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Vampire Survivors Tier List 2023 December

Hey guys, Here is a Vampire Survivors Tier List, and This Vampire Survivors Tier List is shared by Monsoon1117, I’ve been playing this game over the past few days, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I love tier lists, and I haven’t seen any for this game out there. I took it upon myself to make a tier list that’s way too long. Also, read here: Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolution, Collection & Character

Let me know what you think and if you have any Vampire Survivors Tier List V0.10.0 2023 of your own. Anyways, enjoy guys. ou can also read here: Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart and Vampire Survivors Mods & Making Your Own Character

Vampire Survivors Tier List 2023

Vampire Survivors Tier List S | Items – Cross/Heaven Sword, King Bible/Unholy Vespers, Fire Wand/Hellfire, Spinach, Empty Tome, Duplicator | Characters – None, really | Powerup Selections – Armor, Amount, Magnet

  • Cross/Heaven Sword – This is a case of the weapon carrying the associated passive hard. The cross itself provides excellent crowd control, dps, and scales very well. It’s arguably the best item overall since it’s so practical to use while it’s unevolved. Once it’s fully amped, this thing’s a total BEAST too. It always ends up with the highest DPS numbers. If this wasn’t paired with clover, it’d be the best weapon imo.

  • King Bible/Unholy Vespers – A lot of people think of this as the holy grail of items in Vampire Survivors. While I agree it’s very good, I don’t think it’s outright better than the cross or fire wand. The main reasons for that lie in its paired upgrade, usability, and scaling factors. The paired upgrade Spell Binder isn’t bad, and it synergizes with the book. It’s not excellent though. The usability of the bible while upgrading it is also limited. It has many issues that make it pretty meh until it snaps on with its evolution. Finally, it only scales with spinach and damage upgrades. That stops it from outputting the DPS of other upper tier weapons. It still great though because of its unmatched defensive prowess.

  • Fire Wand/Hellfire – This might be the best weapon in the game. It’s very usable even with very few ranks, it scales very well with lots of factors, it’s evolution is insanely good, and it even pairs with spinach, one of the best general upgrades. This is an amazing weapon overall.

  • Spinach – It’s a damage multiplier that’s pretty good. It pairs with the fire wand too. What more is there to say?

  • Empty Tome – This is an absolute beast of an upgrade path. First off, even without the CDR in the upgrade tree, this gives 66% more dps for almost every weapon. With the extra 5% CDR from upgrade trees, this ends up giving 81% more total DPS on weapons. It also adds extra CC to your weapons as well, making for a well rounded, excellent upgrade.

  • Duplicator – Low investment? Check. Can double the effectiveness of many weapons in a single point? Check. Scales extremely well? Check. This is arguably the best upgrade in the game. This turns games around in seconds.

  • Armor – One rank into this turns a squishy boi into a total tank. Very economic and impactful.

  • Amount – This doubles most character’s starts and makes the game way easier. This is the best overall upgrade and should be chosen first always once you can afford it.

  • Magnet – While unassuming at first, Magnet dramatically increases the range of picking stuff up. When paired with Attractorb, you can pick up nearly the entire screen. The extra exp pickups are what makes this so good, as it makes your character level faster.

Vampire Survivors Tier List A | Items – Magic Wand/Holy Wand, Axe/Death Spiral, Rune Tracer, Spinach, Candlebrador | Characters – Gennaro, Arca, Might | Powerup Selections – Might, Area, Duration

  • Magic Wand/Holy Wand – This is a weapon that’s deceptively good. The dps is ok, and the damage isn’t bad. It ends up with piercing, which helps the generally speaking. The main selling point is the passive required to upgrade this – the Empty Tome. That passive ends up raising total dps by 66% for most weapons, and it even adds additional CC versus larger targets. That’s what makes this item so solid.

  • Axe/Death Spiral – So this is an interesting case study in paired upgrades. The axe isn’t particularly compelling without numerous projectile upgrades. Once completed, it’s actually quite solid, and it’s paired with the Candlebrador. The AOE upgrade from that item is very substantial and makes a huge difference, so that makes getting the legendary version of this a cinch. That’s what really makes the axe good, not the weapon itself.

  • Rune Tracer – Some people probably expected to see this in the S tier, but unfortunately, I couldn’t quite justify it. This item has great DPS, clears out enemies, offers some single target deeps, and has many scaling factors. However, compared to the strongest legendaries, this isn’t that strong in the late game. This item pairs very well with the king bible since they upgrade well with the Spell Binder upgrade. Rune Tracer also helps ease the early midgame were the bible can sometimes struggle.

  • Santa Water – After retrying this item a few times based on feedback from the community, I gotta agree, it’s powerful. The item requires a lot of specialization, but it’s what someone wants for pretty much any build. EG, spinach, empty tomb, and extra projectiles. Other items scale with it, but those are the most important parts. This item lacks in the early and midgame, but it comes on hard in the late game, pretty much acting as a weaker but bigger AOE version of vespers.

  • Candlebrador – This is a pretty powerful upgrade on almost any character, but it especially shines with Porta. The AOE buffs multiplicatively stack, making the AOE on abilities absolutely colossal. This even has built-in, natural synergy because of how the area works for most items. However, this isn’t S-tier because it pairs with Axe, and it can’t synergize as well with other characters. It’s a definite S-teri on Porta though.

  • Spell Binder – This is an item that isn’t that strong but pairs with awesome weapons. You need this for the upgraded bible, and this item does wonders with Rune Tracer too. If not for those, this would be down in C tier probably. But, those weapons exist, so this thing gets an A.

  • Gennaro – He starts with a decent enough weapon, and his passive is excellent. It doubles the knife’s early game power before you get the projectile upgrades added. In general, it doesn’t take much to get this character rolling, and their starting point is the best of any character probably. Gennaro is a very strong option.

  • Arca – Arca starts with the Fire Wand, which pretty much locks in a lategame with spinach and Hellfire. Arca’s passive also is very strong when paired with the appropriate upgrades. Empty Tome and CDR in the upgrade trees gives this character insanely lowe cooldowns. Arca’s start isn’t difficult either. Great, well rounded choice.

  • Might – This is the damage upgrade in the powerups tree. A few upgrades into this is very cheap, and it scales very well. It’s a bit expensive to fully unlock, however.

  • Area – The 10% bonus is deceptive. For example, a circle with a 2 radius has an area of 12.5. With a 2.2 radius, that circle’s area increases to 15.2. It’s a 20% increase, which makes this remarkably efficient in most cases.

  • Duration – This upgrade is more efficient than most upgrades for some reason, and therefore, is in the A tier.

Vampire Survivors Tier List B | Items – Whip/Bloody Tear, Knife/Thousand Edge, Armor, Bracer, Attractorb, Stone Mask | Characters – Antonio, Pasqualina, Porta, Mortaccio | Powerup Selections – Cooldown, Speed, Luck, Greed

  • Whip/Bloody Tear – The whip’s an interesting weapon. When I first started playing, it seemed strong. Solid AOE, decent single target DPS, and it has several scaling factors like AOE, Projectiles, etc. However, it doesn’t actually end up dishing out that much damage into the late game. It’s evolution helps survivability, but it’s incomparable compared to simply killing the enemies faster. Still decent. It’s evolution would put this in A tier, but the required passive is a hollow heart, which only boosts HP by a small %. That stops this from being excellent.

  • Knife – This item is interesting because of its scaling curve. It starts off pretty weak, isn’t strong in the midgame, but when completed, becomes solid. This item would be worse than the whip if it wasn’t for the fact it pairs with the Bracer, which is a useful upgrade that scales with many items. Overall, this isn’t a bad weapon but it isn’t excellent either.

  • Armor – Out of all the defensive upgrades, this one is likely the best. Even one point in it doubles the survivability of your character. A few ranks turns you into this burly behemoth. It’s still better to just kill enemies, but this is decent enough to warrant points into if you’re struggling.

  • Bracer – This item has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it synergizes with some of the best weapons in the game(Bible, Cross, and Rune Trace). On the other, this item doesn’t have the same multiplicativity of other damage upgrade. For example, pairing Spinach and Empty Tome together can over double your DPS numbers. This, it’ll help but it’s not offering that same kind of oomph to anything aside from Rune Tracer.

  • Attractorb – This item should be worse than it is, but I end up picking it more often than not. It makes experience accrue much faster, especially in the Mad Forest. That biome makes picking up the experience orbs a real chore, so this is a necessity there. The Inlaid Library doesn’t require that same kind of support.

  • Clover – I’ll be honest, this is a bad, C tier upgrade. It doesn’t work often at all, usually requiring a ton of investment to even affect your character. Even worse, putting points into this can oftentimes lock you out of getting other, more worthwhile upgrades. However, this unlocks the cross’s evolution. That alone moves it up a tier.

  • Stone Mask – This is either worthless or necessary. Before you’re clearing stages, this thing helps you get more gold and is therefore worthless. After you can clear stages, this makes each clear 50% more valuable, making it necessary. It’s either D or S for that reason.

  • Antionio – This guy starts out with an evolvable weapon, and his upgrade is pretty solid. 50% more damage is no joke. His only issue is how slow his leveling upgrade comes in. There’s better scaling characters as well.

  • Pasqualina – Her starting weapon is the best in the game, making her early and mid playthroughs very easy. She also has a decent upgrade option with her passive that kicks into gear early. Nothing about her is overbearing, however, so she’s sitting in B.

  • Porta – Porta has a few advantages. For starters, her early CDR isn’t tied to time – it’s tied to levels. This is abusable on either map, giving the easiest start of any character. Afterwards, Porta can decimate most crowds with her absurd AOE. If her starting weapon were better, she’d be an easy A tier.

  • Mortaccio – This is the character equilivant to the Stone Mask. Either Mortaccio is terrible because you can’t get to the late game or Mortaccio is the best because you can make it to the lategame. There’s really no imbetween. Mortaccio’s passive is absurd, and it scales ridonculously well. His starting weapon is pretty awful, however. Great for the library.

  • Cooldown – This is an awesome upgrade, especially for Arca. However, it’s a bit expensive for what it does. 3% per rank would make this significantly better.

  • Speed – This can help out a lot with certain builds, but isn’t overbearing by any means.

  • Luck – Luck gives you a decent chance for four upgrades. While pretty good if you intend on getting a cross and clover, I’d skip this otherwise.

  • Greed – Once you can finish levels, this becomes a very solid upgrade to help you level up faster. Very solid in that case, but useless before it.

Vampire Survivors Tier List C | Items – Peachone, Santa Water, Lightning Ring, Clock Lancet | Characters – Imelda | Powerup Selections – Recovery, MoveSpeed

  • Peachone – This is a relatively situational item. For starters, it does scale with many things, but it’s never that good. This makes it outclassed by other clearing options since it’s dps is low-ish. It also doesn’t destroy the enemies in a survivable way. A fully upgraded knife gives you a path to survival in a crowd of enemies. This clears out enemies in a spiral, leaving you dead in the water.

  • Lightning Ring – This item is a mixed bag. At first, it seems like it will be a crowd control machine. Inevitably, it falls short of that promise. Don’t get me wrong, this is one of the best C tier weapons/items, but I don’t think it’s quite on par with the B tier. It just lacks that oomph in the late game where other options outshine it despite this items meh start.

  • Clock Lancet – I really struggled putting this in B or C tier. On the one hand, the first couple ranks in this item are literally worthless. On the other hand, you can use this to run through dense crowds of enemies you can’t otherwise kill. However, there’s the problem; this item doesn’t actually kill monsters. I’d rather just get an item that gave me awesome dps and scaling rather than trying to handle it in a roundabout way. This item is a lot of fun, though.

  • Laurel – This item can work pretty well with a lot of upgrades. At first, it’s an ever so slight increase to sustain. With lots of CDR and duration upgrades, it becomes much better, making you very tough for a long time. It still doesn’t just get rid of the enemies, which gives more exp and more options in the long run.

  • Imelda – Imelda has a somewhat decent upgrade that unlocks pretty early. Her weapon is also good for getting through the earliest sections of the game. However, some characters can outdo her exp gain with their higher kill potential, making this choice seem redundant.

  • Recovery – This is a one point wonder. Put a single point in this, and you’ll be able to not be slowly picked apart. I wouldn’t put anymore into it, however.

  • MoveSpeed – This isn’t really noticeable, but I could imagine some people liking the utility it offers. It’s worth putting one point into when you’re unable to afford meatier upgrades.

Vampire Survivors Tier List D | Items – Ebony Wings, Garlic, Pentagram, Bone, Hollow Heart, Pummarola, Wings, Crown | Characters – Poe | Powerup Selections – Max Health, Growth

  • Ebony Wings – This is a classic example of everything going wrong with an item. It has no legendary upgrade, doesn’t do much dps, doesn’t scale with tons of items, and it doesn’t give you a path to run through. If you’ve made this item work, that’s awesome, but I think it’s a tier below most options.

  • Garlic – This items is a fall promise. You’d think it would destroy enemies that get close, letting you kite them to oblivion. It ends up being a much worse version of King’s Bible, which is superior in every way. I wish garlic wasn’t so bad, but it is what it is.

  • Bone – This, even when fully upgraded with lots of projective, duration, cdr, etc. upgrades, is still pretty meh. I’ve barely gotten it over 1,000 DPS, which most weapons stomp to death with ease. That doesn’t even mention this items terrible early game. This is pretty bad for these reasons.

  • Hollow Heart – A single point in armor does more work than 5 points into this. Skip unless you’re going for the upgraded whip, which makes this an acceptable piece of a bulk based build.

  • Wings – I really wish this item was better. I really do. However, being a speedy boi doesn’t work out when enemies come in from every direction. I’ve used this weapon and been stuck with nowhere to run and enemies collapsing from all sides. In those moments, I wished I’d picked up a Spinach or Empty Tome instead.

  • Crown – You can gain more experience per second in three ways: killing more enemies, picking up more orbs, or making the experience matter more. In general, the best method is the first one. Killing power helps you survive, after all. The second isn’t a bad option either since even a point or two into Attractorb makes a huge difference. This? This isn’t even noticable.

  • Poe – Poe is the worst starting character, and it kind of sucks that I can say that with such certainty. He can pick up really far away items, but his weapon is melee. Wut? He’s also way squishier than other characters, making him just really, really bad.

  • Max Health – It’s a really meh upgrade compared to armor or a single point in Recovery.

Vampire Survivors Tier List F | Items – Pentagram| Characters – None | Powerup Selections – Growth

  • Pentagram – This item is the undisputed king of lost EXP and low dps. If there’s chest in your point of view, this thing will more likely than not delete it. Ouch. It also deletes exp orbs. It’s probably the worst item in the game because of those two traits, and it doesn’t scale well with anything aside from CDR. The sheer unreliability makes this thing pretty poor even compared to garlic.

  • Pummarola – This is an awful upgrade. Even when maxed out, it’s difficult to notice. Skip guys, for real. Put one point into the passive powerup selection instead.

  • Growth – For such a small upgrade, this is super expensive. It really doesn’t do much considering

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