Summoners War Chronicles Best Build & Team Comp

Looking for Summoners War Chronicles Best Build & Team Comp Guide, You car at the right place. In this Summoners War Chronicles Best Team & Comp Guide, we will tell you some teams that you can use in the game.

So come and take a look at this Summoners War Chronicles Beginner Rune Dungeon Teams Guide (SW Chronicles Best Team).

Summoners War Chronicles Best Build & Team Comp (SW Chronicles Best Team

Summoners War Chronicles Best Build & Team Comp – Spider Queen Team

I’d recommend utilising Shannon (wind Pixie), Konamiya (water Garuda), and Naomi to begin this dungeon (wind Martial Cat). Konamiya’s tackiness on a triple energy set (hp%/hp%/hp%) will assure your survival.

Mav (wind Penguin Knight) is a decent unit to develop for this dungeon if you require a tank for the spiderlings. Naomi will need a great fury blade set as well as skill ups to keep this squad safe. You can certainly reach stage 15 with this team, but if you have excellent runes, you can easily switch to a speed team (Shannon, Naomi, +1 dps/ or Mav).

Depending on how effectively you can clear it, I propose choosing Konamiya (spam heal) or Naomi (faster clear) as your soul link.

If your characters are all ranged, Mav is a better choice than Konamiya. Landing a defence break from Shannon heavily affects the success of the run, make sure she has good accuracy.

Forgotten Earth Shrine Team

When starting this dungeon out, I’d recommend using:

  • Chloe (fire Epikion Priest)
  • Shannon (wind Pixie)
  • Ellin (water Amazon)

When you are looking for some fun, Isellia (Fire Fairy) is a great dps for this dungeon.

Take in mind that if you rerolled for Sekhmet (fire Desert Queen), she is designed as a dps for all rune dungeons, but I don’t advocate utilising her until she is trained up and awakened. Maxxed out 3’s/4’s outperform half-built 5’s.

In general, if you use Chloe in a team, she will serve as your soul connection monster, allowing you to spam invincibility to keep your squad alive. When you progress to speed teams, it is usually your dps or nat5.

Summoners War Chronicles Team Guide

Summoners War Chronicles Best Build & Team Comp – Tear Glands Cave Team

It’s the dungeon that really want target on first; having excellent dps setups makes clearing content much simpler. Chloe is a god in this game; simply overuse her invincibility and cheese your way to level 15. Chloe, Shannon, and Dianne (Fire Gore) are extremely safe teams that can survive even if they are penalised.

Dianne is useful for making this dungeon safer because he repeatedly steals the boss’s crit/attack bonus, preventing him from one-shotting any of your units. For this dungeon, Dianne will be constructed as a dps, thus rage/blade (attk%/cdmg/attk%). Again, if you have Sekhmet, she is an instant replacement for Dianne.

A excellent transition for a speed is Chloe, Sekhmet, and Naomi (wind Martial Cat).

Summoners War Chronicles Best Build & Team Comp – Lab of Madness Guide

I wouldn’t advocate farming this dungeon. Until something changes, the drops from this dungeon are fairly blah. Konamiya, Shannon, Naomi, or Sillia make up the novice team (wind Mystic Witch).

If you don’t have a stripper/heal block, you may just wait out the boss’s invincibility/heal and dps him again for the kill. If you don’t require a healer, substitute Konamiya for a second dps.

Summoners War Chronicles Best Build & Team Comp – Lava Cave Guide

This is the dungeon for PVP. Your dps troops will largely be swift/blade, while your supports will be triple foresight. Shannon, Konamiya, and Ellin (water Amazon) are a decent starting team for this dungeon, and they can conquer the final stage if fully upgraded.

TIP: Stand near to the boss and simply run a circle around him to avoid the talents. Go to the edge and evade the circles when he does the multiple comet ball spam talent.

Chloe, Vigor (water Werewolf), fire Raven, and Lulu (water Howl) are also viable options for this dungeon.

That’s it for this Summoners War Chronicles Best Team Guide & Comp – (SW Chronicles Best Team).

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