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Ant Legion Tier List 2023 – Best Ants & Specialized Ants

Are you looking for the best characters in Ant Legion? Check out our comprehensive Ant Legion Tier List. Published by “37GAMES” it is a very popular game.

In this Ant Legion Ant Tier List, we rank all of the characters from S tier to D tier. This makes it more difficult for new players, in particular, to figure out which Ant Legion characters to use in their team, while players must constantly check to see if their favourite units are still viable in battle.

So that is why we have put together this Ant Legion tier list, where we rank all the Ants in the game for their overall strength in every game mode.  So come and take a look at this Ant Legion Tier List Wiki – Best Characters Guide.

Ant Legion Tier List 2023


  • Giant Ant
  • Fire Ant


  • Ponerine
  • Slender Ant
  • Lumia Ant


  • Amber Stinger
  • Flat Head


  • Golden Carpenter
  • Jumper
  • Long Horn


  • Brown Glider
  • Harvester

Ant Legion Specialized Ants 2023

Combat vs civil: combat ants give bonuses to army scale and buffs to soldiers. Civil ants give development buffs (a few can increase army scale and rally size). You can only use 5 combat ants at a time, but all civil ants are effective all the time.

Leveling and evolution: increase level by using honeydew and breakout fruits to unlock all 3 base skills and improve basic stats. Evolve using ant shards to unlock more duel skills and improve base skills. Level can be reset for 10 diamonds to refund all resources spent.

Legion and duel skills: every ant has 1 set of skills for battle or development and another for fighting other specialized ants in duels.

Aiding: you can unlock aid slots for honeydew and breakout fruits which allow resource-free leveling. Level will be kept at the lowest of your top 5 ants. Common strategy is to actually level 5 ants, then refund and aid the rest

Soldiers and Army Mechanics

Types of units

Melee: high hp and def, low atk

Ranged: high atk, low hp and def

Haste: balanced stats, high march speed

Mover: low stats and speed, high carry capacity

Tiers: with higher level soldier habitats come the ability to train higher tier soldiers, which have higher stats but also cost more resources and take longer to train. High tier soldiers are key to powerful armies.

Promoting: if your armies are not all at the highest tier you can produce, you may promote them to the highest tier available by hitting the arrow by their picture. Resource and training time requirements are based on the previous tier, accounting for what has already been spent.

Army size vs march size: there is no limit on how many ants the nest can hold, only healing pool capacity to keep ants alive should they all fall in battle. March size determines how many ants can be sent in one attack.

Army specialization: many players choose one type of soldier to mass produce so they can focus all efforts on one type of soldier buff. This requires a lot of training time to fill an entire marching army’s worth.

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