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Era Of Quirks Tier List Wiki – Best Quirks Guide

Ready to dominate in Era Of Quirks? Look no further because, with our Era Of Quirks Tier List wiki, we’ve got you covered! Our Era Of Quirks tier list will help you to find the best Quirk in Era Of Quirks.

Quirk Mastery – your overall prowess, when you spin for a quirk you are guaranteed a quirk, you gain quirk mastery by using it over and over again, although you are using it will take a very long time to fully master it, your quirk gets better and better upon every use, Note: This is the hardest Stat to lvl up.

So without wasting any time let’s check out Era Of Quirks Tier List Wiki – Best Quirks Guide

Era Of Quirks Tier List Wiki – Best Quirks Guide

Era Of Quirks Tier List – Tier S

One For All – Tier S

Decay – Tier S

Air Cannon – Tier S

Era Of Quirks Tier List – Tier A

Cremation – Tier A

  • Jet Burn-Shoot a ball of blue flames out of your palm
  • Hell Spider-Shoot a barrage of blasts
  • Flashfire Grab- Lunge at the opponent grabbing them with isane knockback
  • Prominnce burst-Blast of fire

Overhaul – Tier A

  • Reassemble-The user will reassemble whoever they touch, restoring their health. This skill uses alot of stamina however heals too full hp
  • Matter Spike-The user will Impale whoever they touch with a large spike made of their own flesh and bones.

Cremation – Tier A

Fajin – Tier A

Era Of Quirks Tier List – Tier B

Blood Curdle – Tier B

  • Blood Slash – Slice Your Enemies And Contain Blood On Your Sword
  • Blood Rush – Lick your opponents blood after blood slash which will stun them

Blood Curdle – Tier B

Muscle Augmentation – Tier B

Half Hot Half Cold – Tier B

Explosion – Tier B

Jet – Tier B

Plasma – Tier B

Era Of Quirks Tier List – Tier C

Erasure – Tier C

Shock Absorbtion – Tier C

Engine – Tier C

Danger Sense – Tier C

Impact Recoil – Tier C

Era Of Quirks Tier List – Tier D

Whirlwind – Tier D

Energy Drain – Tier D

Foresight – Tier D

Assasult Dust – Tier D

The tier list provided in this article can help players determine the most powerful and effective Quirks in Era Of Quirks.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of a Quirks also depends on the player’s skill level and experience.

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