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Roblox Wisteria 2 Wiki – All Demons & Beginner Guide

Roblox Lee RPG a game on the Roblox platform created by Lee apple owner of Edens Realm Roblox group.. This Wisteria 2 Wiki covers details about Item, Bosses, Stats System, Maps, Quest, and more.

The best way to improve your gameplay is to visit our Wisteria 2 Wiki to learn some basics about his game because we’ve created this Wisteria 2 Trello to make it easier for you.

We know that the Trello board and Discord Server contain a lot of information shared by pro players or content creators, so to help you get started, we’ve fetched a list of the most useful information from official Trello and Discord. If you want free gift in the game then make sure to visit our Wisteria 2 Redeem Codes Page

So come and take a look at this Wisteria 2 Wiki.

Welcome to Roblox [ALPHA] Wisteria 2 Wiki

This Wisteria 2 [ALPHA] wiki contains information about the popular Roblox game, Roblox Wisteria 2. Wisteria 2 is an Rpg game Inspired by the Demon Slayer series.

Wisteria 2 was originally created as a project for fun Odebobo (Odezi) and some of his friends to work on, but after a few of the original developers from the prequel game Wisteria joined the project, it became a legitimate successor to the original game.

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Roblox [ALPHA] Wisteria 2 Wiki & Beginner Guide for New Players

Stats System

The stats are the attributes that determine how strong, resilient or quick your character is. The attributes/stats present in the game are:

Vigor: Determines the amount and how much health, resistance, and posture/block bar you have.

Agility: Determines your walk/running speed, parkour, dash and attack distances.

Strength: Determines the damage of your breathing.

Battle Spirit: Determines your M1 damage.



Demons bodies are different compared to humans. Their physiology is naturally capable of providing an overall much stronger body compared to humans; inhuman strength and speed, being able to regenerate severed limbs and having essentially infinite stamina.

After becoming a Demon, you have your physical stats improved. Such as: strength, speed, stamina and battle spirit.

One of the other things that differentiate Demons from Humans, are the genetic mutations that can occur, gaining even more supernatural characteristics, some of these mutations being:

Gaining massive amounts of strength and growing large.
Producing poisonous gases and being able to use offensively/defensively.
Shrinking in size, in return gaining inhumane speed.
Walking/running on all fours, but being able to perform stealth based attacks.
If you want more info, go to: Genetic Mutation

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Demons can also develop a combat style, usually with their claws or fist, but as demons become stronger they can develop abilities called Demon Arts, where they manipulate their blood to produce attacks, almost like magic and spells. The type of attacks will depend on what a demon’s personality, morals, and mental state is.

Genetic Mutation

Genetic mutations occurs when you become a demon, the mutation/type traits will be shown when you transform into one.

Rarity list of types:

  • Giji – 40%
  • Kyodaina – 30%
  • Mijikai – 15%
  • Ozomashi – 10%
  • Kurora – 5%

Type Traits:

Giji – Basic Humanoid, just changes your skin color, eyes, and you get a horn.

Kyodaina – You become larger and stronger.

Mjikai – You become shorter and faster.

Ozomashi – You obtain a gas aura.

Kurora – You now crawl.

Demon Type


Kyodaina are humanoid demons larger than the others, their attacks mainly rely on their physical strength.

The moves that a Kyodaina will develop are:

1st Move: Heavy Manglers

The user concentrates power into their claws and performs a powerful double slash.

2nd Move: Mountain Blow

The user unleashes a devastating punch causing anyone hit to be knocked off their feet.

3rd Move: Ground Slam

The user slams the ground with their fists, creating a powerful and destructive shock wave.

You can learn about Demon Race on our Wisteria 2 Breathing Tier List page


Ozomashi are humanoid demons who produces and use attacks based on poisonous gas.

The moves that a Ozomashi will develops are:

1st: Ember Spew

The user unleashes multiples blasts of poisonous gas at the enemy.

2nd Move: Etheric Dismay

The user transforms themself into the gas to transport from one place to another, once the teleport ends there will be a small dissipation of the gas in the users place.

3rd Move: Disorienting Bomb

The user shoots a blast of poisonous gas that causes a miniature explosion.


Kurora are miniature demon humanoids who crawl on all 4’s, their abilities rely on their speed and stealth. The moves that a Kurora will develop are:

1st Move: Jagged Swivel

The user starts to rapidly move at insanely high-speeds attack from all directions in a circular shape.

2nd Move: Dirty Throw

The user launch a relative quantity of dirty on enemy face, blinding them

3rd Move: Volatile Vessel

The user boils their blood by accumulating the heat in their body, then releasing it as a large explosion which in its radius burns enemies.
(This process causes the demon to enter a self-combusting state.)

4th Move: Dirt Travel

The user digs a hole in the ground and entering it, this allows the user to move temporarily fast, after reaching a certain distance the user will leave the tunnel and deliver strong uppercut to the enemy.

That’s it for this Roblox Wisteria 2 Wiki.

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