Best Rush Royale Merging Tips | Rush Royale Merging Explained

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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The merging mechanic in Rush Royale is totally random and In this post, we will talk about Rush Royale Merging Tips & When you should merge your cards in rush royale and how to merge cards to make it more efficient so come and take a look at this only Best Rush Royale Merging Tips | Rush Royale Merging Explained Guide.

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Rush Royale Merging Guide & Best Tips 

Don’t merge units too quickly in rush royale because when you merge two identical units, they produce a random unit so in starting the game you should focus on filling your board with rank 1 cards.

You have to merge your cards only when the board is full or if you have bad cards that need to get-away for example Grindstone, Banner

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as you can see in the below image you have 2 engineers and 2 banners so now you have to merge banner only. Don’t merge Engineers.

Best Rush Royale Merging Guide & Stats

Merging in Rush Royale Full GuideFeel Free to merge Grindstone if you have a situation like this

Don’t merge High DPS cards at starting of the game suppose you have 1 archer and 3 engineers at starting of the game Don’t merge them.

Just summon units or power up their level because Mana Power up is sometimes better than summoning random units.

For example,

In the below image we have 3 engineers and If you will merge 2 engineers then It will produce random units so first fill your board then start merging.

Rush Royale Merging ExplainedDon’t Merge Engineers if you have a situation like this

If you start with the first 4 units and they are bad, then you have to merge them. So keep in mind that the only time you want to merge units quickly if you get bad starting cards for example a bunch of support units like Grindstone, Banner, Hex, etc etc.

In starting the game you just need to focus on filling your board.

There are 15 slots on your Board and you will want to fill these as quickly as possible. Once every slot has a unit then start merging your units.

Fill your board first with rank 1 units.

once your board is full start merging your units according to the situation.

So, guys, That’s it for Rush Royale Merging Tips | how to Merge Units in Rush Royale guide. I hope this guide is helpful for you.

I assume that you have learned about Rush Royale Merging and when you should merge cards in Rush Royale.

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