Rush Royale Thunderer Grindstone Deck for Arena 9+

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Today, I will talk about the new rush royale meta deck ( Thunderer Grindstone Deck ). This deck has high win rates and a High usage rate in Arena 12 & Arena 13 and after the recent buff Thunderer has become the new meta in rush royale which means your opponent may have a thunderer deck as well.

Note: Rank 1 thunderer hits the first target only, Rank 2 Thunderer hits an extra target ( 2 targets ) with chain damage, Rank 3 Thunderer hits 3 targets at the same time with chain damage so keep in mind that when you are playing with this Thunderer Grindstone Deck. You have to fill your board with rank 3 or Rank 4 thunderer in order to do extra damage to monsters

Rush Royale Thunderer Grindstone Deck Arena 8+

Rush Royale Thunderer Deck for Arena 8

Thunderer Grindstone Deck is very good for Arena 8 players and using this deck I won continuous matches in the rush royale royal trials event. This Thunderer Deck is f2p and you easily upgrade your cards Level 8 or Level 9 Thunderer is mighty so, I will tell you to upgrade your cards to increase your critical damage.

This deck has some strong cards like Engineer, Plague Doctor, and My favorite card Vampire or Chemist. This deck has a grindstone to increase damage and critical damage

Before 1st Boss tries to fill your board with 2 – 3 Rank 1 Thunder and 2 rank 2 Thunder and support them with Plague Doctor and Engineer.

Before 2nd Boss, you should have at least 2 – 3 Rank 3 Thunderer and  2 – 3 Engineer of rank 3 and surround them with a grindstone.

After 2nd Boss, make sure your Thunderer & Grindstone are at the max level because at the max level grindstone critical damage chances increase to 26.2% which is very high.

so guys that’s it for this guide and I hope you enjoyed reading this Rush Royale Thunderer Grindstone Deck for Arena 9 Guide.

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