Roblox KoBK Beta Trello – (Kill or Be Killed Trello)

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Looking for Roblox KoBK Beta Trello? In this article we will show you Roblox KoBK Beta Trello and other information about the game like controls, and game mechanisms.

Kill or Be Killed is a UNDERTALE fighting game on Roblox. This game was fully released to the public with 2 characters on March 2023. So come and take a look at this Roblox KoBK Beta Trello – (Kill or Be Killed Wiki)

Roblox KoBK Beta Trello – (Kill or Be Killed Wiki)


Controls for Kill or Be Killed

WASD – Move
1-9 – Skills
Q and E – Mode Switch
R – Teleport
Left Mouse Click – LMB/M1
Wx2 – Dash
Left_Shift – Sprint_
Space – Jump
F – Block/Parry
Esc + L + Enter or Alt+F4 – Combat Log/Leave
/ – Chat

Game Mechanism


LMB is the main way of attacking people in KoBK along with abilities. How you use an LMB is by pressing M1 (the clicker to the left of the scroll on a mouse) and every character have a different LMB.


RMB is another form of attacking people in KoBK. Currently no characters have RMB. This is by pressing M2 (the clicker to the right of the scroll on a mouse) and every character has their own RMB.


This is combining both LMB + RMB which knocks your enemy up and has a cooldown of N/A. It is another form of a combo extender and can be used anytime in the middle of an LMB and RMB.


Teleportation is one of the quickest ways beside sprinting to get around the maps. It is sometimes used in combat for certain stuff, however depends on your playstyle. It uses 10-15 mana and has a varying CD based on the character.


Blocking tanks most attacks, reduces the incoming damage and does negates damage if health is 1. Perfect blocking is activated for 1/10 of a second after blocking. Blocking instantly ceases once a character’s stamina has reached 0 or stopped holding F.


Requires at least 10 stamina and 10 sprint stamina to activate. Grants I-Frames for 0.25(s) and quickly dashes in the direction of movement. Moves are not able to be summoned while dashing and can only be used after. Dashing has a cooldown of 0.7(s).

Perfect Blocking

Stuns the affected target for 1.1(s) and takes away 10 stamina from them. Gives the attacker a slight advantage while fighting.

Mana Breaking

Gives a player an extreme advantage in a battle. Stuns the affected target for 5 seconds and only activates when the character’s stamina reaches 0.

Block Breaking

When a player blocks, certain moves or a full m1 will break it. Stuns the affected target for ~0.6-1(s). When 10 stamina or below and you are block broken, you will be stunned for ~4.82(s).


Press [SPACE] to jump. Gets rid of no sprint or stamina meter.


This is a special feature for only characters with HATE (such as GTChara). It will increase the users attack and defense by an unknown amount per hate. It decreases after a while of not dealing damage, however stops upon reaching 100%.


Debounce is a game mechanic not only in KoBK but in mostly if not all UT Fighting Game. This prevents you from spamming moves at the same time, however can be disabled with commands if the game has a command panel that can give you debounce/nodebounce.


Cooldown is one of the basics in UT Fighting Games. This is to prevent move abuse and to make sure it is balanced in a form. Every move has a different cooldown for every character.

KoBK Beta Trello

The main menu has several different features and places you can go to. This includes selecting your character, editing your settings, and donations.


When pressing play, you are given several options as for what AU you want to choose your character from. There are 2 public ones and 1 only available to donators for now as it is being tested but is good enough to be released to some people.

AUs Include:

Undertale: Chara
Glitchtale: Chara
Underverse: Chara


These are how you edit certain parts of your gameplay to make it more friendly to you and your computer!

Options Include:

Damage Indicator: Shows how much damage and hits you’ve done to the opponent.

Flat Highlights: N/A

Screen Shake: Makes it so your screen shakes or does not to certain moves.

Hide Region: Hides your region to other players so they do not know your region.

Force Lock On: Forcing a Lock-On when being hit by someone and not already locked on.

Low Performance: Removes some textures and other stuff to help your performance run smoother. ONLY USE IF YOU HAVE A LOW-END PC.

Death Scenes: If any characters have a death animation, this is to disable it.

Show Blood: Disable or enable blood on certain moves.

Visible Hitboxes: Disable or enable seeing move hitboxes.

Menu Music: Disable or enable the music on the menu.

Spawn Animation: If any character has a custom spawn animation, you can disable or enable it.

Respawn on Kill: Upon killing a person, you will refresh. This is to disable or enable it.

Play Music: Disable or enable music on a character.

Wall Indicators: If you go to the border of the map, it shows a red circle on where you touched. This is to disable or enable it.

Extras – This is extra stuff that will not go above in the other 2 categories.

Extras Include:

Buttons: To put your buttons for your moves somewhere else. N/A currently.
Donate: To donate to the game so they can release updates or do other stuff in the future!
Skins: Change a character’s skin and give them different cosmetics. N/A currently.

That’s it for this KoBK Beta Trello, For more info you can visit game official trello

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