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Roblox Dystovia Guide Wiki – KeyBind, Leveling Up

Welcome to our Dystovia Guide Wiki, In this Dystovia Guide Wiki, we will tell you some beginner guides and key binds. Dystovia is a Multiplayer Action Adventure game all about skilful combat against different creatures which test the limits of your swordsmanship.

In this game, you can venture out into the Huge Open World to find Secrets, Expansive locations and Captivating objectives ultimately carving out your path in this Fantasy World.

So come and take a look at this Dystovia Wiki and Beginner Guide.

Roblox Dystovia Guide Wiki


Ability 1; Q, Ring finger
Ability 2: Z, Use ur thumb

Block: X, Use ur thumb
Parry: C, Use ur thumb

Run: Shift, use Pinky finger
Dodge: Ctrl, use Pinkyfinger

Heavy slash: R, use Pointer finger
Unseath: F, use Pointer fingere

inventury, settings al that stuff u put them in numbers 1 2 3 4 5 keybinds

Consumable: Z, thumb
Note: if some keybinds hard to reach with ur fingers u gotta edit it to be suitable for u for example Z keybind

Dystovia Guide Wiki

Dystovia Guide Wiki

Choice of Starter Gift: When given the choice between the Life Fruit and the Hasting cape, always pick the Hasting cape.

Leveling Up: Do the beginner objectives offered by the in-game guide. It’s a step-by-step intro that will help familiarize you with the game.

First Weapon: Complete the farmer’s quest to get the scythe as a starting weapon.

Skills and Talents:

Focus on upgrading your strength and attack speed initially.

Then move to agility, endurance, and stamina regain.

As you progress, explore and upgrade other skill trees.

Monetizing in Dystovia:

Start by heading to the chicken farm, located west of the spawn point.

Kill the chickens for feathers, followed by deers, wolves, and then spiders in that order. These can be sold for money.

Exploring the Map:

Find and unlock various waypoints and obelisks for quick travel.

Along your journey, make sure to collect rare items like the Moonlight Dimri, which sells for a hefty sum.

Equipment Upgrade:

As you accumulate money, head to Gareth for better weapons and the blacksmith for improved armor.

Initially, aim for the iron armor set, followed by gold and then dark cobalt armors.

Quests and Challenges:

Engage with the various NPCs around the game, like the wizard in the tall tower who offers the quest for the sphere ring which aids in high jumps and nullifies fall damage.

Another notable quest is Filda’s which, when completed, rewards you with the Forgotten Amethyst string, enhancing your defense.

Storage: Always remember to store important items and money in the game’s storage system. This ensures you don’t lose them if you die in-game.

Final Tips:

Remember to watch related video guides on talents and weapon upgrades.

As you progress, aim to unlock the dual wield feature in the skill tree.

Always strategize your skill upgrades based on the playing style you adopt.

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