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Hi guys, Welcome to our Marvellous Playground Trello & Wiki, In this post, In this wiki, we will some basic information of the game like Basic Gameplay, Basic commands, What is Blocking and Fnisher, and the Characters Tier List

So come and take a look at this Marvellous Playground Trello & Wiki, Tier List. Also, check our Roblox Games Codes and Roblox game Trello page.

Marvellous Playground Trello & Wiki

Basic Gameplay 

Inside Marvellous Playground, you play as many different unique characters from many franchises. Inside of this game, you and all of the other characters are placed on a single Map in which you will all fight to the death using your unique powers.

Basic commands

Through-out the slaughter you can use a variety of “admin” commands to access to new areas and view the game in a new light. These commands include:

  • /kill
  • /freecam
  • /arena

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Parrying / Quick Guard

Marvellous Playground utilizes a Parry mechanic rather then blocking, which more commonly is known by the community as “Quick Guard” This allows the player to simply press F and for 1 second, the user will Parry, stunning any opponent who hits them, no matter the angle.


When an opponent’s HP is below 25% and or coloured red rather than white, you may use your fifth ability to enter a cutscene, which will always end in the death of the opponent.

Only available on certain characters.

E Ability – Some characters have an extra “E” ability. This can do a variety of things from healing the player to placing a block.

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Marvellous Playground Characters Tier List Wiki


Franchise: “DC”

Character Selection Quote: “I don’t care what happens to me”

E) Adrenaline

Batman pulls out an injection of green liquid adrenaline as he injects himself in the leg with it. This heals him disables his sprint and his attacks for the next 2-3 seconds but when that is done, he receives a jump boost.

1) Taser Punch

Batman activates the taser built into his suit’s gauntlets as he quickly punches his opponent, damaging and stunning stunning his opponent and if they were guarding the attack at the time, he also guard breaks.

2) Grapple Kick

Batman pulls out his grapple hook and fires it at his opponent, propelling himself forward at them. On contact with them, he punches them in the face, dealing damage and stunning them. This does not guard break.

3) Slam Counter

When Batman’s opponent attacks, he grabs them by their neck with one arm, holding them in the air for a split second. Then, he slams them into the ground as hard as he can, damaging and stunning his opponent.

4) Mini-Explosive

Batman places down a silver explosive device with a red dot on the middle on the ground. Once it is put down, it starts beeping and after 1 second, it explodes, damaging and launching anyone hit by it up into the air.

5) Vengeance Finisher

Batman knocks his opponent down via a powerful kick onto their back as he ferociously beats them in their face for a few seconds before slightly getting up and saying “I’m Vengance.”, finishing his opponent.

PASSIVE – Not Available


  • White
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Red/Black
  • Drifter (Motorcycle outfit)

Marc Spector

Franchise: “Marvel”

Character Selection Quote: “5,3, Take control, for now.”

E) N/A

1) Baseball Slam

Marc swings a metal baseball bat into the opponent’s face.

2) Gun Shoot

Marc fires a pistol towards the user’s cursor, dealing decent damage

3) Reflex

If hit during the counter phase, Marc flips backwards with I-frames.

4) Lockley Grab

Marc grabs his opponent by the throat and repeatedly punches them in the phase.

5) Khonshu Slam

Marc summons Khonshu, who use a scepter to smash the ground propelling enemies into the air.

PASSIVE – Not Available


  • Marc
  • Jake


Franchise: “Marvel”

Character Selection Quote: “5,3, take control, for now.”

E) N/A

1) Heavy Punch

MK punches the enemy with maximum force, stunning them.

2) Crescent Splash

MK throws two Crescents to his side, which come flying back to him dealing damage to anyone close.

3) Punching Counter

If MK is hit during the counter phase he will perform Marc’s “Lockley Grab” ability.

4) Grapple Kick

MK shoots a grapple at the closest opponent, before retracting it pulling him towards the opponent as he does a kick.

5) Flip Grab

Marc jumps into the air and kicks he opponent, before flipping backwards.

PASSIVE – Not available


  • Marc
  • Jake

Mr. Knight

Franchise: “Marvel”

Character Selection Quote: “5,3, take control, for now.”

E) N/A

1) Uppercut

Mr. Knight performs a… uppercut.

2) Grapple Kick

Mr.Knight fires a grapple, when it retracts he is pulled to the closest enemy and kicks them.

3) Dodge Counter

If hit during the counter phase, Mr. Knight will flip backwards with I-frames.

4) Healing Piramid

Mr. Knight will heal himself. (I didn’t watch and i’m not reading lore)

5) Changing the Sky

Mr. Knight will summon Khonshu, they will perform a dance which summons a bubble around them which deals damage tics to anyone inside.

PASSIVE – Not Available


  • Marc
  • Jake


Franchise: “DC

Character Selection Quote: “Peace out, mother-fucker”

E) X-Ray

1) Shield Rush

Peacemaker rushes forward with his shield, dealing damage to anyone he rams.

2) Gun Shoot

Peacemaker shoots his pistol

3) Sonic Boom

Peacemaker releases sonic energy, creating a large explosion, propelling enemies into the air.

4) Human Torpedo

Peacemaker launches himself forward with sonic energy, dealing damage to anyone he rams.

5) Shield Finisher

Peacemaker throws his shield into the air, before shooting it, launching it into the ememie’s head. He then retrieves his shield finishing the opponent.

PASSIVE – Not available


  • Black/red
  • John


Franchise: “DC”

Character Selection Quote: “We only kill bad people, usually… Unless there’s a mistake.”

E) Dynamite

Vigilante pulls out a stick of red dynamite as he does an underhand tosses it up into the air. After the dynamite hits the ground, it briefly makes an explosion, damaging and launching anyone hit by it far up into the air.

1) Knife Slash

Vigilante pulls out 2 knifes as he uses them to impale his opponent’s chest before he slices them outwards in an X shape, making his opponent briefly bleed and dealing damage and stunning them for the next 1-2 seconds.

2) Sword Slicing

Vigilante pulls out his steel sword as he very swiftly advances at his opponent in a 3-hit slash combo with it, dealing damage and stunning them with each of the slashes that manage to make contact with his opponent.

3) Chainsaw counter

When Vigilante’s opponent attacks, he pulls out a chainsaw and impales them with it. Then, he lifts them in the air while they are still on it for 2-3, damaging and stunning them before placing them onto the ground.

4) Sniper Shot

Vigilante pulls out his black sniper as he looks into the scope, humming while he looks for a target. When he finds on, he fires it which deals, damage and stuns his opponent. If they were guarding, this move guard breaks.

5) Rocking Finisher

Vigilante pulls out a P90 and shoots at his opponent for a second, knocking them down. To make sure they are dead, he pulls out dynamite and throws it at them, finishing his opponent and briefly knocking him down.

PASSIVE – Not Available

SKINS – Maskless

Mr. Fantastic

Franchise: “Marvel”

Character Selection Quote: “Things have gotten out of hand.”

E) N/A

1) Stretch Punch

Mr. Fantastic enlongates his arm to perform a long range punch.

2) Heavy Slam

Mr. Fantastic stretches his arms, and smashes the ground, dealing AOE damage.

3) Head Counter

If hit during the counter phase, Mr. Fantastic will headbut his enemy, stunning them.

4) Ground Stretch

Mr. Fantastic stretches his arm, to grab the opponent. Then he slams them into the ground, stunning them.

5) Stretch A’ Pult

Mr. Fantastic stretches his entire body, while grasping the ground, he the release the ground, tension propelling him forward dealing damage to anyone in his path.

PASSIVE – Not Available


  • Suit1
  • Suit2
  • Luffy
  • Elasta
  • Marvel

Doctor Strange

Franchise: “Marvel”

Character Selection Quote: “I’ve come to bargain!”

E) N/A

1) Magic Whip

Strange forms a whip, using it to whip the opponent, and stagger them.

2) Big Shield

Strange forms a large magical shield, which will protect him from any attack, but will be shattered afterwards.

3) Soul Counter

If hit during the counter phase, Strange will push the enemies astral form out of their body, stunning them.

4) Ice Tentacles

Strange summons magical tentacles, that look somewhat like ice, the tentacles impale all opponents around him, stunning them.

5) Time Heal

Strange uses the Time Stone to revert time, healing himself.

PASSIVE – Not Available


  • Sinister
  • Defender
  • Wong

Darth Vader

Franchise: “Star-wars”

Character Selection Quote: “Obey me, or she dies!”

E) Lightsaber
Vader ignites/disables his lightsaber.

1) Heavy Strike
Vader throws himself forward, damaging the opponent with his lightsaber.

2) Saber Throw
Vader tosses his lightsaber, stunning anyone it hits, before returning to him.

3) Leap
Vader leaps into the air using the force.

4) Force Pull
Vader pulls the opponent towards him using the force.

IF “Rage” is used

4) Force Choke
Vader uses the force to choke his opponent.

5) Rage
Vader, enters rage mode, creating an explosion. This will change his ‘4’ ability.

PASSIVE – Vader is unable to sprint.


  • Bloodlusted
  • Dark vader
  • Pink vader

That’s it for this Marvellous Playground Codes Wiki, Trello & Tier List. You can also check out our Untitled Combat Arena Trello

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