Legend of Slime Slime Legion Guide 2024 for Beginners

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Welcome to Legend of Slime Slime Legion Guide, In this Legend of Slime Slime Legion Guide, we will tell you about everything about Slime Legion. This guide is shared by xEndy [INF2 4-3].

So come and take a look at this Legend of Slime Slime Legion Guide for Beginners.

Legend of Slime Slime Legion Guide 2024 for Beginners

Slime legion is a dungeon in Legend of Slime that unlocked after beating Hard 5-10. This dungeon unlocks a new type of equipment called rings which can be used to get a variety of stat boosts. Each level of slime legion has 15 stages, with each stage giving you a chance to pick a ring option or slime enhancement.

Ring Options

Ring options are the yellow stat boost options. These boosts go directly on the ring you are creating. These are the only options you should be choosing when you want to create a strong ring.

Prioritizing Options
Rings below level 40:
Grade Increase > ATK > Critical Damage > Companion Damage > Skill Damage > Boss Damage

Rings above level 40:
Companion Damage > Grade Increase > Refresh (if 3 options) > Skill Damage > Critical Damage (~2000%) > Boss Damage -> Critical Damage (~1000%)

Prior to level 40, rings have a very low base attack stat. This makes attack options a very strong choice early on. Once rings start getting to a higher level the base attack begins to scale higher. A level 60 ring will have around 15,000% base attack, making 200% attack options not worthwhile.

Level 40 is when you want to start focusing on getting a companion damage-focused ring. Companion damage is the main source of damage in the late game, and rings are one of the only places to get a good source of companion damage % (the other being toys).

Slime Enhancement

Slime enhancements are the blue stat boost options. These stat boosts are temporary boosts for that slime legion run, and will go away after you have finished the dungeon run.

Attack boost enhancements are good to choose when you want to quickly beat SL stages and push to higher levels for higher-level rings. Never take these options when you are trying to create a ring. These should only be used to push levels.

Upgrading a Ring

Old or unused rings can be dismantled for powder. Powder can then be used to enhance a ring to a max of level 10, slightly raising the ring’s base stats. It’s best not to enhance rings until you start getting rings above level 60 as ring benefits begin to plateau and you’ll keep each ring for a longer period of time.

Slime Legion Build

Slime legion works differently than normal battles. This is because you don’t have companions fighting alongside you, you have other slimes. Therefore, many of the companion based relics and treasures don’t work in SL (:Ruby: :RegalPillow: :ChickDoll: :BirdyMask: etc). There are a few exceptions to this, however.

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The order of your slimes matters in slime legion. In general, you’ll want to put tanks in the front, knockback dealers in the back, and damage dealers in the middle. Serpine :Serpine: is one of the best tanks to put in the front of your team. Other solid tanks include Deva :Deva: and Mecha :Mecha:. You can place Osteon :Osteon: last and Penguin :Penguin: second to last as the primary knockback dealers. The damage dealers should be placed in between these slimes. Ghost :Ghost: in particular offers amazing damage output in SL, depending on your overall build.

Example of my slime order in SL (you do not need to copy this and it may not be the best):
Serpine :Serpine: , Deva :Deva: , Mecha :Mecha: , Ignis :Ignis: , Hero :Hero: , Crobi :Crobi: , Ghost :Ghost: , Penguin :Penguin: , Osteon :Osteon:

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Ancient Coins
Sparrow Figurine (This works in SL for some reason)
Hot Seat
Sacred Necklace
Folksy Mask (Or :KitsuneMask: Kitsune Mask)
Tome of Disorder

Folksy mask is one of the most important relics to use here if you’re dying too easily. Surviving can let you push to further stages than normal. Kitsune can be used to clear floors faster. Hot seat is also effective in SL as a makeshift ruby.

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:Rage: Rage
:Reaper: Reaper
:Coin: Magic Coin
:Pyrokinesis: Pyrokinesis
:Blizzard: Blizzard
:BirdStrike: Bird Strike

Regal pillow doesn’t work in SL so it’s best to use a full set of skills. The first 3 skills listed are the main ones you’ll want. The last 3 can change depending on skill levels and progress. Dark clouds :DarkClouds:, detonative slime :DetonativeSlime:, or bat bombardier :BatBombardier: may be stronger depending on your overall build.


:PlushLycan: Lycan Plush
:Suncrown: Sun Crown
:SapDish: Sap Dish
:AncientBonsai: Ancient Bonsai (Or :FlexibleBamboo: Bamboo if you need it to survive)
🌮 Explosive Taco (we don’t have an emote for it for some reason)
:DwarfArmor: Dwarf King Armor

Sap dish works in SL despite being a companion-based treasure. The boost is split equally among all slimes. Golden bread is useless in SL because there is no time limit, making explosive taco a better choice in that slot.

How to pick which ring is better

The best way to figure out which ring is better is by testing it out on the boss. Whichever ring leaves the boss with the least amount of hp is the strongest. Do not rely on the power number in the middle of your screen. This is just an arbitrary power number and does not correlate with the strength of your build.

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