Anime Rifts Trello & Beginner Guide Wiki (2023)

Hi guys, welcome to our Anime Rifts Trello & Anime Rifts Wiki for New Players. It is an adventure game developed by Adventures Unleashed. In this guide, we will tell you about Pity System, Drop Rates, Tier List, Enchantments, Bosses and much more.

So come and take a look at this guide.  Also, You can check our Roblox Games Codes and Roblox game Trello page.

Anime Rifts Trello & Beginner Guide Wiki

How Arrows Work in Anime Rifts

The Arrow System is mainly simple to understand.

An Arrow is an item that when used, grants you an ability.

Lucky Arrows can also be obtained from purchasing an arrow at a random chance

Arrow abilities will soon range from magic to hatsus to quirks and many more. *

Pity System

The Pity System is fairly simple to understand.

The Pity system basically gives the player a free rare when the player has hit 60/60 pity.

When 60/60 is reached player gains a random rare ability out of pity

If your pity reset’s, it means that you got a rare ability before you hit 60/60 pity.

Requiem Arrows

  • Requiem Arrows are relatively Like arrows, Pretty Easy to understand
  • Requiem Arrows grant a legendary power on use.

Legendary Movesets?

  • Legendary Movesets Are special abilities that are obtained through Requiem Arrows

Time Rifts?

Time Rifts are time altered events that are distorted throughout out the map. As you explore the map you will uncover more rifts that need to be completed.

Within Time rifts lies special bosses that require team work in order to beat.

However You do not need to be a certain level to enter a time rift.

The level shown is just a Recommended level.


Bosses Simply Drop items such as Rare Abilities for the players to equip into their moveset.

Bosses Also Drop their current Armor that grant buffs (soon)


Armor Simply Grants stat boost to the players build. Some armor can focus more into one attribute while others can be evenly distributed.

Some races gain access to special Armor limited to only their race

Control Guide

Mouse1 – Basic Combat

WW – Sprint

Q – Dash

F – Block

T- Race Skill

V- Spec Skill

Space x2 – Double Jump

Shift – Shiftlock


•!pay (playername) amount
•!trade (playername) (trades first moveset slot)
•!trade2 (playername )(trades 2nd moveset slot)
•!giveitem (playername)
•!switchslot moveset (command to switch moveset 1 and 2)

Drop Rates

  • All Bosses have a 5% Chance of Dropping Their Abilities.
  • Requiem Arrows are extremely high in value as the drop percentage is 1/1000
  • Dragonballs have a 1/100 Drop Rate from bosses 300+
  • Mythical Powers can be Obtained By Requiem Arrows with a 1/30% Chance of Obtaining


Positive Enchantments

Conquerors: Increase item’s endurance by 20% magic and strength by 10%
Mythical: Increases item’s endurance by 30% and magic by 20%
Heroic : Increases item’s endurance by 35% strength by 25% and magic by 10%
Armored : Increases item’s endurance by 35%
Titanic : Increases item’s endurance by 65%
Heavy : Increases item’s endurance by 50%
Imperishable : Increases item’s endurance by 45% and magic by 5%
Hardened : Increases item’s defense by 25%
Reinforced : Increases item’s endurance by 60%
Flawless : Increases item’s endurance by 10% and strength + magic by 20%
Steady : Increases item’s strength by 35%
Firm : Increases item’s strength by 25%
Divine : Increases item’s magic by 35%
Arcane : Increases item’s magic by 45%
Blessed : Increases item’s magic by 25%
Secure : Increases item’s strength by 20%
Mighty : Increases item’s endurance by 5% strength by 35% and magic by 15%

Negative Enchantments

Rusty : Decreases item’s endurance by 20%
Crude : Decreases item’s endurance, magic and strength by 25%
Used : Decreases item’s endurance by 10%
Flawed : Decreases item’s endurance by 10% magic and strength by 20%
Wrecked : Decreases item’s endurance, magic and strength by 50%
Broken : Decreases item’s endurance, magic and strength by 75%
Small : Decreases item’s endurance by 40%
Ruined : Decreases item’s endurance by 10% magic and strength by 5%
Mundane : Decreases item’s magic by 95%
Demolished : Decreases item’s strength by 95%
Fake : Decreases item’s endurance, magic and strength by 95%

Anime Rifts Private Server Link

  • 8448735476?privateServerLinkCode=89144086752611600220728744486251
  • 8448735476?privateServerLinkCode=48224159066938760367055302493193
  • 8448735476?privateServerLinkCode=14315302837680654664216489460463

As of today, we have listed all the available Vip Private Server Link for Anime Rifts Playing Anime Rifts on a Private Server is an option. People have been looking for Anime Rifts Private Server Link since the game’s release in order to play it with a smaller number of players.

That’s it for this Anime Rifts Trello & Beginner Guide Wiki.

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