New Legend of Slime Best Build 2024 – Bird Build, Insect Build

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Looking for Legend of Slime Best Build in 2024 May? if yes, then This guide will help you to find the best build of Legend Slime. In this article you will lots of builds created by pro players in game-like Insect Build,  Birdfrog Build, Cat Build, etc etc.

So come and take a look at this Legend of Slime Best Build Wiki. you can also read our Legends of Slime Codes List, Legend of Slime Idle RPG Tier List and Legends of Slime Guide

Legend of Slime Best Build 2024

Endy’s 3 Insect Build/Guide


As the name suggests, you will want 3 insects for this build. It can be any of the insect companions :Blink: :Crink :Beetle: :Elder:. You do not need elder for this build. Your insects should at least be at a decent level, usually around 50. Your other two companions should be the two strongest companions you have, no matter which type they are.


:PlushLycan: Plush Lycan (or chick doll :ChickDoll: if one of your companions is a chicken)
:Suncrown: Sun Crown
:SapDish: Sap Dish (this needs to be at least level 30-50)
:AncientBonsai: Ancient Bonsai (or bamboo :FlexibleBamboo: if you can’t survive without it)
:GoldBread: Gold Bread
:DwarfArmor: Dwarf King Armor


:Pottery: Pottery
:Ruby: Ruby
:SparrowFigurine: Sparrow Figurine
:RegalPillow: Regal Pillow
:SacredNecklace: Sacred Necklace
:KitsuneMask: Kitsune Mask (or slime mask :SlimeMask: if you can’t survive with sacred necklace :SacredNecklace: and bamboo :FlexibleBamboo:)
:TomeOfDisorder: Tome of Disorder

Sparrow figurine works on all companions now, not just chickens. That makes it by far the best choice for this build.


:Rage: Rage
:Reaper: Reaper
No other skills

Regal pillow’s effects are more spread out the more skills you have equipped. By equipping only rage and reaper, you can focus regal pillow’s effects on these skills and keep an almost constant uptime for rage and reduce reaper’s cooldown to around 2 seconds. You may find better results by adding in a high level mythic skill in addition to rage and reaper. It’s beneficial to test out a variety of skills and see what works best for you personally.


Any high companion % ring. Comp attack is the main source of damage for this build, so it’s crucial to have a high companion % on your ring. I personally recommend going for S grade rings, although some may recommend going for a C grade ring for the reaper boost. Reaper damage falls off immensely in the endgame so I will not personally recommend a C grade ring.


Your toy should follow the general rule for all toys. Early on/before you get an exotic toy, you want to aim for attack > crit > comp. For exotic level toys, you want crit > comp > skill.


You should use all attack traits for this build. Even though it is a companion damage focused build, companion traits are very bad in comparison to regular attack traits.

Kité´s Birdfrog Build

Slime – Ignis (All my Slimes are at Lv. 140, only Crobi is at Lv. 180.)
Ring – Level 79

Companion Damage 1121%

Toy – A Level 71
ATK – 5755%
Skill – Cooldown -2%

Skills – Rage, Reaper
Relics – Pottery, Ruby, Sparrow Figurine, Regal Pillow, Sacred Necklace, Birdy Mask, Tome Of Disorder

Comp – Ebony: Lv. 93, :White: Lv. 100, :Crisp: Lv. 100, :The Blue Bird: Lv. 100, :IceFrog: Lv. 33 (I don´t have a high Level Djini)

Treasures – :ChickDoll::Suncrown::FrogVase::AncientBonsai::GoldBread::DwarfArmor:

Traits – :SynergyHydra: :GradeS: ATK
:SynergyHydra: :GradeS: ATK
:SynergyHydra: :GradeS: ATK
:SynergyGhost: :GradeS: ATK
:SynergyHydra: :GradeSS: sATK (Yeah i don´t have Trait Luck)

Mastery – Common – Infinite ATK 174
Promotion – All ATK´s on the left up to the Infinite.
Research – Slime Fusion Reactor 3/5, Brainstorm 10/10. (no Lord of Hell´s Lecture)


Inferno I 8-7
Your Slimes: 16/18
Cleared Mine Depth: 16925m
Dwarven King Record: 1.13T


ATK 10.1P
HP 674G
HP Recovery 47.2G
ASPD 8.59
Critical Hit Chance 100%
Critical Hit Damage 85796%
Skill Cooldown 54%
Movement Speed 252%
Basic Attack Damage 500%
Evasion Rate 20%
Companion Damage 1221%
Companion ASPD 1920%
Skill Damage 746%
Boss Damage Amount 4100%
Gold Obtain 673%
Welcome Back Bonus 120%
Mine Research Speed 800%
Pickaxe Gain Speed 160%
Ore Gain Bonus 1100%

So that´s all i have to share.

Shared by Kité – [Inferno 8-9]

Insomniate’s Build – V1.11.2

Current Stage: Inferno 2, 1-1

Slime: :Ignis:

:Crink: – Lv100
:Beetle: – Lv100
:Elder: – Lv1
:Ebony: – Lv100
:Djini: – Lv88

:SparrowFigurine: – Exploit it while it lasts
:PearlNecklace: – Use :SacredNecklace: if you die

:SapDish: – 3 insects better than 4/5 chicken/bird due to :SparrowFigurine: exploitation
:DwarfArmor: – Better than 4 insects and/or :UndeadKingArmor:

:Rage: – Lv100
:Reaper: – Lv100
:Pyrokinesis: – Lv100
:SummonEvilSpirit: – Lv100
:Blizzard: – Lv100
:DarkClouds: – Lv88
(:IrradiatingComet: is better than :Pyrokinesis:, but I wish I have it)

Legendary Lv72 – :IgnisToy:
ATK + Skill Damage

230% Dark Cloud Dmg
3401% Critical Hit Damage
624% Companion Damage
864% Skill Damage

:SynergyHydra: – SS ATK
:SynergyHydra: – SS ATK
:SynergyFiend: – SS ATK
:SynergyHydra: – Garbage
:SynergyHydra: – Garbage

4/20 – Lord of Hell
4/20 – Armor Decoration

Tree: Just go all way left for ATK nodes only

Shared by Insomnia [Inferno 2, 1-1]

Current Max Stage

Inferno I 3-2


  • Active Crobi – 160
  • Aku – 120
  • Serpine – 140
  • Astrie – 140
  • Kobalus – 140
  • Melissa – 140
  • Deva – 140
  • Osteon – 140
  • Ornis – 160
  • Ghost – 140
  • Amber – 140
  • Mecha – 140
  • Santa – 140
  • Penguin – 140
  • Ignis – Unowned


  • GradeS Blizzard (Level 104)
  • ATK : 16188%
  • HP : 1079%
  • Blizzard : 151%
  • Critical Hit Damage : 2921%
  • Skill Cooldown : -3%
  • Companion Damage : 474%
  • Skill Damage : 398%
  • Boss Damage Amount : 147%


  • Rage – 100
  • Reaper – 100
  • Pyrokinesis – 100
  • Summon Evil Spirit – 100
  • Bird Strike – 74
  • Dark Clouds – 60


  • Ancient Coins – 100
  • Ruby – 100
  • Slime Figurine – 100
  • Regal Pillow – 100
  • Pearl Necklace – 100
  • Kitsune Mask – 100
  • Tome of Disorder – 89

Traits & Synergy

  • SynergyFiend: Increase Companion ATK by 300%
  • SynergyHydra: Increase ATK by 300%
  • SynergyHydra: Increase ATK by 300%
  • SynergyFiend: Increase Companion ATK by 300%
  • SynergyHydra: Increase Skill ATK by 300%


  • Crink – 100
  • Beetle – 100
  • Blink – 100
  • Djini – 100
  • Elder – 2


  • Plush Lycan – 100
  • Sun Crown – 100
  • Sap Dish – 70
  • Ancient Bonsai – 61
  • Gold Bread – 82
  • Undead King Armor – 100

Mastery Points

SlimeLevels – 1980


  • ATK – 112
  • Health: HP – 0


  • Left side -> Up to ATK 87,500% upgrade (2/7)


My current section in the Slime Research Table

  • Blobcraft – 10
  • Brainstorm – 8/10

Screech’s Build



Endy’s 3 Legend of Slime Insect build

This is currently the 3 insect build I use. I’ve had people test it after the new update was released, and it consistently performed better than the frog and bird build. I figured I’d make a post if people wanted to try it out. Still working on getting better traits.

Endy’s 3 Legend of Slime Insect build
Endy’s 3 Legend of Slime Insect build
Endy’s 3 Legend of Slime Insect build
Endy’s 3 Legend of Slime Insect build


Legend of Slime Cat Build – *by Jean.M*

This Build Is Designed For = Mid-Game To End-Game [VH – HELL]


As for a cat build we want to have a companion set with 3 cats and 2 supporting pets for more companions dmg.
There is no specific setup for supporters as everyone is progressing differently.
So for now you have to figure it out by yourself.


You want to have:

  • Ancient coins
  • Topas or Opal ¹
  • Cat figurine
  • Pile of coins
  • Sacred necklace
  • Kitsune mask ²
  • Tome of disorder

this depends on your hp/hp recovery if you lose health go opal otherwise topaz.

same as for gems, if needed swap to slime or folksy.


You want to have the fastest skills possible, to trigger the figurine as often as possible.

  • Magic coin
  • Slime press
  • Egg throw
  • Lightning strikes
  • Detonative slime
  • Terrify


Aim to pull

1 -2 Attack Damage
3 -4 Companion Damage
For synergy, i would suggest
1 Vampire ( purple )
And probably 4 Hydra ( orange )

How This Legend of Slime Cat Build Works

This build is straight forward once it’s set you’re good.

The Cat figurine is our main dmg source where we throw a fish every time a skill is used.

That’s why we want the fastest skills possible to trigger the figurine more often!

Now we have our 3 cats to get even more fish yay!

So why not 5 cats you may ask?

3 cats are the sweet spot for more figurine use and dmg. It seems to be like the figurine is using the whole companion team dmg as its dmg source. So with that info, we set our best 3 cats plus 2 supporters to get higher overall Team Damage.
To push this even further we want some good companion dmg traits.

Please note that this build isn’t finalized yet and is still a work in progress.

That’s it for this Legend of Slime Best Build Guide 2024

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