Roblox World of Trollge Value List – Trading Values 2023

Welcome to Roblox World of Trollge Value List, In this article, we will tell you about all trading values for Roblox World of Trollge. We’ll constantly be updating this page with the newest things from every update that is added to World of Trollge.

If you’ve spotted anything missing that you think should be added, or want to submit your own values, simply leave a comment below, and we’ll take a look at it, So come and take a look at this Roblox World of Trollge Value List

Roblox World of Trollge Value List

This is Mat’s Advanced Value List for World of Trollge Value, you can visit the game Trello for more information.

Value- Numerical currency that shows the price of a given troll/item

Demand-shows how much people want this troll/item (1-10)

Rarity shows how hard is a given troll/item to obtain

Meaning of colours of rarity and demand:

-Very easy to get | Almost no one wants it (1-3)

– Quite hard to get | Most of the people are not looking for it, unless as an add(4-6)

– Very hard to get | People are often looking for it (7-8)

– unobtainable | Almost everyone wants it (9-10)

Credit: Mat’s

Stable – If the troll/item is stable, then it means that his value probably wont change at the moment, you can trade it peacefully.

Unstable – If the troll/item is unstable, then it means that the value of this troll/item have big chance of dropping, you should avoid trading for this.

Rising – If the trol/item is rising, then it means that the troll/item went unobtainable, most of the time it gets overpays, if you got it then we highly suggested save it for some time and get profit in the future.

Hyped – If the troll/item is hyped, then its probably new or got rework, value will rise incredibly fast, we suggest to trade it away for great overpay(AFTER THE HYPE, THE VALUE WILL PROBABLY DROP SO BE CAREFUL).

Overpriced – If the troll/item is overpriced, then it means that it gets alot of offers bigger than the expected value, we highly recommend to focus on them.

Underpriced -If the troll/item is underpriced, then it means that it gets lower offers than the expected value, you should avoid these.

Roblox World of Trollge Value List

Roblox World of Trollge Value List
Credit: mat

Roblox World of Trollge Value List Wiki

Roblox World of Trollge Value List
Credit: mat

World of Trollge Guide

Cups & Trolls

Cups spawn throughout the map every few seconds. Different cups can give you different trolls, and some cups/trolls are rarer than others. Some cannot spawn normally, and some cannot be crafted.

Troll storage

On the top of your screen you have a troll storage. You can store the trolls that you obtain here. the Ki Bank also works as a secondary troll storage. You can swap trolls whenever you want through the troll storage. Keep in mind that if you are holding any items when you switch, you will lose those items.

Item storage

At the top of your screen you also have an item storage. This is where you can store cups and items. You can click a slot to put in/take out an item. The button used to drop items is also located inside of the item storage.


The trading center is where you can trade trolls/items you have for other players trolls/items.


Every 15 minutes a random boss will spawn. Defeating these bosses will either grant you cups or relics, depending on the boss defeated.


Relics are items that can be used to upgrade specific trolls. You can upgrade them at the Troll Upgrader by having the troll you want to upgrade equipped, having the relic out, and interacting with the Troll Upgrader.


You can craft items and cups at anvils. If you want to craft something, simply have the items you want to forge together in your inventory, and interact with the anvil.

That’s it for this Roblox World of Trollge Value List

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