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Madtale Idle RPG Tier List Wiki – Best Characters & Heroes

Are you looking for the best characters in Madtale Idle RPG? Check out our comprehensive Madtale Idle RPG Tier List. Published by “Archosaur Games” it is a brand new Gacha game, Where you can collect so many heroes and use them in PvE, and PVP game modes.

In this Madtale Idle RPG guide, we rank all of the characters from S tier to D tier. This makes it more difficult for new players, in particular, to figure out which Madetale characters to use in their team, while players must constantly check to see if their favourite units are still viable in battle.

So that is why we have put together this Madetale tier list, where we rank all the characters in the game for their overall strength in every game mode. Also, Read – Madetale Codes

Madtale Idle RPG Ranking Meaning

The “Characters” in the game are the characters you will use to battle opponents in both PvP and PvE modes.

Not all Madetale Characters are strong; some perform best when coupled with specific characters or require synergy, whereas others are effective throughout all game types and don’t require synergy to realize their full potential.

You can use our list of tier list to determine which ones are the best characters in the game. Let’s take a look at the ranking standards or Tier rating guide before moving on to the actual tier list.

Madtale Idle RPG Characters is ranked in Four primary Tiers on this list: Tier S, Tier A, Tier B, and Tier D.



Madtale Idle RPG Tier List Wiki

Madtale Idle Rpg Tier List – SS Tier

Puss in Boots
Rilla Reed

Madtale Idle Rpg Tier List – S Tier

Romanov: Known for his powerful swordsmanship and versatile skills, Romanov excels in both offense and defense, making him a top-tier choice for any team composition.

Morgiana: A master of elemental magic, Morgiana boasts devastating area-of-effect spells that can decimate multiple enemies at once.

Gruul Lydon: Gruul Lydon is a tank with exceptional survivability and crowd control abilities. He can soak up damage and protect the team effectively.

Cynthia: Cynthia is a skilled archer who specializes in dealing high single-target damage. Her precision and critical hits make her a formidable force in battles.

Coad Core Bonar: Coad Core Bonar is a versatile support character with a wide range of buffs and healing abilities. His presence greatly enhances the team’s performance.

Archie: Archie is a rogue-like character known for his agility and stealth. He can swiftly eliminate enemies and has excellent evasive capabilities.

Anneta Borun: Anneta Borun is a powerful mage who excels in offensive magic. Her devastating spells can obliterate enemies and turn the tide of battle.

Ali Baba: Ali Baba is a charismatic leader with strong leadership skills. He boosts the overall performance of the team and provides valuable bonuses.

Abigail: Abigail is a master of illusions and mind control. She can confuse enemies and turn them against each other, making her a unique and strategic addition to any team.

Madtale Idle Rpg Tier List – A Tier

Prabhu Phil: Prabhu Phil is a versatile character capable of filling various roles. He has a balanced skill set and can adapt to different situations.

Mary Perlo: Mary Perlo is a proficient healer who can restore the team’s health and provide support during challenging battles.

Maria Lohr: Maria Lohr is a resilient warrior with strong defensive abilities. She can protect her teammates and soak up damage.

Lorin: Lorin is a skilled ranged attacker with precise and powerful attacks. She can eliminate enemies from a distance with great efficiency.

Cassim: Cassim is a rogue-like character specializing in stealth and critical strikes. He excels in quick, lethal attacks against unsuspecting foes.

Arnell Reed: Arnell Reed is a versatile character who can fill both support and offensive roles. He has a wide array of skills that benefit the team.

Madtale Idle Rpg Tier List – B Tier

Tybalt: Tybalt is a durable tank who can absorb damage and protect the team. He excels in drawing aggro from enemies and disrupting their plans.

Tempranillo: Tempranillo is a powerful mage with a focus on elemental spells. She can unleash devastating magical attacks to decimate enemies.

Renard Panni: Renard Panni is a skilled swordsman with fast and precise attacks. He can deal high damage in short bursts.

Mavis: Mavis is a support character with healing and protective abilities. She can keep the team healthy and provide crucial support during battles.

Leo: Leo is a versatile character with a mix of offensive and defensive skills. He can adapt to different situations and play various roles.

Laura Cole: Laura Cole is a ranged attacker with high burst damage. Her abilities allow her to unleash powerful attacks from a safe distance.

Halvar: Halvar is a durable warrior specializing in close combat. He can deal heavy damage and sustain himself in battles.

Ena: Ena is a support character with crowd control abilities. She can stun enemies and disrupt their actions.

Cuipa: Cuipa is a mage with a focus on control and debuffs. She can weaken enemies and make them vulnerable to attacks.

Claire: Claire is an agile rogue-like character who can evade attacks and deal damage swiftly. She excels in hit-and-run tactics.

Chris: Chris is a versatile warrior with a mix of offensive and defensive abilities. He can adapt to different situations and fill various roles.

Capet Augu: Capet Augu is a ranged attacker with powerful long-range attacks. He excels in dealing damage from a distance.

Aziz: Aziz is a supportive character who can enhance the team’s abilities and provide crucial buffs.

Anna: Anna is a skilled archer with high accuracy and critical hit rates. She can deal precise and deadly blows to enemies.

Madtale Idle Rpg Tier List – C Tier

Verlios Pilt: Verlios Pilt is a character with average performance. While not excelling in any particular area, he can still contribute to the team’s success.

Vanessa: Vanessa is a supportive character with healing and defensive abilities. She can provide moderate support to the team.

Stan Wall: Stan Wall is a tank character with moderate defensive capabilities. He can withstand some damage but may struggle in tougher battles.

Sheitan: Sheitan is a versatile character with a mix of offensive and defensive skills. He can fill different roles but lacks standout performance.

Sebastian: Sebastian is a support character with moderate utility and buffing abilities. He can enhance the team’s performance to some extent.

Myers: Myers is a character with average offensive and defensive capabilities. While not exceptional, he can still contribute to the team.

Madtale Idle Rpg Tier List – D Tier

Kathy Keller: Kathy Keller is a character with below-average performance. She may struggle to make a significant impact in battles.

Gatrell: Gatrell is a character with limited offensive and defensive capabilities. He may require additional support to be effective.

Eno Gaia: Eno Gaia is a character with average performance but lacks standout abilities or utility.

Elena Cody: Elena Cody is a character with below-average performance and limited versatility.

Arden: Arden is a character with average offensive and defensive capabilities. While not exceptional, he can still contribute to the team.

Alicia Lohr: Alicia Lohr is a character with below-average performance. She may struggle to keep up with stronger opponents.

Madtale Tier List FAQ:

Q: Why is Romanov in the Madtale S Tier Tier List?

A: Romanov is considered S Tier due to his exceptional swordsmanship and versatile skills, which make him highly effective in both offense and defense.

Q: What makes Morgiana stand out in the Madtale Tier List S Tier?

A: Morgiana’s mastery of elemental magic sets her apart in the S Tier.

Q: Why is Anna placed in the Madtale Tier List B Tier?

A: While Anna is a skilled archer with high accuracy and critical hit rates, she lacks standout abilities or utility compared to the characters in higher tiers. Nonetheless, she can still contribute to the team’s success with her precise and deadly attacks.

Q: Is it worth using characters from lower tiers?

A: Absolutely! While characters in lower tiers may not have as much raw power or versatility as those in higher tiers, they can still be valuable assets in certain situations. Each character brings unique abilities and playstyles that can be strategically utilized to overcome challenges.

Q: Are Madtale Tier List definitive rankings?

A: Tier lists are subjective and can vary based on personal playstyles, team compositions, and updates to the game. They provide a general assessment of characters’ performance, but it’s important to experiment and find the characters that best suit your preferred playstyle and team synergy.

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