Legend of Slime Best Traits Guide 2024 and Synergies List

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Hi guys, welcome to our Legend of Slime Best Traits Guide 2024, In this article, you will find Traits and Synergies. In this game, you can earn Trait Points From Idle Rewards or The Dwarven King (DK) and Spend Trait Points To Re-Roll The Current Traits. You can check the list of available traits shown in the Legend of Slime if you press the I button in the top right corner.

The 2 best ways to get more trait points are fighting the Dwarven King and collecting idle rewards every hour. You can also purchase some in the league shop but it’s expensive for a very small amount.

A list of available Legend of Slime traits is shown in the game if you press the I button in the top right corner. All unlocked traits will be randomly changed to New One and They Rank From F Worst -> SS Best

Once you have a trait you want you can lock it, to stop it from being removed locking. A trait will increase the trait point cost to re-roll. Do this over and over until you have 5 traits you want. So now come and take a look at this legend of slime traits guide and best synergies list wiki

Legend of Slime Best Traits Guide 2024 – Tier List

Legend of Slime Best Trait 2024

Increase Attack – Unlike the skill and companion traits, this trait works multiplicatively on your total attack stat, making this the best trait to go for.

Legend of Slime Decent Traits

Increase Companion Attack – This trait is additive to your total companion attack%. There are only a few places to get companion attack bonuses making this the second-best trait. Note: If you’re using a 4-bug build, you will want two comp attack traits for the undead armour to work efficiently.

Increase Skill Attack – There aren’t many places you can get skill attack boosts which makes this trait better than those listed below. However, this trait is also additive to your total skill attack, making it fall short compared to the traits above.

Legend of Slime Bad/Useless Traits:

Additional gold – Due to stat costs increasing exponentially, additional gold is very lacklustre and not useful at all. You’re much better off going for a gold ring to equip while afk.

Crit chance – This can have a slight use before you maxed out crit chance on the stat page, but once you have it maxed this trait is worthless.

Increase crit damage – This stat is addictive and therefore very weak since you will already have such a high crit stat.

ASPD – Very bad due to terrible values.

Increase Max HP – Same as ASPD has poor values.

Multishot – Like crit chance, this can be useful before you have double or triple shot maxed out, but once you do this trait becomes worthless.

Legend of Slime Synergies Guide

Legend of Slime Best Synergy:

Hydra – Increases attack%. While 30% may seem like a small boost, this synergy acts as a completely separate multiplier, making the 30% increase a huge boost.

Legend of Slime Good Synergy:

Ghost – Increases HP and EVA. Considered the second-best synergy and can be helpful in increasing survivability.

Bad/Useless Synergies:

Slime – Increases damage of basic attack. Very poor values.

Vampire – Recovers 5% HP every second. Can be useful for Slime Legion, but falls short compared to other synergies.

Fiend – Increases critical hit damage. Like the trait, this is an additive boost to your total crit attack. The further you progress, the worse this gets.

Ideal Legend of Slime trait loadout: 5 SS attack traits. 4 hydra synergy and 1 ghost synergy. If you’re using a 4 bug build, the ideal trait loadout is 3 SS attacks and 2 SS companion damage. 4 hydra synergy and 1 ghost synergy.

Note: The 5th synergy isn’t all that important. The 4 hydra is what really makes a difference.

Legend of Slime Synergy Guide

– Each Trait Is Randomly Given A Synergy ; Ghost, Vampire, Hydra, Fiend, Slime
– You Can Also View What Each Synergy Does By Clicking Synergy Effect.
– Combining The Right Synergies Together You Can Get Even More Bonuses From Your Traits.

Synergies Can Not Be Selected And Are Completely Random To The Re-Roll Of Traits


– Focus on ATK traits.

– Crit Chance, Crit Dmg are pretty useless in this area of the game.

– Gold, Multishot and ASPD are also a big No!

– It seems like the most optimal synergy would be 4 hydrae (orange) and 1 ghost (blue).

That’s it for our Legend of Slime Traits Guide and Best Synergies List Wiki.

Legends of Slime Traits Guide

Very Bad/Useless Traits:

– Additional Gold is very overrated. A 50% gold increase (SS) leads to a MAXIMUM of strictly less than (1 + 82 / ATK LVL)^2 * 1.014 – 1 DMG INCREASE!! This evaluates to at most a 7.0% dmg increase at 3k ATK LVL, 4.8% at 5k LVL and 3.1% at 10k LVL. See the end for more info.

– crit. chance (maxed by gold)

– Fiend (crit. chance) synergy

– Increase crit. dmg (it’s addictive, totally useless)

– ASPD (terrible, bad values)

Fall off at some point (speculation, but first thoughts strongly suggest so):

– Multishot (also bad values)

– ASPD (bad regardless)

– Slime synergy (increase damage of Basic Attack)

likely not very good but maybe useable:

– Increase Max HP (bad values)

– Increase companion ATK, probably bad, also no idea late game.

EXPShard: Thus, the by far best traits seem to be

– Increase ATK

– Increase Skill ATK
(Both are superior to the degree that the optimal trait combination is probably 3-4x ATK and 2-1x Skill ATK (if they act additively on each other) or 5x ATK if they act independently)

Explanation of the worthlessness of Additional Gold:

The numbers are an upper bound on the maximum dmg increase you could get even if you were to play infinitely long. Upper bound meaning that they favour Additional Gold.

While it might be unintuitive that the potential dmg increase of Additional Gold is not infinite, it is perfectly reasonable due to the exponential growth of the costs. The cost increase rate of ATK and crit. dmg is 0.5%.

Thus, if you get 82 > log_1.005 (1.5) = 81.26… LVLs of each, their prices will permanently be 50% increased.

In other words, the effect of 50% more gold is less than 82 lvls which together have an effect of less than (1 + 82 / ATK LVL)^2 – 100%. Similar calculations for triple/double Shots lead to a maximum of an additional 1.4% dmg.

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