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Clash Royale Baby Dragon Golem Battle Healer Deck Arena 11

Golem Battle Healer Deck

Golem Battle Healer Deck Arena 11+ Hi guys, Golem Battle Healer Deck Arena 11+ Which is very good for Grand Challenges and Ladder, Golem Battle Healer Deck Arena 11+ is very good combo to take out the opponent tower with the help of Night Witch and Babydragon, You can use this Golem Battle Healer Deck Arena 11+ is If are in Arena 11 or Above so come and take a look at this Night Witch Golem Battle Healer Deck Arena 11+

Baby Dragon Golem Battle Healer Deck

1.) Golem: This is the highest-health tank in the game, yet no one would even think of incorporating him into Electro Dragon Sure, P.E.K.K.A and MK are good tanks to use, but Golem is great too! He has Death Damage, which can help to crumble (pun intended) any counterpush! He even splits into two Golemites Overall, he is very good in a Golem Tornado in general, let alone this deck!

2.) Baby Dragon: He is your main splash attacker and Golem support. He can also be used in a more unorthodox way to tank for or support the Golem he is relatively cheap for a durable splash troop. He absolutely destroys old, long-used cards such as Minion Horde

3.) Tornado: Tornado works extremely well for a couple of reasons: It pairs well with Golem, pairs well with Baby Dragon, and can give you lots of value, just like Pump can

4.) Night Witch: Night Witch is the best card to drop immediately after the Golem. After you do so the best thing to do is wait again until your opponent makes a move. If they fireball you’ll have a ton of bats to support the rest of your push

5.) Battle Healer: very good card to suppourt Golem and With each attack, she unleashes a powerful healing aura that restores Hitpoints to friendly Troops. Outside of combat she passively heals hersel

Golem Electro Dragon Deck Gameplan:

NEVER, EVER use Golem as a starting hand as you might get punished easily. As I said above, best time to go with Golem at the back is when you just defended their win condition with positive Elixir trade.Use Baby Dragon and Mega Minion to defend against most pushes

Once you hit double Elixir drop the big bad Golem in the back and build up your pushes.  when the Golem crosses the river throw your Baby Dragon or Battle Healer To support your Golem

Back up your Golem push with Baby Dragon and Mega Minion. When you have a strong enough push going and have extra Elixir Drop Bomber

Remember you don’t always need the big Golem alive to tank for your Supporting Troops. The Golemeites do a great job as well.

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If any others have tips, I’d be happy to add them to this (and learn them myself 🙂 ).

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