GWENT 10.7 Deck – Kitty Spam Deck Guide for Gwent 10.7

Hi guys, Today we will show you GWENT 10.7 Deck – Kitty Spam Deck Guide for Gwent 10.7, This Gwent 10.7 is created by u/shinmiri2, You can check out the complete Kitty Spam Deck Guide for Gwent 10.7 Here .

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GWENT 10.7 Deck – Kitty Spam Deck Guide for Gwent 10.7

GWENT 10.7 Sir Scratch-A-Lot (aka Kitty) is Monsters’ new best card! Not only is it a 2-point per turn engine by itself, it replays itself every turn, which activates thrives. This means it has great synergy with Koshchey and bronze thrive cards. It also is THE best card to combo with Eltibald, as Kitty replays itself, which is an extra ping every turn on every enemy that Eltibald infused. On top of this, Kitty is a Cursed unit, which lowers Eltibald’s cooldown every time Kitty is bounced. Last but not least, Kitty retains the deploy boost he built up in previous rounds, so he builds huge carryover and can be resurrected by Sabbath.

So while one Kitty is already very good, two or three Kitties are even better! Previous AQ + Sabbath decks that duplicated cards like Madoc/Bloody Mistress were more memey because purify + heatwave completely ruined the gameplan, but that doesn’t work against this deck because Kitty is Immune the first time we play him.

GWENT 10.7 Deck - Kitty Spam Deck Guide for Gwent 10.7

General Gameplan of Kitty Spam Deck Guide for Gwent 10.7 :

Round 1:

The main goal of r1 is to copy Sir Scratch-A-Lot. This can be achieved by first playing him as an Immune unit and then next turn to use his Order to replay him, getting rid of his Immunity. We can then immediately consume him with Arachas Queen and also use Urn of Shadows and leader to get one or two more Kitties. You have the option to play a couple of bronze thrive units before this and also potentially play Defender first if you think the opponent will have 4 damage for the vulnerable Kitties that come out of AQ.

Eltibald can be used as a win condition for round 1 if needed. We are willing to play every card in our deck to win r1 except Sabbath, Alissa, and Koshchey.

If we don’t have access to Kitty + AQ in r1, which should be very rare, then we play 3 cards and pass, and copy Kitty in r2.

Round 2:

Most of the time we’re able to win r1. Even if we didn’t, we can follow a similar game plan in r2 to defend the bleed. R2 is usually the round where we play our first Witches’ Sabbath and Koshchey.

Eltibald can also be played here if he wasn’t used in r1. If Defender was played in r1, then Sabbath will get us back Defender, AQ, and Kitty. If Defender wasn’t played in r1, then we should Defender before Sabbath to protect our resurrected Kitty as they come back at 4 power without immunity.

Leader charge the AQ for another Kitty in r2, and then combo the Kitties with Koshchey. This will often result in a 2-0 against many decks.

Alissa is best played in r2 to give a chance to naturally draw into Sabbath again. But it’s usually wise to save an Oneiro or Arcane Tome to grab Sabbath in r3 in case we don’t draw into it naturally or we are unable to play Alissa until r3.

The Kitties un-doom themselves once their order is used since replaying a card removes all statuses on the card without counting as it “leaving the battlefield.” This allows them to be resurrected again with a second Witches’ Sabbath in r3.

Round 3:

The second Sabbath will either get back Defender + 2 huge threats, with the threats being either Kitties or Koshchey, or just 3 huge threats if Defender was already doomed. This should be enough to win a short r3 if the game didn’t end in r2.

Other Consideration:

Toad Prince -> Whispess Tribute to help you tutor both first and second Sabbath. Spores can be a backup target. You sacrifice power and control for more r2/r3 consistency. I think it’s not necessary right now, and Arcane Tome does a decent job right now considering all the Renfro decks can’t utilize it for themselves.


Lemmens -> Squirrel (or Dorregary -> 4p card) AND Toad Prince -> Heatwave. Heatwave gives an answer to scenarios and other big threats, but doesn’t thrive any of your units.


If you want to make any adjustments to the deck, just remember not to add in any 4-power or higher Monsters units because they will potentially block Witches’ Sabbath from getting your Kitties/Koshchey back from the graveyard.


Maxi can be played in r1 (after copying Kitties) to give us the best chance of drawing Sabbath, Alissa, and Oneiro by r2. Lemmens should be used to delete troublesome units from the opponent’s graveyard. High base strength units aren’t ideal for us to rez with Sabbath, but the real troublesome units are the ones that would be able to potentially answer our Kitties/Defender, so we should prioritize banishing those.


This GWENT 10.7 Deck – Kitty Spam Deck Guide for Gwent 10.7 is very powerful with a lot of overlapping synergies. It’s able to play many win conditions and copy its best win condition which also happens to have carryover. It’s quite a fun deck and has many interesting synergies. Enjoy it while it lasts because I’m expecting (and hoping) it to get nerfed soon. I would want to see Sir Scratch-A-Lot reset his deploy boost whenever it goes to the graveyard and/or just a rework of Witches’ Sabbath because this card is going to keep creating issues down the road.

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