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Northgard Tier List 2023 December – Best Clans Guide

Are you looking for a Northgard Tier List 2023? If that’s the case then you can find below our rankings of the best Clans in Northgard.

Playdigious developed this strategy game Northgard. The objective of this game, which is based on Norse mythology, is to take control of a Viking Clan and aim to conquer a newly discovered continent.

Before we get into this list, these are just recommendations for the best clans. Also since this game has many clans, we haven’t selected them all. Also, you will find the Tier List for  Duels Hard, 2v2 Hard, 3v3 Hard, 4v4 Hard, and FFA Hard.

Northgard Clan Tier List 2023 December

  • Raven
  • Boar
  • Stag
  • Snake
  • Bear
  • Wolf
  • Kraken
  • Ox
  • Goat
  • Horse
  • Lynx
  • Dragon
  • Squirrel
  • Lion
  • Rat
  • Eagle

Northgard Tier List 2023 – Best Clans

NB! Very map dependent and around ranked (hard) difficulty on the normal map

Northgard Tier List 2023

Northgard Duels Hard Tier List

Northgard Duels Hard Tier List


Defending is easier than attacking early game

Clans who like to clear the map and sustain/harass work well in close maps.

2v2 Hard Tier List

2v2 Hard Tier List

3v3 Hard Tier List

Northgard Tier List 2023

Comes down to timing if 802+ attacks then dragon is good.

Northgard Meta


Use offering well for neutrals if possible. Merchants are used to get gold asap and trade stuff away. Sailors are better for passive win for fame/lore.

Clans who usually use merchants primarily over sailors if they want – kraken, horse, boar, snake.

Late you can pivot into merchants with other clan as well


(Clearing is to kill neutrals near your tiles so that you can expand)
Clans who need clearing – Ox, Stag, Goat, Raven, Squirrel
Clans who can clear themselves and teammates depending on map – wolf, lynx, bear, eagle

NB! Few clans need priorities to be cleared asap. Squirrel – lore, Goat – iron (if rushing relic), Ox – stone

Clans who can clear by themself if needed.
Horse – clears with chief and can build ship asap
Boar – heh, gimmie it’s mine. Colonize lands with animals on them.
Bear – Bear and fish
Snake – chief and healers to clear
Wolf – free warrior until you can afford chief
Dragon – villagers army
Kraken – Valkyrie (Need to rush horgor and takes time to get 600 wyrd)
Lynx – cats
Squirrel – first military lore if very bad map
Rat – Chief, wululul (need 10 injured to summon)
Eagle – Chief and axes – leave 1 camp to heal and attack for extra income
Lion – Faith convert and heal on main

When rushing you can do a few feasts before first winter 1-3 feasts and then after winter asap and after that you convert to attack. Or pushing 200 fame


When doing sim city and 802 attacks then it is in 801 usually ))
Feasting is usually done in 801 because most clans hit bottle neck then and have decent amount of villagers to benefit from the feasts


Ups forgot to feast – just to few in don’t cost too much


Scouting clans (usually 1 in team only) – Horse Goat Lynx or whoever had a broken start.
Usually you scout from your main 2-3 tiles and then destroy it.
Good timing to have someone scouted is 801 if have aggressive clans on team otherwise 802 to know what’s up


Clans who can play without loremaster – Ox, Horse, Kraken, Lion. (Hugely depended on map)
Other clans if no lore just will be very slow with getting economy going

Overall notes

  • Passive victories too slow – domination wins
  • For team games game duration about 25 min
  • For duels get ready to have 45 min if same skill (unless fast lore O.o)
  • Shields shutdown range units badly if they can get to them, bear ones even trade 1 to 1 with warriors.
  • Goal is like 14+warband in 802 attacks or sustaining warband with axes harassment
  • Eco clan gameplay – focus stone and upgrade, get ready for 802 middle and 803 big army if no attacks.
  • Lore hungry clans loremaster asap, can be delayed a bit if can get better start without
  • Military units
  • Warriors – Good for armor reduction and chasing down enemies
  • Axe throwers – Main damage dealers with upgraded weapons on small army
  • Shieldbearers – Cheap meat shield for axes
  • Skirmishers – snake, huge attack is aim. Snake clan only
  • Dragonkin – need meatshields (Undead giants) and about at least 8 dragonkin to suppress enemy. Dragon clan only
  • Shaman – area of effect healing. Rat clan only
    Ghosts – Tanky units that give -10 happiness debuff. kraken clan can summon or special tile summon


Get offering well next to neutrals that you want to get.
Focus on having 1 loremaster for lore and decent wood income for better scaling after that focus on gold for warband.
Get either upgraded woodcutters or 2x woodcutter lodges and use it asap for economy
Warband building can stay at 98% completed to not cost upkeep
Can rush farm asap if its free otherwise after first winter if getting food building
Clearing might be better to get chief if you need to have more than 2 warriors to clear.
Clear wolves around your tiles, so that it is safe
Early on kill off injured villagers before or in first winter for min/maxing food when wolves attack if don’t have special effects for healing
Get healers once you have chief to heal or your OX
Need only a few upgrades -1 food and 1 gold mostly then warband if can afford
Brewery is not very cost efficient early game and makes a difference in late game
Bear can buff ally with +10% on main like for example – use it!
Get happiness from lore (usually around 4-6th lore) – most clans get feeling safe if happiness is 6th lore might wanna get a brewery down and have 1 guy working.
Sailors on lore duty
No gold means no army – hoard it
Do not sustain early military

Team Games:

Have at least 1 scout,1 feast and 1 clear teammate.

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