Rush Royale Items, Fragments and Crafting Guide

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Hi guys, Today we will talk about Rush Royale Items and How to find Items in Rush Royale. In version, 7.0 developers introduced Inventory and Hero items and Fragments.

So come and take a look at this Rush Royale Items, Merging and Crafting Guide

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Rush Royale Inventory

The inventory allows you to store and use various types of Items, which buffs the stats of your units. There is a fixed number of inventory spaces. You will be compensated in gold if you obtain an item but do not have enough space in your inventory to store it.

Rush Royale Items

Rush Royale Items

To create items in Rush Royale, you’ll need specific fragments, which can be found in various places around the game as well as through Career QUEST. Once you’ve collected all of the fragments, they’ll appear in the Crafting menu. When you finish crafting an item in the Forge, it will show in your Hero tab inventory, where you can use it on one of your characters.

Like units and heroes, all items will have ranks ranging from common to legendary, as well as upgrade levels.

The stronger the item’s power, the larger the beneficial effects it provides. You will be able to upgrade items for gold, and you will need to use the Forge to improve the item’s rank. The Forge allows you to combine many items of the same rank into one stronger item.

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