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Hi guys, welcome to our Anime Story Guide Wiki, In this article, we will tell you about NPC, Booses, Items, Ores & Controls. You can find all the useful tips and tricks for game.

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Anime Story Guide Wiki

Anime Story Controls:

[Q] for Dash
[LCTRL] for Sprint
[LMB] for Weapon
[R] for Charge
[F] for Block (Time it to Perfect Block)
Note: You can change key binds in-game at the menu.


You get to chance to rebirth at LVL 100, reset and teleport to blessed grounds.

After a rebirth you will recive a 20% exp boost (every rebirth stacks) and 20 free stat points in strength, magic, defence, energy and speed.

(Its already put in the stats so you cant remove them)

The max rebirth is 5 and after a rebirth the exp required to lvl up is increased.

Rebirth 1: (multiplier: 1.2) (stats: 20 starting stats)

Rebirth 2: (multiplier: 1.4) (stats: 40 Starting stats)

Rebirth 3: (multiplier: 1.6) (stats: 60 starting stats)

Rebirth 4: (multiplier: 1.8) (stats: 80 starting stats)

Rebirth 5: (multiplier: 2) (stats: 100 starting stats)


Health- Increases max health.

Energy- Increases energy.

Strength- Increases damage in melee and

strength scaling attacks.

Magic- Increases damage in magic scaling

Speed- Increases player’s walking speed and dash cd.

Anime Story Guide Wiki 2022


Coins are needed for many things. Such as forging a sword. It’s gained through quest and NPCs.


Gems are used to summon abilities. It’s gained from,

  • One time quests.
  • Found around the map
  • Selling rare, cursed, or blessed Items to “Kintoki” (event)
  • talking to npcs like “Brook” “amogus”
    (one time use)
  • completing rewards

Combat Tag

When you are hit or you hit someone or something you are in combat for a duration of 10 secs. While in combat you canot equip anything.

Summoning Circle

This is where you summon abilities for 100 gems.


  • Common: 50% (Dupe = 2 Fragments)
  • Rares: 20% (Dupe = 4 Fragments)
  • Cursed: 10% (Dupe = 6 Fragments)
  • Blessed: 5% (Dupe = 10 Fragments)


Allies help you do quests and defeat bosses! Allies can not damage/stun each other.
ALLIES will also have a green marker over their head where every they are on the map.


• There are 140+ faces.
• Each player gets a face whenever they first start playing.
• To reroll your face, it’s 24 Robux.

NPC Guide

Son The Ki Fist

Find him on the left of Krilly. (Teaches Ki Fist Weapon)

  • no cost
  • currently only magic based weapon

Yorichi (flash step teacher)

“Yorichi” is Found near the right corner at the end of Ruins Of The City before hollow world.

Once interacted with Yorichi she will give you the option to learn flash step.

(Buy Flashstep for 25,000 yen)

Boss Information

Anime Story Bosses are singular, difficult enemies with rare drops.

Boss Drop Chance:
Common = 20%
Rare = 10%
Cursed = 5%
Blessed = 3%

Bandit Leader (Lvl 25+)

“Bandit leader” is found in the middle of all the bandits at “Bandit’s territory”

Bandit leader only m1s,

Bandit leader has the chance to drop:

1 Core

1 Alloy

“Broken chain” (common) (misc)
(drop chance 20%)

Zakuza (Lvl 45+)

Zakuza is a boss at the “land of Shinobi”

  • Zakuza’s move set is,
  • Executioners silence (rare) (boss drop)
  • “Mist shroud” (cursed)

Zakuza has the chance to drop:

“Executioner’s scraps” (rare) (misc) (drop chance 10%)

“Zakuza scarf'” (common) (misc)
(drop chance 20%)

  • 2 Core
  • 2 Alloy

“executioner’s silence” (power) (rare) (drop 10%)

Arkong (Lvl 55+)

“Arkong” is a boss that spawns near the bandits at “Fishman waterfall”

  • Arkong’s move set is,
  • “water pool” (rare)
  • “water shark” (rare) (boss drop)

Arkong has the chance to drop:

  • 3 Core
  • 3 Alloy
  • “Kiribatchi’s tooth” (misc) (rare)
    (drop 10%)
  • “Water shark” (power) (rare)
    (drop 10%)

Arkong (Lvl 55+)

“Arkong” is a boss that spawns near the bandits at “Fishman waterfall”

  • Arkong’s move set is,
  • “water pool” (rare)
  • “water shark” (rare) (boss drop)

Arkong has the chance to drop:

  • 3 Core
  • 3 Alloy
  • “Kiribatchi’s tooth” (misc) (rare)
    (drop 10%)
  • “Water shark” (power) (rare)
    (drop 10%)

That’s it for you Anime Story Guide Wiki – NPC, Bosses, Items & Ore.

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