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Welcome to Battle League Heroes Guide Wiki, In this Battle League Heroes Guide Wiki, we will talk about everything about the game and some beginner tips and tricks. BattleLeague Heroes is a strategy game where you can build your own mercenary company and battle against a multitude of enemies.

By strategically placing unique mercenaries on tiles, you can challenge yourself to become the world’s most renowned mercenary company. So come and take a look at this Battle League Heroes Guide Wiki

Battle League Heroes Guide Wiki


A Battlechest is a reward system where you can earn various rewards by waiting for a specific amount of time. To acquire Battlechests, win matches in the Arena and accumulate points.


Unowned characters are displayed as locked until acquired through various means. Please refer to the list below for ways to obtain locked characters:

1) Earn them as rewards from trophies.
2) Purchase chests from the shop.
3) Acquire Battlechests from the Arena.
4) Obtain them as rewards from the Arena Pass.
5) Unlock them as rewards for completing Journeys.

Battle effectiveness

Battle effectiveness is influenced by both stage and formation effects. You can view the stage effects by accessing the [Arena Info] section in the lobby, while placement effects can be checked by tapping the character’s placement icon in the detailed information section.

To get a comprehensive understanding of your battle effectiveness, tap the icons located on the top side of the battle preparation screen.

Combat Power

Combat Power is an indicator of the strength of your deployed mercenaries, which is determined by their stats and skill effects.

BattleLeague is a strategic game that requires careful planning and execution. In certain situations, it is possible to achieve victory even with a lower Combat Power if you have a favorable matchup.


Powerstones are magical gems that can be equipped to enhance the strength of characters. Each character has four slots for Powerstones, which are unlocked at levels 1, 30, 50, and 80.

Powerstones can only be evolved when there are four Powerstones of the same grade and class. For Powerstones with different colors, check the class type displayed on the left side of the Powerstone icon. (Melee: sword icon, Ranged: bow icon, Magic: staff icon, Support: Star icon)

Battle League Heroes Codes

  • There are no Battle League Heroes Codes

Battle League Heroes  Tips

By leveling up a character, you can earn EXP that is used to level up your “Free Company”. With each level increase, you will unlock rewards such as Battle Rations and Jewels.

To unlock content, you need to acquire trophies. Simply go to the lobby and swipe to access the Trophy section, where you can view what content can be unlocked.

Battle Rations are replenished at a rate of one per 8 minutes. You can also earn additional rations for free by watching ads, or purchase them using Jewels.

By acquiring high-grade trophies, you can enjoy multiple benefits. These include unlocking epic and unique heroes, as well as gaining additional cost. The trophy grades range from Normal to Rare, Epic, and Unique. Moreover, higher grade trophies also enhance the rewards obtained from Battlechests.

Conquest is a raid mode where you fight against a powerful boss. To access Conquest mode, you need to reach a minimum of 1,000 trophy points (Silver 3)

During a battle, you can increase the game speed by tapping the x2 button located on the top right corner of the screen. Additionally, tapping the button on the bottom side of the screen will widen your view, allowing you to see the entire battlefield in one glance.

The Arena’s stage changes within a specific timeframe, with each stage featuring matchups for certain characters. To check the arena’s information, tap the button located on the left side of the Arena button. Ensure that you create a deck that excels in the current stage.

Acquiring more trophies allows you to deploy additional characters. Swipe the [Trophy] menu to the right to view information for costs.

The Arena Pass is an event item that will be available for free or purchase after the official launch. Currently, only free rewards can be claimed, as purchases are not yet available. Arena Pass points can be earned by participating in Arena battles.

To view ads that give you Jewels, go to the [Shop] menu and tap on the <Currency> tab. Additionally, Jewel ads may also appear while playing in the Arena. Furthermore, your account level (company level) increases as you accomplish achievements and progress your characters, which leads to additional rewards.

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