BDO Tier List 2024 February – Black Desert Online Tier List

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Hi guys, Welcome to our BDO Tier List 2024 – Black Desert Online Tier List 2024, I want to say thanks to u/PruimBDO for sharing this tierlList with the Reddit community of the game.

So come and take a look at this BDO Tier List.

BDO Tier List 2024 – Black Desert Online Tier List 2024

Tier list is based on hardcap gear (71Ogst) and full dlass potential (skillcap)

  • Skirmish= 2v2-5v5 Organized fights
  • Small Scale = OW-PvP brawls, RBF Small chaotic GvGs
  • Larae Scale = Node Wars Larae GvGs

BDO Tier List 2022 - Black Desert Online Tier List 2022BDO Tier List 2022 - Black Desert Online Tier List 2022

Top 3 Bdo Classes Tier List 2024

Musa – The Musa class’s best weapon is a Blade, while their secondary weapon is a Horn Bow. Musa’s awakening weapon, the Crescent Blade, is unlocked at level 56.

  • Awakening Musa – Awakened Musa picks up his Crescent Sword, a big scimitar-shaped blade with graceful cutting motions, and attacks with it. He maintains his nimbleness and mobility, but with far harder swings than his Blade. Musa may now crash past enemy lines and crush anything that stands in his way. He’s harder to handle now that he’s learned a slew of new skills. However, mastering these new tools grants you a level of power that is well worth the wait.
  • Succession Musa – Musa, after Succession, fights with a Blade and a Horn Bow, slaughtering foes savagely. His blade’s swing is considerably sharper than before, dealing massive damage to break the circle of karma from his past. He confuses opponents with rapid steps before striking the crucial punch with Stamina. With every attack of the Blade and Horn Bow, he slays his adversaries and seizes control of the battlefield.

Berserker – Berserkers use a war ax in each hand and a variety of grips to stop their adversaries in their tracks. With grabs that ensure the Berserker is a threat to anybody who enters his path, his huge axes just eviscerate adversaries.

  • Awakening Berserker – Allowing them to fire at opponents from afar The Iron Buster’s utility poses a greater threat. It not only allows this monstrous class to deliver massive damage, but it also allows them to leap far into the air and smack into the earth. He can also launch himself off the ground using the Iron Buster’s blast to travel anywhere he needs to go, and even the toughest foes are terrified when they witness this giant fall from the sky. Berserkers, like Sorceresses, bring chaos to the battlefield with their sheer presence.
  • Succession Berserker – Succession Berserker reclaims his Axe and Ornamental Knot in order to annihilate his adversaries. Unlike Tantu, who used his Iron Buster to compensate for his technical shortcomings, the Berserker now focuses on self-improvement. He was born with amazing strength and muscle, and as an offensive and defensive player, he takes on enemy attacks on the frontlines, safeguarding his comrades. If you show any weakness in front of the Berserker, his onslaught of assaults may sap your desire to battle.

Sorceress – The Sorceress is a mysterious class that wields evil magic with the aid of an Amulet and Talisman. By closing the gap rapidly to deliver a hard punch, she deceives and confuses her opponents, then dodging just as the situation begins to look bad. This increases her survival while also causing her foes to be continually disrupted. She is more difficult to play than the other classes, but she is far more effective in combat.

  • Awakening Sorceress – Awakened Sorceress wields a gigantic two-handed scythe, though not as a melee weapon. Rather, this merely adds to the ways she deceives her adversaries. She may teleport to create an opening or fade in and out of the darkness to attack unsuspecting adversaries. She excels in both little and large-scale confrontations, and when the time arises, she can deliver lethal blows. She is a formidable opponent to be reckoned with.
  • Succession Sorceress – Sorceress returns with her Amulet and Talisman after Succession to suffocate her adversaries in magic. She abandons the Scythe in order to reject the fate that has been assigned to her and devotes herself to the magic that she is most familiar with. It allows her to keep foes at bay by pouring down magic on them incessantly, as well as escaping anyone who tries to approach her. At the heart of the battlefield, she reclaims her true self with concise magic techniques and continuous combos.

That’s it for this BDO Tier List 2024 – Black Desert Online Tier List 2024. Find the best game tier lists and game guides at Theclashify. Level up your gameplay today.

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