Rush Royale Bosses Guide | How to Counter Boss in Rush Royale

Hi guys, we are back with another new Rush Royale Guide, and Today we will tell you Rush Royale Bosses Guide & How to Counter All Bosses in Rush Royale. I have seen so many new players asking these questions that How to Counter Tribunal In rush royale, How to beat Badlam In rush royale.

If you don’t know how to play against particular bosses then this guide is for you, this Rush Royale Bosses Guide will help you to counter all boss in rush royale so without wasting any time let’s get into it.

Rush Royale Bosses:

  • Tamer,
  • Gorgon,
  • Bedlam,
  • Warlock,
  • Tribunal.

Currently there are 5 bosses in rush royale and every bosses has it’s unique ability, for me Tamer and Gorgon are very easy to counter in game but when you are playing against Warlock, Bedlam, and tribunal you should use some strategy which I am going to to tell in this post.

How to counter All Bosses in Rush Royale:

1.) Tamer:

Rush Royale Bosses Guide

Tamer is one of the easiest boss in the game, The ability of tamer is very simple he summons a portal which spawns minions these minions do spawn behind tamer, you can easily kill him with your level 1 dps cards. If tamer is your first boss that appears during pvp it’s very easy to counter but if tamer is like the 4th or 5th boss then It’ sis going to be very though to counter tamer.

2.) Gorgon

Gorgon is also a very easy to kill, her main ability is she truned you units into rocks, that mean when the units are turned to stone they can’t do any damagemand those units can’t attack gorgon so keep in mind that scince she truned your two units into rocks make sure you have filled your board with as much as possible having more units on the board.

I will recommend you to fill your board with High DPS units, Like Enigineer, Sharpshooter etc etc..


3.) Tribunal:

Rush Royale Tribunal Counter Tips

Tribunal is one of the most hated boss in rush royale and I am sure you are looking for How tribunal works ? how to counter trinbul without loosing your units on board, so now let’s talk about how to counter tribunal & tribunal ability.

Tribunal ability is very diffrent from other bosses, He downgrades half your units by 1 level so more units on the board means more units downgraded or lost.

Basically Tribunal lowers 50% of your cards by 1 tier

  • Tribunal doesn’t destroy units, it lowers their merge rank, and if their merge rank is 1, they die
  • if their merge rank is 2, tribunal will downgrade them to rank 1

If you have 11 cards on boards so it will attack on 6  cards instead of 5 cards so make sure you have an even number when he uses his ability also there is one more trick to beat trinbul in rush royale.

When you are playing against tribunal, you can save your mana and Once Tribunal uses his ability you can spam units with the mana you saved up to kill him easily this trick is used by many players and It works well.

4.) Warlock:

How to Counter warlock in Rush Royale

This boss is easy to kill in compare to tribunal, If I talk about warlock ability He throws a 1 fireball and that fireball targets and destroy your 1 random unit.

5.) Bedlam:

Just like tribunal, Bedlam is also one of the most hated boss in rush royale, and many people don’t know how to counter bedlam and what kind of deck and cards works well against him.

First of all let’s talk about his ability is He changes your every cards/units on your board into an alternative random cards/units, It’s very difficult to defeat bedlam in rush royale but not impossibe even if you are lucky enough you can kill Bedlam before he uses his ability.

yes it is possible to kill bedlam before he uses his ability, you just need Bombardier and few high DPS cards in your deck. why we need bombarider ?? because Bombardier has ability to stun a boss for few seconds, and when Bombardier will stun the bedlam, you high DPS cards can kill him before he uses his ability.

6.) Puppeteer:

You’ll be able to meet Puppeteer in the PvP mode and on the 60th wave in Co-Op mode. Unlike the other bosses, Puppeteer features not one but two nasty abilities that he will use in turns to affect your units.

  • First ability: Reduces the mana power-up level of all units by 1.
  • Second ability: shifts your field in one direction by one cell. Units on the edge in that direction are moved to the other side.

In conclusion. I will just say if you are a new player or begginer in rush royal, just wait because you will learn everything by time & experience. The more you will play, the more you will learn so that’s it for

I hope you all liked reading this Rush Royale Bosses Guide | How to Counter All Boss in Rush Royale post.