My Hero Mania Trello & Quirk Tier List September 2023

Hi guys, Welcome to our My Hero Mania Trello, In this guide, we will show you My Hero Mania Quirk Tier List, Rank and Reputation, Gym, Party System, Bosses & My Hero Mania  Weapons.

My Hero Mania is a Roblox game based on Toho and Bones’ anime series My Hero Academia (- Boku no Hr Akademia), which is based on the manga of the same name by Kohei Horikoshi. So come and take a look at this Quirk Tier List. Also, check our Roblox Games Codes and Roblox Game Trello page.

My Hero Mania Trello & Wiki


Allows you to unlock quirk abilities and furthermore awaken your quirk through Evolution

Rank and Reputation

The more Reputation you have the higher your Rank is

  • Civilian – 0 reputation
  • C rank – 2 reputation
  • B rank – 500 reputation
  • A rank – 3,000 reputation
  • S rank – 7,000 reputation
  • SSS rank – 30,000 reputation
  • Legendary rank – 100,000 reputation


You know what to do… Show off your muscles!!
An afk place, basically.

Premium gym gamepass is permanent 2x exp and unlimited access

20% boost is for roblox premium members

Location: In front of UA


Offical map of current missions, npcs and shops

  • Shield: Heroes Spawn
  • Dagger: Villains Spawn
  • Shopping Cart: Weapon / Accessory Shop
  • Fist: Forest
  • Respin: Hospital
  • Dumbbell: Gym
  • Blue Question Mark: Hero Mission
  • Red Question Mark: Villain Mission
  • Yellow Question Mark: Civilian/Neutral Mission

Party System

You can use Party System to either locate your friends around the map or you can use it for doing Raids together with your friends


Buy cash or boosts with robux


2x EXP

20 minutes: 249R$
– Gives you double EXP for 20 minutes

1 hour: 499R$
– Gives you double EXP for 1 hour


$1,000: 79R$
– Gives you $1,000 in-game!

$10,000: 749R$
– Gives you $10,000 in-game!


A mode where you fight waves of npcs by yourself or with a team, only if you’re in a party.
Note: Even if you fail the raid you will still get rewards, but they are less than if you completed it

Raids have multiple rewards such as Weapons in the Shop, Weapons exclusively in Raids, Cash, Exp and Rep.

Requirement: 20

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PVP Rank Titles and Info

Level Requirements
Newbie – Level 0

Rookie – Level 3

Student – Level 6

Intermediate – Level 9

Advanced – Level 14

Skilled – Level 20

Semi-Pro – Level 25

Pro – Level 30

POWER – Level 35

Elite – Level 45

Super Elite – Level 55

Master – Level 65

Warlord – Level 80

Champion – Level 100

King – Level 120

Legend – Level 140

Immortal – Level 160

PLUS ULTRA – Level 190

Info: Stats are balanced depending on your quirk and on your level so that everyone has equal or similar stats
PVP xp based off of round result (win + points)


A Quirk (個性 – Kosei, lit. “Individuality”), also known as a Meta Ability (異能 – Inō) by the Meta Liberation Army, is a special, superhuman ability that a person can have.

Current Quirk List

Note: this list may be outdated if a new update is announced

  • Common: Ice, Invisibility, Shock Absorption, Super Regeneration, Super Strength
  • Rare: Engine, Zero Gravity, Air Cannon
  • Epic: Explosion, Dark Shadow, Phoenix, Permeation, Electrification
  • Legendary: OFA, Hell Flame, HHHC, Cremation, Fierce Wings, Overhaul
  • Awakened: Shoot Style

My Hero Mania Tier List 2022

My Hero Mania Quirk Spins

Talk to the Doctor at the hospital to change quirk

Note: Spinning 100 times with common spins will not guarantee a legendary because it is by chance, not guarantee.

Common Spin Chances:
Legendary: 1%
Epic: 10%
Rare: 34%

Common: 55%

+1 Common Spin costs $4,000 or 20 Robux
+10 Common Spins costs $40,000 or 189 Robux

Rare Spin Chances:

Legendary: 0%
Epic: 0%

Rare: 100%
Common: 0%
+1 Rare Spin costs $15,000 or 99 Robux

Epic Spin Chances

Legendary: 0%
Epic: 100%
Rare: 0%

Common: 0%
+1 Epic Spin costs $500,000 or 699 Robux

Legendary Spin Chances:

Legendary: 100%
Epic: 0%
Rare: 0%
Common: 0%
+1 Legendary Spin costs $1,000,000 or 999 Robux

That’s it for this My Hero Mania Trello & Quirk Tier List 2023. Also, Read – Epsilon Lineage 2 Trello

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