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Welcome to our Slayer Legend Best Companion Guide, In this article we will talk about all Slayer Legend Best Companions that can choose from. Slayer Legend Companions are powerful allies that can be obtained in the game.

Each companion provides passive boosts to up to three different stats, but these boosts can only be fully unlocked by obtaining and equipping their respective costumes. Here is some information about the Slayer Legend Companions:

Slayer Legend Best Companion Guide


Passive Boosts: Increases accuracy, and attack, and reduces enemies’ HP.
Costume Effect: Enhancing Ellie’s level increases wind damage.
Note: Ellie can also be found in the shop.

Elf 1.28E+03 3.60E+01 0.064
Archer 1.27E+09 3.56E+04 0.064
Ranger 2.00E+10 1.41E+05 0.064
High Elf 1.01E+12 1.10E+07 0.064
Windwalker 8.33E+12 3.17E+07 0.064
Guardian 4.74E+13 5.29E+08 0.064
Sharpshooter 2.53E+15 2.82E+10 0.064
Mystic Elf 1.75E+21 2.06E+12 0.064
Elven Bow 1.75E+22 2.06E+13 0.064
Mystic Hunter 1.75E+23 2.06E+14 0.064
Storm Runner 1.75E+24 1.45E+15 0.064
Mystic Guardian 1.23E+25 7.23E+15 0.064
Elven Tempest 7.35E+25 1.45E+16 0.064
Elven Lord 4.41E+26 2.89E+16 0.064
Fairy Light 5.56E+27 5.78E+16 0.064
Rose 2.55E+28 1.16E+17 0.064
Storm Ranger 1.39E+29 3.47E+17 0.064
Mystic Breeze 1.15E+30 1.04E+18 0.064
Saint Blow 2.25E+31 3.12E+18 0.064
Titania 4.67E+32 9.37E+18 0.064
Twilight 2.89E+33 2.81E+19 0.064
New Elf 1.79E+34 8.43E+19 0.064
New Archer 1.11E+35 2.53E+20 0.064
Mystic Ranger 6.89E+35 7.59E+20 0.064
Black Wind Walker 4.27E+36 2.28E+21 0.064
Mystic Blow 2.65E+37 6.83E+21 0.064
Arcane Storm 1.64E+38 2.05E+22 0.064
Mystic Forest 1.02E+39 6.14E+22 0.064


Passive Boosts: Increases HP, critical damage, and attack sum.
Costume Effect: Enhancing Zeke’s level increases earth damage.

Tramp Swordsman 1.33E+05 3.65E+02 0.08
Warrior 2.54E+09 5.04E+04 0.08
Breaker 4.00E+10 2.00E+05 0.08
Weapon Master 2.01E+12 1.56E+07 0.08
Dark Breaker 1.67E+13 4.49E+07 0.08
Beast Warrior 1.90E+14 7.48E+08 0.08
Berserker 8.60E+15 4.24E+10 0.08
Mystic Warrior 2.63E+21 3.10E+12 0.08
Giga Breaker 2.63E+22 3.10E+13 0.08
Mystic Blade 2.63E+23 3.10E+14 0.08
Moon Wolf 2.63E+24 2.17E+15 0.08
Mystic Breaker 1.84E+25 1.08E+16 0.08
War Wolf 1.10E+26 2.17E+16 0.08
Gaia Blade 6.62E+26 4.34E+16 0.08
Pride 6.21E+27 8.67E+16 0.08
Red Canine 2.59E+28 1.73E+17 0.08
Mystic Wolf 1.63E+29 5.20E+17 0.08
Wild Blade 1.47E+30 1.56E+18 0.08
White Canine 4.83E+31 4.68E+18 0.08
Aegis 5.47E+32 1.40E+19 0.08
Muzaka 3.01E+33 4.21E+19 0.08
New Warrior 1.87E+34 1.26E+20 0.08
War Breaker 1.16E+35 3.79E+20 0.08
Black Canine 7.17E+35 1.14E+21 0.08
New Berserker 4.45E+36 3.41E+21 0.08
War Panther 2.76E+37 1.02E+22 0.08
Arcane Berserker 1.71E+38 3.07E+22 0.08
Wild Lord 1.06E+39 9.22E+22 0.08


Passive Boosts: Increases damage resist, dodge, and total gold earned.
Costume Effect: Enhancing Miho’s level increases fire damage.

Looter 1.06E+07 3.25E+03 0.06
Assassin 1.78E+09 4.22E+04 0.06
Avenger 2.80E+10 1.67E+05 0.06
Shadow Walker 1.41E+12 1.31E+07 0.06
Ghost 1.17E+13 3.76E+07 0.06
Phantom 1.66E+15 6.26E+08 0.06
Ilbis 4.30E+16 3.89E+11 0.06
Mystic Log 3.94E+21 4.65E+12 0.06
Shadow Blade 3.94E+22 4.65E+13 0.06
Mystic Walker 3.94E+23 4.65E+14 0.06
Defire 3.94E+24 3.25E+15 0.06
Mystic Avenger 2.76E+25 1.63E+16 0.06
Blaze Lord 1.65E+26 3.25E+16 0.06
Ifrit 9.92E+26 6.50E+16 0.06
Shadow Blossom 9.72E+27 1.30E+17 0.06
Dark Shadow 4.06E+28 2.60E+17 0.06
Silent Flame 2.78E+29 7.80E+17 0.06
Mystic Phantom 2.51E+30 2.34E+18 0.06
Silent Dance 1.33E+32 7.02E+18 0.06
Mystic Blaze 7.33E+32 2.11E+19 0.06
Inferno 4.37E+33 6.32E+19 0.06
New Assassin 2.71E+34 1.90E+20 0.06
New Shadow Walker 1.68E+35 5.69E+20 0.06
Bloody Ash 1.04E+36 1.71E+21 0.06
War Ghost 6.46E+36 5.12E+21 0.06
Shadow Ripper 4.00E+37 1.54E+22 0.06
New Ilbis 2.48E+38 4.61E+22 0.06
Black Ifrit 1.54E+39 1.38E+23 0.06


Passive Boosts: Increases mana recovery, extra mana, and skill damage.
Costume Effect: Enhancing Luna’s level increases water damage.

Trainee Magician 5.11E+03 7.10E+01 0.08
Mage 2.54E+09 5.04E+04 0.08
Wizard 8.00E+10 2.83E+05 0.08
Sorceress 4.02E+12 2.21E+07 0.08
Battle Mage 3.33E+13 6.35E+07 0.08
Elemental Master 4.74E+14 1.06E+08 0.08
Arch Mage 6.06E+16 5.65E+11 0.08
Mystic Mage 5.91E+21 6.97E+12 0.08
Arch Bishop 5.91E+22 1.39E+13 0.08
Mystic Wizard 5.91E+23 1.39E+14 0.08
War Mage 5.91E+24 9.76E+14 0.08
Mystic Sorceress 4.13E+25 4.88E+15 0.08
Arch Element 2.48E+26 9.76E+15 0.08
Demi God 1.49E+27 1.95E+16 0.08
Ice Shard 1.45E+28 3.90E+16 0.08
Arch Master 7.26E+28 7.80E+16 0.08
Marina 6.00E+29 2.34E+17 0.08
Orca 7.26E+30 7.02E+17 0.08
Mystic Element 2.96E+32 2.11E+18 0.08
Arcane Marina 1.22E+33 6.32E+18 0.08
Elquiness 7.00E+33 1.90E+19 0.08
New Sorceress 4.34E+34 5.69E+19 0.08
New Mage 2.69E+35 1.71E+20 0.08
Arcane Mist 1.67E+36 5.12E+20 0.08
Arch Mage Blue 1.03E+37 1.54E+21 0.08
Lord Mage 6.42E+37 4.61E+21 0.08
Dark Element 3.98E+38 1.38E+22 0.08
Arcane Blue 2.47E+39 4.15E+22 0.08

To enhance the Slayer Legend Companions, you need to perform enhancements using emeralds and attribute stones. Every 5 enhancements will increase the companion’s level, which in turn raises the damage of a specific element associated with them.

Additionally, the Slayer Legend Companions have a promotion option, allowing you to role dice and increase different stats.

The number of unlocked costumes determines the number of stats you can upgrade, with a total of 7 stats available for enhancement.

These stats include extra attack, critical damage, HP, HP recovery, mana, mana recovery, monster gold, accuracy, dodge, extra experience, and CC (Crowd Control) resist.

Slayer Legend Companion Promotion


That’s it for this Slayer Legend Best Companion.

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