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(Pre-Alpha) Budokai Z Trello, Wiki & Controls

Welcome to (Pre-Alpha) Budokai Z Trello, This (Pre-Alpha) Budokai Z Trello has general information about the game such as biomes, locations, vanities, controls, Skills, Game basics, and some guides.

If you’re confused about something related to the game, please read through this Budokai Z Wiki Trello of questions and other guides.

(Pre-Alpha) Budokai Z Trello

Budokai Z is a brand new game on Roblox and this game is available for Pre-Alpha, You can Create your Z-Fighter and forge your own destiny in Budokai Z. You can also travel through the galaxy, exploring new worlds; traverse frigid wastelands, arid deserts, and the unforgiving cosmos.

The game is very fun to play You can make friends along the way- or enemies and create your own empire, master powerful transformations and techniques, fight strong opponents, and make a name for yourself.

Controls and Commands

here is a list of (Pre-Alpha) Budokai Z Controls

Open Menu: Press the ‘Tab’ button.

Toggle Flight On/Off: Double tapping ‘Space’ will turn Flight On/Off.

Light Attack: Clicking the Left Mouse Button will perform a Light Attack.

Heavy Attack: Clicking the Right Mouse Button will perform a Heavy Attack.

Block: Holding ‘F’ will make your character Block.

Vanish/Z-Vanish: After you have successfully flung your opponent back during a fight, if you are Locked On, pressing ‘X’ will make you Vanish behind them.

Counter Attack: Pressing ‘T’ will make your character perform a defensive pose, granting you a window to perform a Counter.

Carry: Pressing ‘C’ over a Knocked body will allow you to Carry an individual.

Grip: Pressing ‘V’ over a Knocked body will allow you to Grip an individual.

Boost Flight: Pressing the ‘SHIFT’ Key while flying will Boost your Flight.

Sprint: Holding ‘SHIFT’ while running will make your character Sprint.

Fly Downwards: Holding ‘Q’ while flying will make you fly downwards.


Power Level

A measurement of one’s Battle Strength and training, this is one of the main determining factors in a fight. By training and sparring with other players you can raise your Power Level.


The source of one’s “Energy”, allows you to use Ki Attacks as well as Ki techniques, such as powering up your body, or firing beams of energy at your opponent.


Allows you to do basic combat techniques. Stamina is what controls your players Physical abilities, such as Blocking or ZVanishing. Maintaining a healthy amount of stamina is useful during a fight. If your stamina goes below 50%, then the amount of damage your Physical Attacks do will go down.


The amount of fatigue you have generated from 0% to 100%. At 100% Fatigue, your character will die of exhaustion. Training and fighting will generate Fatigue, and sleeping will reduce it.

As you continually become fatigued, your output Power Level will decrease. No, you are not losing progress. This is only because your body is not operating at it’s fullest, because you are tired! When at 100% Fatigue (fully Fatigued), your Power Level will be nearly half of what it would be when you are completely healthy.


When “Training” you are essentially becoming stronger, however, if you are heavily fatigued and nearly on the brink of death, you may need to rest up by sleeping, using a Healing Pod, or eating a Senzu Bean before your Power Level will increase.


You can sleep to help decrease your accumulated Fatigue, as well as convert your Potential Power into your actual current Power Level, just like how working out doesn’t give you benefits until you rest up.


When fighting an opponent stronger than you, you are able to grow at a faster rate, as well as master skills and techniques more quickly. This increase in strength also causes you to grow fatigued more quickly.


Skills are techniques you acquire either by spawning as a certain race, or through training. Most skills can be equipped to your Skill Slots, allowing you to assign a Key on your keyboard (1-4) to activate said skill.


Passives are essentially abilities that don’t need to be equipped to be activated. These abilities will activate under certain conditions or will be always active. Some can be turned on/off.

For example, Namekians have an ability called Regeneration, which allows them to recover health over time, in exchange for making them more fatigued. This is what is called a ‘Passive’. This ability can be turned on/off within the in-game menu.


A ‘Transformation’ is similar to a Power-Up. This can allow the character to activate an ability, gain stat bonuses, or recover health/damage. Some transformations will change the shape of a character, making them taller or changing their appearance.

Some may be in the form of a powerful aura emanating from their character. Transformations are usually activated through a set of Keys on the keyboard (5-0).

An example of a transformation is Super Saiyan.

(Pre-Alpha) Budokai Z FAQ Guide

Will this game always be Paid Access

The game will initially start at 200 Robux for paid access and will remain paid indefinitely. If you think this is unfair or too expensive, please understand that this game was created by a solo Developer (with contracted work when necessary by the Builder IconicOne, and the 3D Modeler Smallken123.)

This specific game has been in development for nearly 4 months, and in total is the product of 1 1/2 years of preparation, starting with the first game – Budokai.

Is this game Pay To Win?

The idea behind Budokai: Reawakened is to create a universe similar to what you’d find in DBZ, and therefore some races are rarer than others and also possess different abilities.

The main goal was to give some races different advantages, but overall to create a scenario where the game was balanced and any player could find fun no matter what race they roll.

If you believe this to be false, please take note that even the most inherently powerful races only gain slight stat advantages over the ‘weaker’ ones, but even races such as Humans that are weaker in the DBZ universe can make up Power Level differences due to their passives, similar to how Roshi stood up to Jiren.

What are Races?

Races are essentially the different types of Species or Beings that we see in the DBZ universe. Saiyans, Namekians, Earthlings etc are all examples of races. Race determines things such as stats, appearance, abilities, etc.

What are Genes?

Genes are the different genetic components of a Race. Genes can simply be a different form or passive, or in some cases can make a big difference such as different appearance and home planet.

Why do I have to pay to reroll my Race, Gene, and Aura?

Budokai: Reawakened is an attempt at creating a real “What if I was in the DBZ universe?” scenario, where you become one of the characters.

Just like in the DBZ universe, rare races will be rare in the game too. If you could choose, there would simply just be hundreds of Legendary Super Saiyans running around.

This would really hurt the immersion, wouldn’t you say? Also, by purchasing rolls to obtain the race, gene, or aura you want, you are supporting the game and helping to keep the content that you yourself enjoy (hopefully) to continue being made.

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