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Welcome to the Roblox Peroxide Wiki Fandom page. In our Peroxide Wiki Fandom, we will tell you all the information about the game like Currency, features, Index, and Dungeons.

The best way to improve your gameplay is to visit our Peroxide Wiki to learn some basics about his game because we’ve created this Roblox Peroxide Fandom wiki to make it easier for you.

We know that the Trello board and Discord Server contain a lot of information shared by pro players or content creators, so to help you get started, we’ve fetched a list of the most useful information from official Trello and Discord. If you want free gift in the game then make sure to visit our Peroxide [Release!!] Codes Page

Roblox Peroxide Wiki Fandom

Roblox Group:






Owner: [Peroxide]

Developers: [Peroxide]

Basic Controls

Light Attack: Press Mouse 1 or Left Click. This move is fast and doesn’t consume much energy.

Heavy Attack: Press Mouse 2 or Right Click. This move deals more damage but is slower than a light attack.

Dash: Press Q. Use this move to quickly move around, especially if your agility is below 10.

Flashstep: Once you’ve achieved 10 agility, your Dash will upgrade to a Flashstep. Press Q to use.

Transform: Press G. The animation for this can vary based on your current mode or character evolution.

Uppercut: While using Flashstep, press Mouse 2. This powerful move can catch opponents off-guard and delivers a strong blow.

If you read more about controls and game mechanisms, head over to our Peroxide Beginner Guide page.


When you embark on your Quincy journey in Peroxide, the game’s intricate mechanics and numerous options can be overwhelming. Our guide simplifies this journey, making your path to becoming a Quincy a breeze.

You can find the complete Peroxide Quincy guide on our Peroxide Quincy Guide: Progression & Build Tips page


Unlocking the Bankai is a significant achievement and provides a notable power spike for your character. This guide will walk you through each step necessary to achieve this form and unlock its true potential.

You can find the complete Peroxide Bankai Tier List guide on our Peroxide Bankai Tier List: Complete Bankai Guide & Moves

Soul Reaper Clan Tier List

In Peroxide Soul Reaper Common Clans has 89% chance, Rare Clans have 9% chance, and Legendary Clans: 2% chance.

You can find the complete Peroxide Soul Reaper Clan Tier List guide on our Peroxide Soul Reaper Clan Tier List – All Buffs


Resurrection in Peroxide is like a transformation or an armour set that players can use to enhance their abilities. It’s a significant part of your progression theme, especially when you become an Arrancar.

You can find the complete Peroxide Resurrections Guide on our Peroxide Resurrections Guide: Step-by-Step Activation.

Leveling Guide

Starting Off – Choose Your Path:

Human Beginnings: You start as a human. Head towards the skate park or basketball court to locate the ASR Cafe. Speak to the character there to progress. If you’re aiming for a Quincy journey, this is your first stop. Need more detailed instructions? Check out our Peroxide Leveling Guide.

Roblox Peroxide Stats and Ranking Wiki


Hollows below Arrancar level cannot train. They only gain levels by killing other Hollows.

Main Stats Overview

There are five main stats for you to hone:

  1. Spirit: Enhances damage of Shikai/Bankai/Res and Kido moves.
  2. Strength: Amplifies m1 damage.
  3. Vitality: Bolsters health.
  4. Agility: Offers abilities like flash step and increases its speed.
  5. Reiatsu: Increases your stamina bar in the game.

Training Equipment Guide

To develop these stats, utilize the following training tools:

  • Spirit: Spirit Mat
  • Strength: Training Dummies
  • Vitality: Bench Press
  • Agility: Treadmill
  • Reiatsu: Reiatsu Mat

Note: Players can also amplify their stats through alternate means like Incursions/Quests or collecting Soul Gourds.

Ranks and Limitbreak Information

  • Players initiate at rank F.
  • For every 46 stat levels, a Limitbreak is mandatory to rank up and unlock higher stats.
  • To execute a Limitbreak, max out your current stats.
  • Until Shikai/Schrift is unlocked, players are capped at rank C-. (Arrancars are exempt from this cap)
  • Post unlocking Bankai/Segunda, the rank cap is S.

Raise your Limitbreak bar by: hollow murders, konso, killing souls (as an Arrancar), storm vastocars, raid bosses, soul gourds, incursions, and other events.

Stat Scaling Insights

As your level escalates, your stats scale correspondingly. E.g., At level 10, Vitality offers 2 hp, but at level 60, it grants 4 hp (approximate values). This level cap is 60. This pattern applies across all stats.

  • Spirit builds gain 40% of M1 scaling from Spirit.
  • Hybrid builds (maximum 20 point difference between stats) gain 100% M1 scaling.
  • Strength-focused builds obtain 100% M1 scaling from Strength.

Stat Stars

Stat Stars are buffs earned either from defeating Duelists (like Kisuke, Ken, Laqura) or from Dojo training.

  • Karakura dojo/Kisuke provides up to 3 Stars.
  • All other duelists/dojos can yield up to 5 Stars.

Each Star earned results in a 66% boost to all exp gains for that particular stat.


Potential is your stats’ average. The formula: Total of all your stats ÷ 5 = Current potential. So, with 20 in every stat, potential is 20. Your max level is potential + 5.

Flashstep Cap

In combat, excessive flashstep use can deplete a lot of reiatsu. There’s also a visual effect signaling flashstep overuse.

That wraps up everything you need to know about the Roblox Peroxide Wiki – UnOfficial Info Wiki | Fandom.

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