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Hi guys, welcome to our AVATARA Beginner Guide Wiki, In this AVATARA Beginner Guide Wiki we will tell you about classes and AVATARA Nft. There are a total of 4 available starting classes in the game, all classes may advance to either two choices when they turn level 50.

In the world of Avatara, it is extremely important to properly elevate the stats according to each job’s skills. Choose the class that’s right for you and rise to the top. So come and take a look at this AVATARA Beginner Guide Wiki – Classes & NFT.

AVATAR Beginner Guide Wiki 

AVATARA Classes Guide

There are 4 current classes available.

Knight: The Knight specializes in close combat, using their tough physical strength and defence. Knights are a class that excels in close-range combat due to their strong physical strengths and defences. It is a job that can actively perform offensive and defensive roles by selectively operating the destruction/protection gauge. Weapon: Sword, Dagger, Shield.

  • Guardian: An offensive knight; is good at using the destruction gauge and is great at 1:1 combat.
  • Defender: A defensive knight; the defender has an advantage in using the guard gauge and is the class that can survive the longest in battle.

Archer: The Archer specializes in hit and run attacks from a distance, utilizing their fast attack speed and long range. Archers take advantage in battle by using their long attack range to hit and run with fast attack speed. It is a job that specializes in hindering the opponent’s movement by using long-range hit-and-run tactics. Weapon: Bow, Crossbow.

  • Hunter: A power-type archer that can easily subdue enemies with high damage and fast movement speed.
  • Scout: A job that specializes in dealing with multiple enemies and can easily defeat enemies using wide-area skills.

Mage: The Mage employs powerful magic attacks and debuffs, harassing enemies while dealing a great amount of damage. Mages make use of powerful magic attacks to harass and debuff enemies in multiplayer combat. Mages are characterized by powerful magical attacks and self-healing abilities. Weapon: Wand, Staff.

  • Warlock: A job that specializes in interpersonal warfare by reducing the opponent’s ability or interfering with their actions.
  • Wizard: A job that specializes in dealing with multiple enemies and can easily subdue enemies with wide-area skills and action-disrupting skills.

Rogues: Stealthy Rogues infiltrate from behind to swiftly execute their enemies. Thieves use stealth to quickly attack the enemy and inflict high damage in an instant. Weapon: Dagger, Katar.

  • Assassin: A job that shows its powerful combat capabilities in 1:1 battles by maximizing damage.
  • Striker: A job that interrupts the enemy’s actions and causes fatal damage.

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