Project Mugetsu Clans Tier List – Who is the Best Clan?

Are you searching for the best Clan to consider in Project Mugetsu? To find the Best Clan, you can read this article below. In this Project Mugetsu Clans Tier List guide, we have shared information related to the Project Mugetsu Clans Tier List.

In games, a tier list is the best way to find the strongest and the weakest unit, including characters, weapons, Calns, Races etc. So, Here you will get the latest tier list of Project Mugetsu Clans.

Project Mugetsu Clans Tier List

In this game, There are many clans in Project Mugetsu, each with a different rarity and drop rate.

Your chances of obtaining these War Power clans are 0.1%, Mythic clans are 1%, Legendary clans are 4%, Rare clans are 10%, Uncommon clans are 25%, and 60% for Common.

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Project Mugetsu Clans Tier List

S Tier

  • Urahara (War Power Clan 0.1% Drop rate)
  • Kurosaki (War Power Clan 0.1% Drop rate)

A Tier

  • Kuchiki (Mythic Clan 1% Drop rate)
  • Yamamoto (Mythic Clan 1% Drop rate)
  • Kyoraku (Mythic Clan 1% Drop rate)
  • Uryu (Mythic Clan 1% Drop rate)

B Tier

  • Hitsugaya (Legendary Clan 4% Drop rate)
  • Hisagi (Legendary Clan 4% Drop rate)
  • Ichimaru (Legendary Clan 4% Drop rate)
  • Shihoin (Legendary Clan 4% Drop rate)
  • Unohana (Legendary Clan 4% Drop rate)

C Tier

  • Iba (Rare Clan 10% Drop rate)
  • Kira (Rare Clan 10% Drop rate)
  • Hirako (Rare Clan 10% Drop rate)
  • Ushoda (Rare Clan 10% Drop rate)
  • Amagi (Rare Clan 10% Drop rate)
  • Sarugaki (Rare Clan 10% Drop rate)
  • Valkyrie (Rare Clan 10% Drop rate)

D Tier

  • Dokugamine (Uncommon Clans 25% Drop rate)
  • Sado (Uncommon Clans 25% Drop rate)
  • Inoue (Uncommon Clans 25% Drop raten)
  • Ginjo (Uncommon Clans 25% Drop rate)
  • Kutsuzawa (Uncommon Clans 25% Drop rate)
  • Tsukishima (Uncommon Clans 25% Drop rate)
  • Shishigawara (Uncommon Clans 25% Drop rate)
  • Yukio (Uncommon Clans 25% Drop rate)
  • Kotetsu (Uncommon Clans 25% Drop rate)
  • Muguruma (Uncommon Clans 25% Drop rate)
  • Yadomaru (Uncommon Clans 25% Drop rate)

Use this tier list as a guide to choose the best Clan in Project Mugetsu that suits your playstyle and gameplan.

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