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Looking for Summoners War Chronicles Boss Guide – Spawn Times & Area/ You are at the right place. In this guide, we will show you Summoners War Chronicles Boss Guide, Summoners War Chronicles Boss Spawn Times & Summoners War Chronicles Boss Area.

Each Summoners War Chronicles boss is different, but there are some general tips for fighting hard bosses: This guide is shared by Stellar’s, So come and take a look at this Summoners War Chronicles Boss Guide – Spawn Times & Area

Summoners War Chronicles Boss Guide

If your Power Level is too low, you can incur a 25% and even 50% damage dealt/taken penalty when the dungeon says “Hard” or “Very Hard”, making the dungeon extremely difficult or even impossible. It is definitely fine and possible to still win (I went through most bosses at “Hard”), but oftentimes this means you should just do things that increase your Power Level (levels, Awakening, runes, summoner equipment).

It is best to grow the weakest things first as you will get the most return on investment rather than just, say leveling one mon up super high. You may also want to switch to mons with elemental advantage to get better Power Level boosts, but sometimes a highly leveled disadvantaged mon is better than a weaker advantaged mon, especially at lower levels. In Act 4/5 it is a bit harder to brute force Power Level on a disadvantaged mon.

Conversely, if your Power Level is higher than the dungeon, you get damage dealt/taken bonuses, allowing you to brute force dungeons. This is a valid strategy! Some dungeons do require a specific comp and strategy though, and later acts have extremely high Power Levels that are hard to beat, so it’s often a good idea to level advantaged or at least neutral mon. It’s typically good to try and keep up with the Power Level of the story.

Dodging: A lot of bosses you can beat when you’re weaker even if you can dodge their skills. Only some of them have enough DPS where you may not be able to sustain, and only some of them have high burst that can one-shot you with an undodgeable skill. In these cases, no amount of skill will save you and you have to invest resources. In the boss guides I’ll try and tell you when bosses fall into these categories and how to deal with them. Read more about dodging + your mons in the AI type section below. It can be valuable to level the evasion charge and cooldown summoner passives, and also try to walk out of slow boss skills rather than using evade to save your evade for faster skills.

AI type: You can switch your mons between Individual, Target, or Follow behavior. Sometimes it’s really important to have the right one:

Individual: Mons will move to be in range of their targets and stay in range.They will also try and dodge the initial impact of skills on their own, but will run to you if you are too far away.
Individual is good to use when you want one of your mon to tank AoE damage while you and other mon stay at a safe distance, and also when the boss’s skills are simple and easy for the AI to auto-dodge. You usually want to be on this one because Mons will actually move farther sometimes with their own dash in addition to your dash rather than just walking to you.

Mons will move in range to attack your summoner’s target.
Target is good in similar cases as Individual, but when you want to be able to move a mon like your tank to attack a specific target/gain aggro etc.


Mons will stay close to you at all times, like when you dodge.

Follow is good in cases where if your mons don’t dodge super well, they will die. So you make sure to have them Follow and direct everyone to dodge together. This is also important when bosses have powerful skills that have a persistent effect after the initial impact, as mons will not try and avoid an ongoing skill. Mon will lag a little behind, so when you dodge a boss skill try to do it well in advance so all of your mons clear the skill if you’re using this. You may also want to stay constantly moving if you need them extremely close to you as they will move a little farther away from you sometimes if you don’t. This AI is also really useful for getting Mons to hit their AoEs more precisely.

You can always read a bosses spells before you fight them so you know wtf they are doing to you and your poor mons. Some of them have a gajillion spells and effects too, so luckily here are some quick tips from people that DID read those spells so maybe you don’t have to (: The tips below are mostly for the Level 15 Rune dungeons, but the behavior and strategy should be the same for other version of the boss like in the story.

Mad Scientist

Exists in the Story, as a Rune dungeon, and Expedition dungeon.

Team comp tips:

Almost always need a unit that applies Unrecoverable. You should use Wind Mystic Witch because the story requires you to Awaken 5 and Level 60 her anyway, and she additionally has attribute advantage + removes his DEF Up.
* Need a tank that he can hit– he doesn’t attack that hard but can apply Electroshock, so a healer is nice
* Optionally might want something to remove Electroshock– Kona does this
* Optionally might want a healer to outheal the Electroshock instead AND heal you after his undodgable laser blast

Boss info:

* You can dodge almost all his skills extremely easily

* He doesn’t basic attack very hard but does apply Electroshock to units he attacks/hits with a spell, which is one of the highest damage DoTs

* He has one skill that can do a lot of burst damage and is undodgeable: After he charges his gun and walks forward while spraying in a cone, he’ll shoot a bunch of undodgeable lasers at you that will deal a lot of damage, even more if he’s Gigantified

* At 50% health, he “Gigantifies” (not a real buff you can remove), heals a LOT very quickly, deals extra damage, deals more damage based on his missing health, and applies DEF Up to himself. At level 15, he also applies Immunity to himself. so you should use Mystic Witch’s remove DEF Up, use someone else to remove Immunity, then use her Unrecoverable.

* Gigantify is removed only when he receives the Unrecoverable debuff

* When he is about to die, he will apply Endure to himself

Gameplay tips:

* Dodge out of his skills that involve a circle around him

* Get out of the way of his cone skill ASAP

* Have enough health to survive his undodgeable laser blast after he uses his cone skill

* Immediately apply Unrecoverable after he Gigantifies so that he stops rapidly healing and you don’t have to worry about his high damage. Make sure to have enough mana and switch to that unit before he hits 50% health and if a long time has passed since he last Gigantified. If you are using Wind Mystic Witch, you can also use her S1 to remove his DEF Up at the same time, wow it’s like she was made for this!

* When he is about to die and uses Endure, you can use Remove Beneficial Effect if you want the fight to end faster or are worried about his low-health damage

This boss is actually easy if you can survive the undodgeable laser blast, don’t get too Electroshocked, and are prepared to remove Gigantify asap!

Team examples:

* Wind Martial Cat + Kona + Wind Mystic Witch

* DPS/Kona/Mystic Witch + Wind Kina


Exists in the Story, as a Rune dungeon, and Expedition dungeon.

Team comp tips:

* Need a DPS that relies on basic attacks since he is immune to skill damage. You can kind of use anyone, but units that are obviously basic attackers are easier to use, which are typically Archers or anyone you see with more than 100 base attack.

* Need a unit or two that can easily apply buffs to your whole team because he gets a bunch of buffs if he damages a buffless unit, and also can just immediately one-shot a unit without buffs. Shannon is usable despite the attribute disadvantage

* You should have a tank unit that can survive a lot of basic attacks and high skill damage.

* Healing is nice because if he kills something he’ll immediately gain a bunch of buffs and probably one-shot your team soon

* Invincibility/Endure etc. are nice to have because sometimes he may deal a ton of damage and they can survive stray damage (e.g. Water Ifrit)

* Water Garuda is excellent because of attribute advantage, healing, and letting your supports apply buffs more often

* Ideally all your units can survive any one of his fast skills from high health, and you can maintain them at high health after he casts one so they can survive the next one

* Reviving might be useful even though he gets a big damage buff after killing a unit, because you might be able to dodge the rest of his stuff, especially if you’re close to beating him

Boss info:

* Borbo is immune to skill damage

* If he damage a unit with no buffs on them, he will immediately gain a bunch of buffs and probably kill you

* If he kills a unit, he will also get those buffs

* Two of his skills have a chance to launch much faster than usual (so nearly undodgeable), the skills look like one big rectangle lava wave and one big cone fire blast. This is the hardest/most frustrating part of him, and is largely lucky-based.

Gameplay tips:

* If you have a high penalty, be resigned to the fact that sometimes you will just die because he can undodgeably one-shot your DPS sometimes. Go again!

* Always have buffs on all your units. If you don’t, he will gain a bunch of strong buffs, deal even more damage than he normally does, and probably one shot you. Make sure to have a buff on your before you even aggro him or he may just one shot you before you can start lol

* Keep your squishy units at high enough health to survive at least one of his fast skills. If he does two in a row, unlucky just try again or make them able to survive both.

* Dodge out of his big AoE skills. Your units sometimes won’t do it automatically (like the thin rectangle he slowly charges up).

* Leave your AI on Individual/Target and try to position yourself away from your tank so that when he casts his AoE skills, they are more likely to miss your squishy units. If you make them group with you, sometimes he’ll instantly fast attack and deal a ton of damage/kill your units

* When he moves to the center of the map and summons lava rocks, set your units to Follow and move to a big open space without circles and constantly move around, and dodge the circles that appear. They will immediately apply Burn and deal a ton of damage, sometimes killing you. Sometimes they are super hard to dodge, make sure to heal/optionally remove Burn. This move is usually pretty dodgeable.

This boss can be quite difficult if your units aren’t durable enough to survive his fast skills. When this boss is hard for you, sometimes it’s just luck! Just make sure to always have buffs, try and keep squishy units away from your tank, dodge most of his skills, and keep your units at high health.


Exists in as a Rune dungeon and Party Raid.

Team comp tips:

* Need a DoT (Bleed, Burn, Poison, Frostbite, Electroshock, or Poison)
* Need CRIT Rate UP removal (like Wind Kina or Fire Gore as a DPS)
* If this boss is hard, may need at least two units to either heal or apply Invincible after he ults (like Fire Epikion Priest)
* Need a healer to keep everyone above a certain health threshold
* Shannon is decent for helping him deal less damage to you and helping you kill him more quickly so you can stop trying to dodge everything

Boss info:

* He gains a LOT of Damage Taken Down when not affected by a DoT, making it difficult to deal damage to him
* One of his skills is him shaking stuff around him which applies Bleed (DoT + Crit damage taken up) and Move Speed down, making you take more damage and makes it harder to dodge his skills (then gaining CRIT Rate Up)
* One of his skills is him charging up briefly and rolling into a high damage body slam in an AoE
* One of his skills is him charging up for a long time and then dealing DoT in a big cone (then gaining CRIT Rate Up)
* When he is under 50% health, he will gain unremovable CRIT Damage UP and learn a new skill– he’ll roll out in a rectangle then deal a LOT of damage in an AoE
* I think his Ultimate Gauge charges when he deals Crit Damage? When it’s fully charged, he’ll deal 90% max health damage to the lowest health target, stun them, and get ready to attack again
* When he kills a unit, he’ll gain a lot of Ult charge
* When a unit is low health, he’ll immediately bite it for a lot of damage and heal for a lot of health.

Gameplay tips:

* This boss is all about dodging his high damage skills, and it can be very, very hard! Here’s the best way to dodge his skills!
* You actually need to keep your units on Individual/Target AI as much as possible so that they can dodge further with high move speed on their own, or else they may move along with you too slowly and get hit on Follow
* Despite that, try to stay as near your units as possible, or else sometimes when you/they try dodging, they will get too far, try to return to you, and die which is… very frustrating. If they are really far, you may want to briefly switch to Follow then go back to Individual/Target
* Your default positioning when fighting him should be as close to his front as possible and maybe slightly to the side if you’re not a tank
* When he does the cone move, it’s slow so just set your units to Follow and walk slightly to the side, which should be easy if you are super close to him and conserve dodge charges for his other moves. You can just dodge sometimes too, but sometimes a healer will just move into his cone anyway while casting a spell rip
* When he shakes around him, dodge away from him towards around where your units will dodge, let all your units dodge on their own too, and once everyone is out of the circle call them to you with Follow and keep them on Follow until his shake is over. You want to try and keep them close to you (within 180 degrees of the circle), because if you all dodge too far away from each other, sometimes they will try to run to you… through the damage. They will also try and go back to him while he is still in the middle of shaking, so you need to keep them on Follow until it’s over. Getting hit by this means taking DoT and maybe being too slow to dodge his body slam moves.
* When he charges up to do his basic body slam, dodge FORWARD towards him!! Your units will dodge that way typically if you are positioned close to him, and if you dodge away they will try to return towards you… where he is about to body slam :\ You need to try and be on Individual/Target because otherwise your units may not have enough time to dodge with you on Follow
* When he is under 50% and does his rolling body slam, dodge to the side, perpendicular to his direction! This is because if you dodge back, there is not enough room to get out of the way, and if you dodge forward your units may get hit by the roll. Sometimes it’s slow enough where you can just make them Follow you and dodge to the side with you.
* You can also use Invincibility like Fire Epikion Priest’s instead of dodging some of his skills
* Try to regularly remove his Crit Rate Up. If you’re using Remove Beneficial Effect, make sure to apply a DoT to him first so it doesn’t try to remove his Damage Taken Down, which will always fail.
* When his Ult is fully charged, things get spicy. When he gets close to full charge, make sure all your units are full health or apply Invincibility because he will deal 90% of someone’s health. Make sure two of your characters are ready to immediately heal/apply Invincibility, and do so immediately after they get hit. You need two because you’re screwed if the unit with the skill gets targeted. It is also helpful to remove his Crit right after you do this, because they will be more likely to survive his follow-up attacks. If you survive one Ult, you’re past the hardest part and just continue to dodge!

This boss is a LOT about dodging skills when he’s hard for you. It takes practice to get your units to dodge properly with you, switch between the AI modes (this can be hard on mobile, so maybe try PC and changing the key bindigs to make this easy for you), and have the muscle memory to recognize the moves and dodge in the right directions. Taking a long time to kill him also makes surviving his Ult a whole ordeal. Invincibility can help make this fight easier if dodging is hard to do. Best of luck o7

Team example:

* Wind Martial Cat + Teon + Shannon

Spider Queen


One strategy is to kill her ASAP bc you will just get swarmed by spiders. Can try stacking buffs/debuffs efficiently

Team example:
* Wind Penguin Knight + Shannon + Wind Martial Cat

Forgotten Earth

eam Examples:

* Water Lich is highly recommended here

* Water Lich + Tank + DPS

That’s it for this Summoners War Chronicles Boss Guide – Spawn Times & Area

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