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Hi guys, Welcome to our AOPG Trello 2023, This is a roblox game which is developed by One piece game. Here we will give you small information about Beli, Chest, Island, Sword etc.

Roblox game Trello is similar to the wiki where you can find information about such as weapons, races, devil fruits, NPC, bosses, and Map Locations. So come and take a look at this article. So come and take a look at this A One Piece Game Trello & Wiki (UPDATED). Also, You can check our Roblox Games Codes page.

AOPG Trello 2023 – A One Piece Game Trello 



  • Location: Starter Island A starter boss

Bandit Boss

  • Location: Starter Island – 2nd Boss in the game



Beli A one Peice Game

(B$) – You can buy swords, guns, fruits, fighting style, and items with this Beli. You can gain Beli by opening chest, defeating mobs, and from quests.


A One Piece Game Trello & Wiki (UPDATED)

Beli – Chests can give up to B$3k

Fruits – You have 0.1% to get any fruits

Game passes

One Piece Game Gamepasses

1 Devil Fruit Notifier

  • This gamepass will notify you when and where devil fruits spawn

2 Coffin Boat

  • A boat with a top speed of 125

3 Striker

  • A boat with a top speed of 150


A One Peice Game MenuThe Menu allows you to see more options for the player


Location: Logue

Town He allows you to remove your current Devil Fruit you have for B$5m or with Robux he can as well give information that isn’t useful at all.



FlintlockA normal gun

Dual Flintlock – Twice the guns. You can shoot faster with these


  • Q: Firebird Star Fire a flame projectile and burn enemies
  • E: Rapid Fire Fire 5 shots rapidly at 1 spot

Sword Style

The more swords you have, you will start doing more slashes with m1. Using haki will make your moves have a purple effect

1ss (Suzaku)

Dash at high speeds to the location of your cursor (mouse)

E: 360 Pound Phoenix
Send an air slash that explodes on impact

2ss (Suzaku and Kitetsu)

Q: 720 Pound Phoenix

Send a more devastating air slash on impact, does more damage than 360 Pound Phoenix

E: Rashomon

Rush at high speeds to where you are pointing your cursor at

R: Tatsumaki

Summon a tornado

3ss (Suzaku, Kitetsu and Mugenjin)

Q: 1080 Pound Phoenix

The strongest air slash you can produce, explodes on impact

R: Sanzen Sekai

Rotate your swords at high speed, rushing, and do many ticks of damage to where you are pointing your cursor at

F: Hydra

Send dragons to where your cursor is pointing at does a lot of damage if all landed


Starter Island

One Piece Game Starter Island

Useful Tip

  • Go for at least LVL 20 strength to proceed to the next island.
  • Buy the island tracker to help you navigate around islands more easier
  • you can buy guns and be able to buy scrolls which increase the amount of you having multiple quests (5 max)

Shell’s Island

One Piece Game Shell's Island

Useful tip: try looking around the island and find Zoro to buy swords and learn something from him


One Piece Game Wilderness Island

This place is full of pirates in the forest, beat them all up

Arlong Park

One Piece Game Arlong Park

Useful tip: You can find a NPC which you can. Learn the Fishman karate from him, the F move allows you to swim on water even if you have a devil fruit.

Orange Town

One Piece Game Orange Town

Buggy’s domain, defeat all of his minions


A One Peice Game Skypiea Island

Around 10k stamina

+Fire Fruit

+Magma Fruit

+Light Fruit

+Phoenix Fruit

To at least reach that point of island and a lot of stamina to those 4 fruits allows you fly

Desert Island

  • Desert island is the End-game island, be prepare to fight


  • An arena where the owner himself lives in

Logue Town

  • You can remove devil fruit, remove your weapon and buy random fruits

Random Wilderness


That’s it for this guide. Also, See – Mighty Omega Trello and Anime Evolution Simulator Trello

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