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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Skill Tier List – Best Skills

Looking for Star Wars Jedi Survivor Skill Tier List? In this guide, we will tell you Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s Best Skills. In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, there are three different skill trees: Survival, Lightsaber, and Force. Each skill tree offers different abilities and enhancements that can you can use in battle

So come and take a look at this Star Wars Jedi Survivor Skill Tier List – Best Skills

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Skill Tier List

Survival Skills: These skills increase the player’s health, healing, and other gauges. They are crucial for surviving tough combat encounters and exploring the game’s environment without having to rest at Meditation Points.

Lightsaber Skills: These combat skills utilize lightsabers, the player’s main weapon. They are divided into different stances that determine the type and number of lightsabers the player is wielding.

Force Skills: These abilities use or develop the player’s Force Metre, which is utilised to conduct Force-related acts like telekinesis and Jedi Mind Tricks. Force talents bring variation to combat encounters by allowing players to affect opponent actions and places as well as approach battles in new ways.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Skill Tier List

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Best Skill Tier List Guide

S Tier Skills:

Precision Release: This skill improves the player’s critical strike accuracy and damage output.

Backstep Slash: You can rapidly dodge backwards and launch a strong counterattack with this skill.

Reaching Cleave: This Skill increases the player’s strike range, allowing them to hit numerous adversaries at once.

Crossguard: This skill improves your ability to block and parry incoming blows.

Unrelenting Pull: A telekinesis skill that allows the player to draw many adversaries towards themselves, stunning them and setting up a combination.

Swift Focus: This concentration skills improves the player’s battle movement speed and reflexes.

Teamwork: is a resilience passive that increases the player’s maximum health and heals close teammates.

A Tier Skills:

Dancing Blades: This Skill lets the you move quickly between enemies and deal fast, precise strikes.

Sundering Swipe: Another dual-wield skill that breaks through an enemy’s guard and deals heavy damage.

Point Blank: A crossguard skill that allows the player to deflect blaster shots back at enemies with greater accuracy.

Blaster Skill: You can use blasters and, reducing the time it takes to aim and increasing their accuracy.

Cyclone Slash: A single blade skill that lets the player spin their lightsaber rapidly, hitting multiple enemies at once.

Expert Survival Skills: A resilience passive that reduces the amount of damage the player takes from environmental hazards.

Endless Hurricane: A double blade skill that lets the player deliver a flurry of strikes to multiple enemies.

Parry Push: A telekinesis ability that lets the player push back an enemy’s attack with greater force and stun them.

B Tier Skills:

Charged Throw: This skill lets you throw their lightsaber at an enemy, dealing heavy damage and potentially stunning them.

Rolling Thunder: This skill lets you the player roll forward and deliver a powerful strike to an enemy’s legs, staggering them.

Dash Strike: A crossguard skill that allows the player to quickly close the gap between themselves and an enemy, dealing damage and potentially stunning them.

Repulsing Burst: This skill creates a powerful shockwave that knocks back nearby enemies and provides a brief window of safety.

Energizing Flurry: A skill that lets the player recover health and Force energy with each hit of a combo.

Quick Draw: A blaster skill that lets the player draw and fire their blaster more quickly.

C Tier Skills:

Redirected Strength:

Rising Storm:

Quick Draw:

Blaster Skill:

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