Clash Royale Super Champion Battle Deck – Super Hog

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Aaqib Javed
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Welcome to our Clash Royale Super Champion Battle Deck Guide. The Clash Royale Super Champion Battle Challenge is a new game mode in Clash Royale Season 47. In this challenge, the Hog Rider is a super card with increased abilities, damage, and hit points. Additionally, there is a new Super Champion Hog Rider named Terry who has the ability to throw himself to the sky and deal area damage when he drops down to the ground.

The Super Hog challenge requires players to build a deck and compete against other players to become the ultimate Clash Royale Super Champion.

Terry has the same elixir cost as the regular Hog Rider (4) but has increased stats. Terry’s damage per hit is 350, compared to the regular Hog Rider’s 318, and Terry’s hit points are 2300, compared to the regular Hog Rider’s 1696.

Additionally, Terry has a new ability called Hoggy Heights, which costs 1 elixir to activate and allows Terry to jump up and deal 600 area damage when he lands on the ground. Overall, these increased stats and new abilities make Terry a formidable card in Clash Royale.

Here are some Best Clash Royale Super Champion Battle Decks, that will help you to win the match.

Clash Royale Best Super Champion Battle Deck

Here we will show you the Top 5 Best Super Champion Battle Decks for Super Hog Challenge

1.)  Best Super Champion Battle Deck

Super Champion Battle DeckThis is a very cheap and fast Cycle deck for Super Champion Battle, In this deck we have Archer and Musketeer to takedown Air troops.

This deck plays very similarly to the 2.6 Hog Cycle but allows you to defend better against tanks like Electro Giant, Giant, Pekka, and Mega Knight and after defending successfully you can create a Counter Push with your Super Hog.

2.)  Best Deck for Super Champion Battle

Super Champion Battle DeckThe Hog is your win condition in this Super Champion Battle and should either be played behind the Ice Golem or in front of the Ice Wizard when pushing.

We have Mega Minion for Air Troops and Goblins will help you to Defend against cards Like Prince and Sparky.

3.)  Best Super Hog Challenge Deck

Super Champion Battle DeckAnother Great Deck for Super Champion Battle, Bowler will help you counter opponent’s hog because Bowler Knockback attack will Push back opponent’s hog and he will not be able to hit your tower,

You can Play Super Hog+Goblin barrel Combo that will help you to get tower very easily also you have to bait opponent Log or Arror so they won’t be able to Goblin barrel directly

4.)  Best Super Champion Battle Deck 2023

Super Champion Battle DeckThe hog riders are your main win condition. He’s great at applying pressure to your opponent. If your opponent plays elixir collector in between their towers then you can play hog at the river to try and get a hit on their collector. You can also use Earthquake Spell to counter Elixir Collector.

You can FisherMan to activate your king tower, All you have to do is just place your Fisherman near king Tower and He Pulls the opponent Hog to King Tower and now Hog will activate the Tower.

Early game you want to have to understand what kind of deck your opponent is playing. This will help you know what cards you need to hold onto to counter their win condition.

5.) Fast Cycle Super Champion Battle Deck

Super Champion Battle Deck

The musketeer will be your main air defence and Archer will also you to fight against Air Troops.

That’s it for this Clash Royale Super Champion Battle Deck – Super Hog

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