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Welcome to our Project XXl Wiki, and In this Project XXl Wiki we will tell you everything about the game. In this wiki we will tell you about Rarities, Controls, How to get a devil fruit? Shenron, Accessories, and much more.

So come and take a look at this Project XXl Wiki & Trello. Also Read: Project XXl Codes List

Project XXl Wiki & Trello


Common – Common devil fruits spawn under trees with a 98% chance.

Rare – Rare devil fruits spawn under trees with a 1.95% chance.

Legendary – Legendary devil fruits spawn under trees with a .05% chance.

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  • Ctrl – Sprint
  • Shift – Shiftlock
  • Mouse1 – Basic Combat
  • Q – Dash
  • F – Block
  • Space x2 – Geppo
  • G – Energy Charge


All Current Wishes & Their Purpose:

I Want To Be The Strongest: Grants You a Random Legendary Ability and Resets Your Level (Level 1000 Required) More Legendaries Every 1000 Level

I Want To be Reborn: Grants you a Random Legendary Race

I Want To Be Special: Grants You a Random Legendary Spec

I Want To Be a Model: Grants You a Random Legendary Armor

I Want To be Rewarded For My Good Deeds: Grants you 1 Prestige Coin and Resets Your Level (Level 1000 Required) More Coins Every 1000 Levels

I Want To Be Rich: Grants You 5 Mil Silver + 5 Random Rare Items

Potential Stats

Potential Stats are stats that Every Player Recieves upon starting the game. It can either give you a boost while playing the game or if your unlucky it can make your experience SLIGHTLY harder.

How It Works

Random Upon Join.
Each Stat can either grand your character buffs or nerfs.
Either Giving you +5 or -5 In each.
The Higher the better.
0 = Neutral.
Can be Rerolled for Robux or with the Red Gem item

Stat Buffs

Charisma: Pay More or Less for things.
(-5 to +5)

Luck: More Luck for RNG based things such as chests, drops etc. (0 to +3)

Magoi Pool: More of Less Energy (Magoi).
(-5 to +5)

Tenacity: Shorter or Longer Stun Duration. (-5 to +5)

Will: More or Less Duration when using specs.
(-5 to +5)

Potential: More or Less stats when Transforming. (-5 to +5)


Accessories can be gained as drops from enemies, obtained from chests, or obtained by treasure hunts. Accessories provide additional buffs to your stats, granted you are on par with there level requirement. Although not as influential as armors, they are still very important in buffing your stats(and make you look cool).

Fighting Styles

Fighting styles take up the 2nd slot in your inventory. they are secondary abilities that deal damage, apart from your main fruit. Fighting styles are mainly easy to understand as they spawn every 15 minutes via being a Common-Legendary Teacher. Note: There are other fighting styles in the game that aren’t spawned. Those are the basic Fighting styles

How it Works

Takes up 2nd slot of inventory
Spawns every 15 mins Common – Legendary(unique trainers)
Can be bought for a certain price (price depends on charisma)
Despawns every few minutes
Does damage, Quite a lot of it.
– 2 Types of Fightingstyles. Basic Fightingstyles ( Always there). And Unique Fightingstyles Spawns (Common – Legendary) that spawn every 15 minutes


Weapons take up the 3rd of your inventory and are yet another source of damage for your player. Some(not all) weapons can be evolved with an evolution item into a much stronger weapon. The Standard Weapon Evolution Chain goes like this.

[BASE -> Weapon v1 or Weapon v2 or Weapon v3]. The version of the weapon evo you get is dependent on the evolution item you used on the BASE weapon.

How it Works

Take up 3rd slot in inventory.
Some Weapons contain an Evolution Chain.
Other Weapons come with all of its skills.
If you want a certain weapon evo for you weapon, fight the boss that drops it until you get the specific evolution item.
Does damage, a lot of it.


How to get a devil fruit?

Devil fruits spawn every 15s

What can I do with Silver?

Weapons, fighting styles, armor and much more are available for purchase.

What Do I do?

Npcs and bosses all around the map
All Npcs and bosses have drops
Drops can be items, accessories, armors, specializations, weapons etc
Talk To Citizens around the map to learn new things and possibly go on a quest
And Many More

What Can I Gain From Exploring the Game?

Chests all around the world (main way of getting armor and accessories)
Treasure hunting (click a button, it guides you to a random chest, finding that chest gives you a bunch of randomized loot, which includes gold, random armor and accessories and the chances of rare items)

That’s it for this Project XXl Wiki & Trello

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