When you enter Yajiri Village, at the center of the map is the raid party area, this is how you start the raid.

Asakusa Raid

This raid is located in Asakusa, Tokyo. You can get to this map from the Asakusa, Tokyo Teleport

There is a level requirement of 400+, if you arent 400+ you cant join the raid
When you go into the town, the entrance to the raid area is to the right of the main map teleport, while facing it. Its in a corner of the city. Infront you will see Yushiro, who is the Tamayo’s House Teleport

When inside the house, talk to Yushiro to start a raid for 25,000 YEN.

That’s it for this Demon Slayer Legacy Trello & Wiki for New Players.

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