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Wisteria 2 Race Tier List – Who is Best Race in game?

Our Wisteria 2 Race Tier List tier list is here to help you get ahead in the hit Roblox game, so In this Wisteria 2 Race Tier List you can learn about learn all about which is the Best Race in Wisteria 2

In this article, we will break down all races in Wisteria 2, so you can choose the one that suits your playstyle. As of now we have found out that Human Race is the strongest in-game and the Hybrid is also good so come and take a look at this Wisteria 2 Race Tier List

Wisteria 2 Race Tier List


Humans are normal people and you start as one, humans don’t have supernatural powers nor an absurd regeneration, but you can progress and pick a way of Demon Slayer…or reject your feelings, values ​​and humanity and become a Demon.


Are normal people who have their own lives, you can work for getting some money, like sell woods, ores, fish, cooking and etc.

Demons are extreme dangerous for a human, because a human without a certain equipments can’t kill a demon in the decapitation way.

Humans can be a Demon Slayer and learn breathing styles and Kendo arts, in order to defeat demons.

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayers are humans who have gone through hard training and a special exam, they fight using special weapons that are capable of killing Demons, their main mission is to annihilate the Demon King/Queen.

They fight off demons by using sword techniques and styles known as breathings.

Demon Slayer Corps are not officially recognized by the government

The organization has existed since ancient times dedicating its existence to protecting humanity from demons, and killing the Progenitor of Demons.


What are Demons?

They are an ancient race of immortal, terrifying and supernatural beings. Demons are a vampire-like species, whose only prey are humans.

When did they come up?

For as long as the Demon Kings have existed, not much is known about how they came to be, but the only thing known is that every Oni was once a Human, they are transformed by various extremely violent or strange means.

Some Information about the Demons:

They have supernatural strength, speed, durability and resistances greater than humans, and having much faster regeneration, being able to regenerate even severed limbs or organs.

They can only be killed by the following things:

Sun light

Nichirin Weapons (Via Decapitation or total head destruction)

Wisteria Tree/Poison

Demons get stronger through the consumption of human flesh and especially blood, and can even develop a type of magic, called Kekki-Jutsu/Blood Demon Art.

Some humans are worth more than others to Demons, these humans contain the blood called Marechi, which are much more intoxicating but beloved then normal human blood, similar to Alcohol to humans.

Want to know more about demons, you can head over to our Wisteria 2 Wiki where we have shared information about Demon.

Hybrid (W.I.P)

“Of all the animals, man is only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.” – Mark Twain

That’s it for this Wisteria 2 Race Tier List – Who is the Best Race in the game?

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