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Clash Royale Princess Goblin Barrel Electro Spirit Deck Arena 12

Goblin Barrel Electro Spirit Deck

Hi guys, I will show you Goblin Barrel Electro Spirit Challenge Deck, This Og Log Bait include Princess, Goblin Barrel, Electro Spirit & other defensive troops like the Knight, Goblin Gang, and Inferno Dragon. This is the 2nd version of the Log bait Goblin Barrel deck which has Electro Spirit instead of the ice spirit so come and take a look at this Clash Royale Princess Goblin Barrel Electro Spirit Deck guide

Clash Royale 2.9 Princess Goblin Barrel Electro Spirit Deck

Clash Royale Princess Goblin Barrel Electro Spirit Deck

This deck is all about slowly building up chip damage throughout the match and been able to force your opponent to spend elixir defensively rather than on offence. This deck is to bait out your opponents spells so that your goblin barrel is free to do damage to their towers. If they log anything but the barrel, you are almost always guaranteed damage.

Even if they log the barrel, pushing really hard with knight and goblin gang or Electro Spirit forces them to respond.  The princess is really good because she can cover your entire side of the arena and be very hard for an opponent to deal with.

Goblin barrel is your main win condition, use this card to punish your opponent when you’ve successfully bailed out a key counter. If the opponent has a barb barrel make sure you play it on the side of the towers so the barb barrel can splash them all at once. Defensive barrels can be useful at helping defend against bridge spam units and preventing them from connecting to your towers. Goblin gang is another one of your bait cards.

They will usually be targeted by a spell, but if not, they deal a lot of damage and can single-handedly stop many troops in the game. They are also very good at surrounding troops or distracting them for a long time.

Princess is the most important card in this deck because she can offer so much value for only three elixirs. Try to protect her as much as possible and force a spell from your opponent’s hand. In double elixir try stacking her up on defense, keeping them spaced out to avoid giving your opponent spell value. Use her long range to your advantage on defense by playing behind your towers, In the early game, make sure you do not over extend on pushes. Just throw out goblin barrels solo and try and gain chip damage, as well as play the princess in the back and defend.

Thanks for Reading, Have Fun

Thanks for reading, have fun

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