Infinity Gauntlet | Thanos Simulator Trello & Wiki Guide

Looking for Infinity Gauntlet | Thanos Simulator Trello? you are at the right place, In this Infinity Gauntlet | Thanos Simulator Guide wiki, we will tell you everything about the game.

Infinity Gauntlet | Thanos Simulator is a Simulator-type game playing as a Roblox character who wields the Infinity Gauntlet used by Thanos/Iron Man in the Marvel franchise. You will go around hunting for the Infinity Stones and possibly collecting some other weapons from the MCU.

So come and take a look at this Infinity Gauntlet | Thanos Simulator Trello & Wiki Guide

Infinity Gauntlet | Thanos Simulator Trello & Wiki Guide


The Spawn – Where the player spawns and chooses their weapon.

Time Tower – The Location of ~ The Time Stone

Reality’s Edge – The location of ~ The Reality Stone

Space Mountain – The location of ~ The Space Stone

Power Temple – The location of ~ The Power Stone

The Forge

Must have the following to activate.

  • 750 Kills
  • 100 Fragments


The Infinity Gauntlet

The main weapon of the game.


Q- Charges the Gauntlet
X- Disintegrates NPCs in a Small Area.
R- Rapid Punches
M1 (When Charged)- Deal HUGE damage one shotting anything.
F- Teleportation
Z- Focus your power/Insert Stones
C- Shield
V- Burn effect, big damage


Unlocked via usage of ~ The Forge ~


Q- Charge
X- Strikes
E- Thunder Slap
R- Bifrost

The Sword

Must do the following.

1- Equip the SOUL STONE
2- Head to The Forge
3- Activate The Forge
4- Click the Button a Second Time
5- Soul Stone will hover over the Retrieval Pit
6- You earn the Badge

Thanos Sword

A sword wielded by Thanos.

Q- Spins the blade doing big damage.

Loki’s Sceptor

A Sceptor wielded by Loki.

M1- Makes those stabbed by it become mind controlled and do HUGE damage.

Space Dolphin Machine Gun

~S.D.M.G ~

400 dmg per bullet.

NOTE: The Power Temple Boss is IMMUNE to the S.D.M.G

The Infinity Stones – Drop Rates

The Mind Stone – 100% drop rate from ~ Five Eyed Enemy ~

The Space Stone – Located at ~ Space Mountain ~

The Reality Stone – Located at ~ Reality’s Edge ~

The Power Stone– Is dropped by ~ Power Stone Enemy ~ in ~ Power Temple ~

The Time Stone – Located at ~ Time Tower ~

The Soul Stone – .33% Drop rate from any NPC.

That’s it for this Infinity Gauntlet | Thanos Simulator Trello & Wiki Guide

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