Project New World Guide 2023 – Weapons, NPC & Bosses

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Hi Guys, Today we will show you the Project New World Guide and Project New World Weapons, NPC, and Bosses list with full information. Project New World is a new Roblox game, currently, this game is in Beta and You can play this game on Both Mobile and X-Box.

Project New World has multiple Races and Devil fruits that you can obtain in the game. So now cone and take a look at the complete guide. Also, You can also check our Roblox Games Codes page.

Project New World Guide 2023 Wiki

Since the game is new so it’s hard to tell which Weapon is best for the game but here will give you complete information about weapons, races & bosses.

Project New World Weapons Guide

Yoru (Dark Blade)

Yoru (Dark Blade) is one of the Strongest swords in Project New World. Currently, It is only obtainable via game pass.

  • Z: Dark Slash. Swings a massive projectile. (sword lvl 50)
  • X: Rapid Slashes. Multi-hit sword barrage that does devastating damage. (sword lvl 150)


Project New World Katana Weapon

You can buy Katana from the sword shop at Starter Island and It does the same damage as base combat.

  • Z: Lion’s Song. Quickly unsheathes, the sword while passing by the enemy, and then resheathes the sword, cutting the enemy down. (sword level 30)
  • X: Air Slash. This attack uses the air itself to slash the target from a distance. The user performs a swing that launches the air-compressed projectile towards the target. (sword level 50)

Shark Blade

Project New World Shark Blade Weapon

Shark Blade has a 5% drop rate and it can be obtained from Shark Boss at Shark Park.

  • Z: Shark Smash. Slams the heavy blade onto the ground, causing impact damage to anyone nearby. (Sword lvl 50)
  • X: Shark Hurricane. The user performs a circular swing that creates a spiralling hurricane around the player, damaging anyone close to the user. (Sword lvl 150)

2 Sword Style

This Weapon is Sold by Mr White for $100k. Located in Logue City.

  • Z: Cross Slash. Launches an X-shaped air projectile towards the target (Sword lvl 50)
  • X: Twister. Creates a powerful whirlwind to knock opponents back (Sword lvl 150)

2 Sword Style V2

How to obtain:

  • Buy V1 from Mr White for $100k – Located at Logue Town.
  • Obtain a book from Dual Swordsman Superboss (10%.)
  • Give it back to Mr White to Learn V2

Z: Cross Slash. Launches a huge air projectile towards the target (Sword lvl 50)

X: Twister. Creates a powerful whirlwind and launches it towards an opponent. (Sword lvl 150)


The pipe can be obtained from Soba in Marine Base Town.

  • Z: Fire Shot. Shoots a bullet made of compressed fire (Sword lvl 50)
  • X: Flamethrower. Releases a stream of fire from the pipe, cooking enemies. (Sword level 150)


Mace has 15% Drop Rate and It can be obtained from Mace Boss.

  • Z: Earth Crash. Slams the ground, causing impact damage to anyone nearby. (Sword level 50)
  • X: Bagua. Send yourself charging towards a target. (Sword level 150)

Project New World Bosses Guide

Dual Swordsman

You must have to deal 20% of the boss health to get rewards.

  • Spawns in Logue City
  • Spawns Every: 60 minutes


  • $5k
  • 10 gems
  • Book (10%)
  • Green Bandanna Accessory (5%)

Mace Boss

Must deal 20% of the boss health to get rewards.

Spawns in the cave behind Marine Base Town

How to summon: Unlock the gate by using the Lava key, and drop a Lava ore into the cauldron.


  • 15 gems
  • $5k
  • Mace V1 (15%)
  • Coded Mask Accessory (15%)

NPC Guide

Stat Reset

This NPC gives you the option to reset your stats for 100 gems or 75 rbx

  • Located at Starter Island

Fruit Dealer

You’re able to spin / buy fruits from the fruit dealer with in-game currency, and robux.

$200 /50 Gems /250 Robux per spin

Spin Chances:

Common: 70%
Uncommon: 24%
Rare: 5%
Legendary: 1%

Fruit Market Prices:


spin – 25 rbx / $99k
Clear – 25 rbx / $99k
spike – 75 rbx / $99k
Chop – 95 rbx / $99k
Bomb – 105 rbx / $99k
Barrier – 105 rbx / $99k


Kilo – 349 rbx / $250k
smoke – 550 rbx / $250k


Gas – 1300 rbx / $350k
Ice – 1400 rbx / $350k
Buddha – 1500 rbx / $350k
Snow -1500 rbx / $350k
Darkness – 2200 rbx / $450k
Gravity – 2300 rbx / $450k


Magma – 2999 rbx / $900k
Light – 3100 rbx / $900k

Quest Givers

Each Island has their own quest givers which will help you level up. Some island have multiple quest givers.


Located inside New World Bar, on Starter Island.

Gives information on Pirates and Marines

Sells a bottle of “Cola” for $1k

Marine Recruiter

Located at Starter Island, Logue City, Marine Base Town and Marine HQ

  • Talk to this npc to become a Marine. Your bounty will be converted into Reputation.
  • Marines can use the bounty board to hunt down pirates for their bounty

Doc. White

Located at Logue City

Can remove your fruit for 5 gems or 25 rbx

  • He also sells Dual Swords (2ss) for $100k.
  • After obtaining 2ss V1, you can learn 2ss V2 by giving him a book, dropped by Dual Swordsman Boss.

That’s it for this Project New World Guide – Weapons, NPC & Bosses.

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