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Hi guys, Welcome to our Untitled Combat Arena Trello, In this Untitled Combat Arena Trello we will show you the Best Rune in Untitled Combat Arena, How do gain cash, What are the three icons on my GUI, How do sprint, Untitled Combat Arena Gamemodes, NPC’s,

Roblox game Trello is similar to the wiki where you can find information about such as weapons, races, devil fruits, NPC, bosses, and Map Locations. So come and take a look at this UCA Trello. Also, check our Roblox Games Codes page.

Untitled Combat Arena Trello (UCA)

How do I gain cash in UCA

Simple; Attacking and damaging players/dummies can gain you cash, but it’s rather slow. Completing quests is a very efficient method, such as Stranger’s storyline.

You can also do the Hollow Maid minigame every three minutes which grants cash depending on how high your score is.

There is now an experimental raid mode, where you can kill hostile dummies for cash. As of now, this is one of the best ways to farm cash.

What do the levels in the character select screen do

You are able to upgrade a selected character with money. With each level grants a permanent extra 0.5% to all of your character’s stats, maxing out at a total 5% boost.

While it may not look like much, a 5% boost can be useful in combat and maxing out that combo damage. Leveling up characters also increases their max stamina. The max level is now 15.

The current total stat boost is unknown.

How to do the sprint in UCA

You can hold dash (Q), or just press W+W.

What are the three icons on my GUI

The sword, shield and lightning icon are your Stats.

The sword represents your attack, which modifies the damage of your moves. The shield represents your defence, which gives you damage reduction depending on how high/low it is.

The lightning icon is your stamina, which affects your stamina regen. The stamina stat also affects your move cooldowns.

Untitled Combat Arena Rune List


YOU DO NOT HAVE HAKI.” – Obtained from the Rune Merchant’s pool.

Untitled Combat Arena Trello


(+) Bushoshoku

  • The user clads their arms with Haki, boosting the user’s Attack power by a good amount. However, the user’s stamina stat is weakened, and the user’s stamina regeneration is lowered.

(+) Kenbunshoku

  • The user sees into the future, being able to a number of enemy attacks. Holding R will allow the user to evade incoming attacks. When this is active, the user’s stamina will drain.


“Average Californian Male.” – Obtained as a part of the Hollow Maid’s quest.

Untitled Combat Arena Trello


(+) Maid’s Support

  • The user will pose, healing targets in front of the user for 15 Health.

(+) Maid’s Sensitivity

  • The user will heighten their senses, preparing to counter. If hit during the animation, the user will evade the attack and shove the assailant, dealing damage and knocking them back.

(+) Maid’s Affection

  • The user poses, shooting a projectile forward. If the projectile connects, light damage will be dealt to the target, and the user is healed for 5 Health.

Dual Pistols

-𝓐𝓵𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓜𝓪𝓳𝓲𝓷

Obtained from the Rune Merchant’s pool.

Untitled Combat Arena Trello


(+) [RMB – Dual Pistols: Fire]

  • The user fires from one of their pistols, dealing light damage. This attack does not stun, but has a very short cooldown.

(+) [E – Dual Pistols: Volley]

  • The user shoots from both of their pistols rapidly, unleashing a long ranged barrage that deals good damage.

(+) [R – Dual Pistols: Whip]

  • The user strikes forward with their right pistol, knocking away and damaging targets.


You sure ’bout that? Jumpin’ in to help a bunch of total unknowns like us?”

Obtained from the Rune Merchant’s pool.

Untitled Combat Arena Trello


(+) [E – Hollow Mask]

  • The user puts on their Hollow Mask, granting them them extra strength. This will boost all the user’s stats by a good amount, and lasts for a certain amount of time before automatically wearing off.

(+) [R – Point-Blank Cero]

  • The user grabs a target. If this connects successfully, the user will blast a cero onto the target at a very close range, dealing great damage and knocking the target back.

(+) [T – Bala Barrage]

  • The user will fire blasts of energy from their arms rapidly, acting as a barrage. This is similar to Ohma Tokita’s Ceaseless Strikes, where the user can hold down the barrage as long as they have stamina. Bala Barrage is capable of doing great damage if used right.

Chainsaw Devil

“I want you to live a normal life and die a normal death. Make my dreams come true for me!”
Obtained from the Rune Merchant’s pool.


(+) [E – Chainsaw: Rev]

  • The user revs the chainsaw on top of their head, boosting their stamina by a VERY GREAT amount for a short time, shortening move cooldowns by a lot.

(+) [R – Chainsaw: Impale]

  • The user lunges forward, aiming to impale a target with the chainsaw on their head. On hit, the user will lift the target up in the air with their chainsaw, before mutilating them, dealing good damage and knocking back. This move recovers a good amount of health on hit.

(+) [T – Chainsaw: Cross Section]

  • The user performs a cross slash with their chainsaws, lunging forward. On hit, the target will be damaged by a decent amount, and the user is healed by a mediocre amount.


Raid Gamemode

Accessible by speaking to Inspriring Individual , the player must defend themselves from hordes of Hostile Dummies that will attempt to kill the player.

There is a 1:30 time limit, in which the player will be teleported back when time runs out, or the player dies.

This gamemode is extremely useful for grinding cash. It is high recommended to use characters with AOE and high damaging barrages.

Ranked 1v1s

Can be accessed when first joining main game, and selecting the “Ranked” option. You are able to 1v1 other people in a one on one match. Each player has two lives.

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Storyline NPC and a short tutorial like questline for beginners. Completing his quests up to the Stranger’s Introduction will grant the user access to the Maid Rune and the Cafe minigame.

Bounty Hunter

Untitled Combat Arena Trello

Talk to him to get a quest to kill a random player, killing said player and getting the killcredit for it will reward the player with cash.

Track Star

Untitled Combat Arena Trello

Will tell you how to run. Did you know he’s also a professional Mob player?

Rune Merchant

Allows you to obtain Runes from the runepool. Spend $250 to obtain a random rune.

Untitled Combat Arena Trello

Obtainable Runes:

  • Haki
  • Dual Pistols
  • Vizard
  • Chainsaw Devil

Hollow Maid

Untitled Combat Arena Trello

If you are doing Stranger ‘s quest, you can play a short minigame where you serve customers. If you are doing her quest, scoring above 7 awards the user permanent access to the Maid rune.

Inspriring Individual

Talking to him prompts the player to attempt a Raid.

Raids are a gamemode where the player must defend themselves from hordes of Hostile Dummies. This is primarily for cash grinding.

That’s it for this Untitled Combat Arena Trello. Similar content – My Hero Mania Trello

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