Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart v1.2.107

Hi guys, Today I will show you Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart v1.2.107 and in this Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart v1.0 we have mentioned the latest Vampire Survivors Evolution v1.2.107 You can also take a look at our: Vampire Survivors Tier List 2022 

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Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart v1.2.107

Whip + Hollow Heart = Bloody Tear

Magic Wand + Empty Tome = Holy Wand

Knife + Bracer = Thousand Edge

Axe + Candelabrador = Death Spiral

Cross + Clover = Heaven Sword

King Bible + Spellbinder = Unholy Vesper

Fire Wand + Spinach = Hellfire

Garlic + Pummarola = Soul Eater

Santa Water + Attractorb = La Borra

Runetracer + Armor = NO FUTURE

Lightning Ring + Duplicator = Thunder Loop

Pentagram + Crown = Gorgeous Moon

Gatti Amari + Stone Mask = Vicious Hunger

Song of Mana + Skull O’Maniac = Mannaja

Shadow Pinion + Wings = Valkyrie Turner

Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart v1.2.107 Image

Spell & Cheat Codes

Spell is a mechanic that allows for the usage of cheat codes to unlock characters, stages, relics, etc. Most cheat codes must be entered in the Secrets menu, unlocked by collecting the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, however some must be entered on the main menu.

Each key for every spell needs to be typed within 30 seconds of the last one for the code to be registered. For codes that are not entered on the Secrets menu, each key must be typed within two seconds. For “pet”, it much be typed within half a second. Arrow keys must be used for directional inputs.