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Top 12 Best Triple Elixir Tournament Deck 2021 | 3x Elixir Deck

Hi guys, today I will show you the Best Triple Elixir Tournament Deck for the upcoming Global Tournament 2021, so guys, in this season 19 of the clash royale global tournament is going to triple elixir tournament. The Season 19 Triple Elixir tournament will be live on 16 January 2021.

In this post, I am going to share the Best Triple Elixir Tournament Deck that is used by some pro players and big YouTuber like orange juice, Sirtag, Surgical Goblin, etc

Elixir Golem, Giant, Lava Hound, Golem, Electro Giant and Pekka decks work very well in the triple elixir battle and Your triple elixir tournament deck should contain at least one of these win conditions cards in order to win your battle in season 19 global tournament.

Since triple elixir mode is extremely fast-paced so you need to have some good defensive cards to help hold back the opponent’s troops like Mega Knight, Executioner, Baby Dragon, etc.

Now, without further ado let’s start.

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Top 10 Best Triple Elixir Tournament Deck 2021 ( Season 19 Global Tournament )

1.) Orange Juice Triple Elixir Deck

This Pekka Graveyard Deck is created and used by orange juice in previous triple elixir tournaments. This Pekka Graveyard deck will help you to win a lot of matches in season 19 triple elixir tournaments global tournament.

2.) Pekka Bridge Spam Triple Elixir Tournament Decks 2021

Pekka Bridge Spam Triple Elixir Tournament Decks 2021

This is a Pekka bridge spam deck, which is a very popular deck in clash royale, so many pro players use this deck in Triple Elixir Challenges. Pekka is the primary defense and wins condition of this deck and we have Bandit, Electro Wizard, and Magic Archer to support your Pekka with the help of poison.

The Battle Ram will be your second win condition in this bridge spam deck. A tourney standard ram can nearly take out a tower on its own if left alone and you would be surprised how often this actually happens. It is still a good card to use as a tank for surviving troops on counter push.

Then we have Royal Ghost which can be used on defense because he does a decent amount of damage. He must also be responded to on offence. Air troops can’t take him out if he is in Invisible mode but doesn’t hesitate to play him on defense against cards like Hog or Miner. Remember to always try to use the poison to defend against elixir pumps in a single elixir and you can also use poison to take out swarm units like minion hordes, Goblin Gangs, Skeleton Army, or even a split three musketeers.

Your bridge spam units are battle ram, bandit, and even the Royal Ghost, all these can be used aggressively at the bridge to apply pressure to your opponent and force them to respond. Ensure you protect your magic archer throughout the match and always use his long-range to your advantage Continue Reading »

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3.) Best Mega Knight Deck Triple Elixir Tournament 2021

Best Mega Knight Deck Triple Elixir Tournament 2021

Mega knight is your main defensive card along with Bandit and Musketeers. Mega Knights allow you to take advantage of his enter the arena ability, his knockback effect is a good answer to bridge spam and bait archetypes.

The counter push behind him with Wall Breaker and bandit, & Miner, if you get the opportunity, his high health makes him a great tank for the Miner. You can use Miner to take out long-ranged units like a princess, dart goblin, or magic archer,

This Best Mega Knight Wallbreaker Deck 2021 needs to be used more aggressively than a regular deck, although it’s very strong on defense you have the miner, wall breaks, and bandit to apply pressure and use them at the bridge to force your opponent to spend elixir defensively,

Most of time, You’re going to be facing lots of Pekka’s paired with electro wizards and bats. Here’s how I deal with them: Place your Musketeer at a safe distance, the further back you can place it to build up elixir, the better. When the Mega Knight and Bandit are at the bridge, immediately toss in the mega knight. He should kill the ewiz if placed properly

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4.) Triple elixir elixir golem deck 2021

4.) Elixir Golem Triple Elixir Battle Deck for Global Tournament 2021

This Night Witch Elixir Golem Battle Healer Deck is very powerful in Clash Royale, Elixir Golem is the Low cost strongest tank in Clash Royale. Being the tackiest troop in the game can withstand heavy blows and can tank for your supporting troops. He shouldn’t be used defensively unless it’s your last resort and you need to use three elixir to cycle to a better defensive unit.

Electro Dragon is the best card in the Clash Royale if you know how to use it, his chain damage can stun units buying your other two dragons extra time to destroy the opponent. Baby Dragon and Tornado is a very good defensive combination, use this combination to pull their defensive units away from your Elixir Golem It also synergies very well defensively with the Electro Dragon.

This Night Witch Elixir Golem Battle Healer Deck you need to play patiently and slowly build up enough units to overwhelm the opponent and This deck is very defensive you should play it as a beatdown deck and try to trade tower damage, again I say this is the best clash royale deck 2021, which will help you to win every game in a clash royale Continue Reading »

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5.) Royal Ghost Battle Ram Triple Elixir Deck 2021

Royal Ghost Battle Ram Triple Elixir Deck 2021

In the early game Check out your opponent’s Cards and Let them make the first move and get the counter ready for their troops. Always Hold Your Cards like Inferno Dragon or the Night Witch as they are prime defenses for this Royal Ghost Bridge Spam Deck, you can Play Royal Ghost at the bridge and apply pressure on your opponent and Make positive Elixir trades whenever possible and go on counter pushes immediately after. Once you Are in positive Elixir trades or Elixir Advantage Make you Continue Reading »

6.) Goblin Cage Graveyard Deck for Triple Elixir Tournament 2021

Goblin Cage Graveyard Deck for Triple Elixir Tournament 2021

This Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck 2021 is very famous in Clash Royale Grand Challenge 2021, This deck has 72% Win rate in the clash royale ladder, If you love Graveyard decks then you can try this deck in current triple elixir tournament 2021. It will help you reach 5200 trophies very easily this deck has the famous trio, baby dragon, E wiz, and Goblin Cage which synergies very well together to help you defend and counter push. With all graveyard decks, you should primarily focus on defending and then counter pushing throughout the match.

Goblin Cage Graveyard Baby Dragon Deck  2021 Challenger 3 Deck Tips:

  • Hover your support spell over the tower to have a faster reaction to their counter.

  • If you get a tower down very low on HP switch to the other tower and begin whittling it down, you want to activate the King Tower as late as possible.

  • Space your Ewiz out of Fireball and Poison range when using your Goblin Cage on defense, like this.

The key to winning against heavy decks is to immediately drop the Goblin Cage if they start their push farther back (not at the bridge), that way you can cycle to a 2nd Goblin Cage by the time they kill the 1st one. You may also choose to pressure the opposite lane so they cannot build a full push Continue Reading »

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7.) Poison Mega Knight Miner Deck

The Mega Knight Miner Deck is extremely punishing and can win you the game on a single mistake from the opponents.The strength of this deck is its ability to do a strong counter-push with the Mega Knight

Your main push is pretty fast with the Miner + Bats or Goblins and have the Mega Knight Continue Reading »

8.) Triple elixir golem deck 2021 for Global Tournament 

Clash Royale Best Golem Decks 2021

This is one of the best triple elixir golem deck 2021, you can use this Golem Skeleton Dragons Deck 2021 for Trophy Pushing also this deck is very good for Grand Challenges and Global Tournaments

Golem is the main tank of your deck. He has the most health out of any tank in the game. he has the capability of taking the Tower on his own, and with support such as Night Witch or Skeleton Dragons, his potential can truly be maximized. 

You’ll use him mostly in double elixir time but oftentimes, in a situation where you have a 2+ elixir lead in single elixir time you can execute a tower-taking push in the first two minutes.

Night Witch: This card is a beast on defense, and perfect for counter-pushing. Behind a Golem with Skeleton Dragons, it is an absolute beast. The bats create a swarm and are perfect for chipping down troops, and your opponent will get punished if they leave the bats alone. They also can distract an Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon if you don’t have Zap in your hand. The Night Witch itself does good damage.

In Defence Effective against ground troops like hog and miner. Playing her first behind your towers allows her more time to spawn bats which can help aid your defense. If the opponent has rocket or lightening try to keep her out of range of the towers to avoid giving the opponent good spell value Continue Reading »

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9.) Mega Knight Bandit Clash Royale Global Tournament 2021 Season 19

Mega Knight Bandit Deck 2019

Mega Knight: Main Damage Dealer His main role in this deck is defending pushes and then counterattacking with Battle Ram or a Bandit

In single elixir, You have to use this card just 1-3 times because he’s so expensive. His main problem is DPS, so pairing him with Bats is a perfectly devastating push for only 9 elixirs.

I rarely would deploy him in the back because you need to save his landing damage for defending hogs and other attacks., In double elixir, you can easily defend a big push and then throw everything behind him for a massive unstoppable push!

Bandit: She’s your main offensive support.  Bandit is perfect for placing behind a Battle Ram or Mega Knight and destroying towers with ease.

She’s not only your best offensive support, she’s also a major defensive card in this deck. Her dash and just general 160 DPS is perfect for killing small to medium HP cards.

Battle Ram: The Battle Ram is your primary win condition in this deck. A tourney standard ram can nearly take out a tower on its own if left alone and you would be surprised how often this actually happens Continue Reading »

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10.) Giant Battle Healer Clash Royale Meta Decks 2021

Clash Royale January Meta Decks 2020

Giant: Giant is your main tank inside this deck and can be used to help keep your musketeers alive for as long as possible. He can be used to kite units like Pekka or prince into the opposite lane or stop some units from connecting to your princess towers.

Three musketeers: Three musketeers should’ve played cautiously and only when you know your opponent can’t punish you for playing them. After their recent buff and the introduction of a healer, their counter push will be extremely hard to defend. Remember to use them on a split lane push in most matches unless you’re opponent doesn’t have a good counter

Early game aims to pump up and gain an elixir advantage. Work out what deck your opponent is playing and try to bait out their key counters to your musketeers. Don’t play too aggressively in single elixir you should only really apply pressure through a counter push or via a battle ram opposite lane if they play a large tank behind their towers Continue Reading »

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11.) Baby Dragon Golem Clash Royale Meta Decks 2021

NEVER, EVER use Golem as a starting hand as you might get punished easily. As I said above, best time to go with Golem at the back is when you just defended their win condition with positive Elixir trade.Use Baby Dragon and Mega Minion to defend against most pushes Continue Reading »

12.) Miner Balloon Elixir Golem Clash Royale Meta Decks 2021

Balloon: This not the only, but it’s the main win condition of this deck. Doing hugs damage per hit, one single drop is often enough to bring the tower low enough so that you can chip it down with Miners and Elixir Golem, One great thing about Balloon is that most people ignore its death damage unless they use Tornado. 

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Miner: This is the second win condition: In some matches you may end up Snowball-and-Miner-cycling to slowly chip away their tower if your Balloon doesn’t make it even after a few attempts. Miner is probably the best tank for your Balloon along with Elixir Golem since it can pop up anywhere and take out defending units.

Skeletons: Not much to say about these Three fast, very weak melee fighters. Use them to distract any type of P.E.K.K.A coming at you. Or to Surround you enemies with this pile of bones. Any level Skeletons will do the job. You could replace them with Skeleton Army, Goblins or Guards.

Elixir Golem: Best tank card for 3 elixirs and best Support card for Counter Pushing with Miner and Balloon, Also Elixir Golem + Executioner Combo very Use full with Miner

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Executioner: The best swarm killer himself, my first impression is that the executioner is a very strong card. Bait decks would probably have ruled the meta. His axe tears through swarms and is an excellent support for the Elixir Golem. He is a very good defensive card and works well paired with the Tornado . Can even be supported offensively with a Miner Continue Reading »

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So guys this was the Top 10 Best Triple Elixir Tournament Deck 2021 | 3x Elixir Deck ( Season 19 Global Tournaments 2021 Decks ) guide I hope you liked it.

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