Echocalypse Tier List 2024 April – Best SSR Characters

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Welcome to our Echocalypse Tier List 2024, which provides a comprehensive overview of all units. Tier List is the best way to start off your journey in Echocalypse and In this article, you will find Echocalypse’s Best Characters.

Follow this article to find out the Echocalypse Tier List for PvP Wiki 2024 February below.

Echocalypse Tier List Ranking

The “Units” in the game Echocalypse are the characters you will use to battle opponents in both PvP and PvE modes.

Not all Echocalypse Characters are strong; some perform best when coupled with specific characters or require synergy, whereas others are effective throughout all game types and don’t require synergy to realize their full potential.

You can use our list of Echocalypse characters Tier List to determine which ones are the best Characters for Echocalypse PvP. Let’s take a look at the ranking standards or Tier rating guide before moving on to the Echocalypse Characters Tier list.

Echocalypse Characters are ranked in six primary Tiers on this list of Noah’s Heart Tiers: Tier S, Tier A, Tier B, Tier C, Tier D, Tier F, and Tier E. The OP/best Noah’s Heart characters may be found in Tier A. You can find good characters in Tier A.

Tier B has passable characters. Characters of Tier C are average. The characters listed in Tier D, Tier E, and Tier F are not as encouraging but they can still be useful early on in the game.

Echocalypse Tier List Wiki February 2024 – Best SSR Characters of Echocalypse

Echocalypse Tier List Wiki

This Echocalypse Tier List Wiki will only serve as a GUIDE on which SSR you might want on your Echocalypse team depending on a lot of stuff like Echocalypse Team comp, Links, how many stars that SSR has, and such. Because on making a team, putting 6 S+ tier cases wouldn’t work as well as a well-rounded team. You should also consider the synergy between your cases which we would tackle as we go on this guide.

Before you continue on the tiers, this tier list is based on my and some of my fellow Syndicates (Juliwen and SaphireBlue) opinions regarding their overall strength in all aspects of the game (e.g., Cage Fight, Expedition, Host, and Abyss Dive to name a few) so some cases might excel on a single content but struggle on everything else might put her lower than others.

Note: (some cases have another passive which you can find in the Chart-in game) I would not discuss their attack, skill, passive, and extra passive on this as this would make this guide too long and unnecessary. I suggest you read their skills to further understand what I’m trying to say.

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Echocalypse Tier List Best Characters 2024 February

Starting with the ‘Must Have’ tier we have Audrey and Pan pan. These two are what I consider a staple on every team. Not necessarily gives the biggest damage, but they provide super good support that may make or break your run on a stage/Pvp.

Audrey: Her skill is really useful on bursting round 1 on ALL contents especially useful on Abyss Dive. Silence on auto, Atk buff, and +2 rage on her skill are really useful. Also, another atk buff on her passive makes her really good support overall.

Pan pan: BIG BIG SHIELD. You can honestly do a stage without taking any damage because of her. Top tier on PVP and can offer great survivability on other contents. Also, offer a Block% buff and atk down debuff on enemies.

Tier S (Best Characters PvP)

Tier S characters: the best characters in Echocalypse

Onto the S tiers where we would see main dmg dealers of different team comps. On this tier putting multiple S tiers on a team is not as good as just building around them since as I said earlier, synergy is also an important part of team building.

  • Fenriru – S Tier
  • Firentia – S Tier
  • Horus – S Tier
  • Aiken – S Tier

S Tier Explanation

Fenriru: maybe I a bit biased here but a really great aoe dmg dealer, not only is she free you can also have a free link on her which is good. Not much to say about her other than top-tier DPS.(post-nerf but still great)

Firentia: She would be your main dmg dealer for burn teams. BIG dmg and good synergy to other burn users.

Horus: Give the highest dmg possible in-game. Like fr, her skills make it that you deal DOUBLE dmg on top of her already high dmg when an enemy has ‘armor break’ (would explain further later) not only that, on higher star level also increases crit and crit dmg by 50%. Hitting a crit would give around 2x more and another 1.5x because of increased crit dmg. So that’s a x6 if you hit all of those conditions.

Aiken: not available yet but also a great DPS alongside Fenriru. High chance of crit and additional damage when enemies are 50% hp below. Also, she counters burn team because of her skill (needs high stars though).

Tier A (Best Characters PvP)

Now the A tiers. These would be your other support characters alongside your main DPS. They either provide more dmg, stuns, and debuffs, but some also give you buff.

  • Vivi – A Tier
  • Set – A Tier
  • Zawa – A Tier
  • Yulia – A  Tier
  • Niz – A Tier
  • Nephtys – A Tier
  • Deena – A Tier
  • MC – A Tier

Vivi: probably S tier if only her other passives work (bug atm). She is your rage debuffer/ additional dmg but also buffs your allies with her silent immunity passive and rage increase to allies from her extra passive. Great unit to have overall just need mid-high investment.

Set: another supportive case, her main job is to protect her allies by taking the dmg they received. So another useful tank if you want more survivability, very straightforward. (need to be 1 star to shine)
Regina: another dmg dealer alongside Firentia on the Burn team. Applies burn to the enemy and also buffs herself by giving dodge% up and pierce% up.

Zawa: also a dmg dealer but also provides insane debuff to up to 4 enemies. Great unit overall.
Shiyu: a staple member for a burn comp. She’s the main one re-applying the burn onto enemies + also revives 1 ally including herself. Her burn hurts like hell too.

Yulia: Debuffer/ semi-tank. Commonly put at the 2nd spot (front-middle). Taunts enemies (basically silence).

Niz: Great dmg dealer but mainly used for her freeze skill wherein she can potentially freeze up to 4 enemies at once which can be clutch on PVP and other content.

Nephtys: an AOE healer for the burn team and also, heals all allies on her skill + an atk buff from her extra passive. Burns 4 enemies at r1.

Deena: Another great healer, semi-tanky too because of her passive. She only heals 2 allies BUT with a CHANCE to heal all allies with 50% hp and below. Also removes debuff on higher star levels.

MC: This is the SSR version of MC’s, they are an amazing f2p unit that is easy to get stars on by just progressing through the story. Regarding their kit, pretty decent damage with an occasional stun and a chance of immunity to debuffs and evade enemy attacks.

Tier B (Best Characters PvP)

B tier, these units are still good and I would still look to pick a member here if synergy is there. They’re not necessarily bad, but they’re the best at what they do.

  • Wadjet – B Tier
  • Kiki – B Tier
  • Gryph – B Tier
  • Tawaret – B Tier
  • Garula – B Tier
  • Beam – B Tier
  • Raeon – B Tier

Wadjet: A must-have if you’re planning to run Horus on your team. She’s the only one who can apply armor break on enemies. Still a great unit if not paired with Horus, reduces defense and dmg reduction.

Kiki: She has high dmg, good debuff with defense, and crit res down. Definitely good though just need a high investment to work well.

Gryph: Another member of the burn team with great dmg and decent debuff. Very straightforward though.

Tawaret: Bonk Queen, great for cleaning up, great dmg too since she has defense down.

Mori: the best single-target dmg dealer in the game. Most use in Host purification, Great unit overall (need decent gear to shine)

Garula: great unit C.C overall, decent dmg, can stun up to 3 people, reduce their healing received, and also can’t be stunned, freeze, and taunt when low on hp%.

Beam: Great dmg dealer, since she Does More Damage the lower her health(also works with shield). Passive is buggy, only immune to 1 instance of dmg instead of the whole round.

Raeon: interesting case, great dmg, as of writing this guide we don’t have any idea about ‘induction’ yet. But when her hp is low, can dodge 2 instances of dmg of any kind which is nice.

Tier C & D (Best Characters PvP)

C tier: TBH I don’t want to talk about them individually. It’s just they lack unique things to do. Plus they need more Star-ups to shine, They don’t provide much support. Dmg is mediocre at best, and debuffs are not that good anyway. Mainly used for links.

D tier: just don’t. you’re better off using Snezhana/Nanook rather than using these 2 unless you have them at a high star level.

That’s it for this Echocalypse Tier List Wiki for PVP. Find the best game tier lists and game guides at Theclashify. Level up your gameplay today.

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