Last Epoch Best Builds 0.9 (December 2023)

Looking for Last Epoch Best Builds 2023? You are at the right place. Today we will show you Last Epoch Best Builds 2023.

So come and take a look at this  Last Epoch Best Builds 0.9 2023

Last Epoch Best Builds 2023 

Best Builds atm involves:

Acolyte – OP has a name. Lich is borderline OP. Necromancer is plain stupid. If you thought PathOfExile-Necro is too strong.. well, this is the big brother. Only downside, 100+ summons makes your PC and FPS melt..
Warning: chances are high this gets nerfed or Multiplayer will become super unstable ;D

Mage – very strong, some builds borderline OP. In a rather good spot compared to Rogue and especially Necro

Rogue – simply borderline OP, if you like the playstyles. Bow = strong, but buggy. Dual-wield borderline OP, some builds are totally OP ..expect a ton of Nerfs in the future ^^

Sentinel – limited and quite average. Warpath (Spin2Win) is nice, but very boring. Voidknight kills faster, but also very narrow and boring. Paladin is the no.1 Tank, but overall average and low dps.

Primalist – not worth it unless you go for pets. Even then, Beastmaster is a pain due to the mechanics. Inferior to Necromancer in any way possible.

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That’s it for this Last Epoch Best Builds 0.9 2023

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