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Apex Legends 20 Kill Badge + 4K Damage Badge Guide 2020

Apex Legends Beginners Guide 2019 Apex Legends Tips and Tricks

Apex Legends 20 Kill Badge + 4K Damage Badge Guide 2020 Hi, guys 20 Kill Badge + 4K Damage Badge Guide 2020  ProdigyManny here and today I will show you I have the 4K damage badge and 20 kill badge on multiple characters. Here are a few tips that I recommend when trying to grind for these 20 Kill Badge + 4K Damage Badge Guide 2019

Apex Legends Beginners Guide 2019 Apex Legends Tips and Tricks

Apex Legends 20 Kill Badge + 4K Damage Badge Guide 2020

  1. Choose which badge you want first. Of course, you can end up having a monster game where you get both badges but I find separating them to be easier. There are certain things that you can do to improve your chances for getting one of the badges but would hurt your chances of getting the other in the same game. For example, if you have 15 kills with only a few teams left, you would prefer to wipe players immediately so you can get the 20 kill rather than farm players for damage to get the 4K.

  2. Weapon setup: R-301 is a must. It’s incredibly versatile as you can shred people close range, medium range, and even switch to single fire for long range battles. There aren’t many non-legendary weapons that have a faster time to kill. Probably only the devotion and R-99 kill faster. So statistically, you’ll win most gun fights at close to medium range using the R-301. Depending on your play style, you can pair this with either a long range weapon such as the Longbow/Triple Take/Wingman or a close range weapon such as the R-99 or Prowler. Ever since it’s buff, the Longbow has become devastating. You can rack up damage really quick using it and it also helps you stay alive as you’ll be at a distance. The R-99 is just incredible up close and the Prowler on burst is heavily underrated. People opt to switch to full auto when using it but they don’t realize that it decreases the time to kill. It’s just incredibly effective.

  3. If you’re trying to get the 4K damage badge, ammo management is going to be a top priority, especially if you want to farm damage. There’s sort of an art to farming enemies. You gotta aim for maximum damage, conserve as much ammo as possible and when you realize that your ammo count is low, you need to wipe them immediately and loot them to replenish it. Additionally, you need to do all of this before getting third partied. Farming damage results in long battles which thus results in third parties. Getting third partied when grinding for these badges is the worst case scenario so always be aware of your surroundings and have a plan if it does occur. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had 19 kills or 3900 damage but ended up getting third partied. Also, there are ways that you can conserve ammo by choosing the right weapons. If you choose weapons that have high damage per bullet, that would be an efficient way of conserving ammo. Running the Wingman or Longbow is great for farming damage as they are excellent long range weapons and have high damage per bullet.

  4. I’ve found that the best drops for high kills and damage are probably Skull Town and Cascades. Skull Town is pretty self explanatory. It’s the Tilted Towers of Apex Legends. There will be games where you’ll land Skull Town, wipe all the teams, and leave with like 6+ kills. This is a great way to start the game and heavily increases your chances of getting the badges. Also, there’s a good chance you get wiped within the first 2 minutes in Skull Town. That’s okay too because you can just start another game immediately. Land Skull Town as often as possible to increase your chances of getting the badges. In grinding for badges, landing Skull Town vs other spots is the equivalent of taking a 3 pointer vs a mid range jumper in the NBA. It’s just a numbers game. In addition to Skull Town, I find Cascades to be one of the best drops in the game. The rotations out of Cascades are probably the best in the game. 95% of my monster games have been Skull Town or Cascades drops, both almost equally as good.

  5. Play alone or with just one friend. DO NOT PLAY 3 MAN PRE-MADE SQUADS WHEN GRINDING FOR THESE BADGES. Shroud mentioned in a stream that if you queue up as a solo or duo, you get matched up with other solos and duos. If you queue up as a full premade squad, you go up against other full premade squads. No one can be 100% certain of this unless the devs respond though. From what I’ve experienced, I do feel that games where I queue up as a solo/duo are significantly easier than when I queue up with a full 3 man premade. It’s not that I put up better stats in solos/duos because my teammates aren’t as good, it’s just the competition seems easier. The battles aren’t as sweaty and my win % is significantly higher in solo/duos than full premades. That’s what leads me to believe that those lobbies are easier. Also, it might be that if you go in as a full premade, there’s a higher chance of you matching up with other premades. Not 100% certain but I would like to hear your opinions on it too.

  6. Always use cover and use your teammates to your advantage. Most of my battles, I’m usually behind cover, making it much harder for enemies to kill me. Once I’ve done enough damage and I know I can wipe them, I push aggressively. Don’t take unnecessary risks but that just comes with experience. You’ll know the right times to push, farm, or pull back.

  7. I always loot quick and push ahead while my teammates loot from the previous battle so I end up 1v3 against teams regularly. 1v3 isn’t really in your favor but there are things you can do to flip the odds. Don’t ever engage in a 1v3 close range, especially with no cover. Try to focus one of them and knock him immediately. Knocking one player drastically increases your chances of wiping the team alone. The moment you knock the player, the team will think that they are getting third partied by a full squad. You can use that info to your advantage. They’ll play much more passive if they don’t know how many people are with you and they’ll just assume you’re with 2 others. However, if they see you first and you don’t get the knock, they’ll likely push you together, which is the worst case scenario. Always be aware of your surroundings. If you see them first and they don’t notice you, your initial chances of wiping a full squad in a 1v3 situation is about 20%. If you knock one of them immediately before they see you, your chances of wiping increases to about 70%. If you knock 2, your chances of wiping is probably over 90%, especially if your teammates end up joining. However, if they see you first, your chances of wiping them is less than 10%.

  8. The day and time you play will also affect your chances of getting the badge. Most days, 4-10 pm are good times to grind for the badges and Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the best days. As one of my friends once said, the Timmy’s and Craig’s are usually on Apex during the weekend. The little kids and middle aged dudes who just wanna run a few games on the weekend for fun are the type of people you want in your lobby. Playing from 2am-8am isn’t recommended. These are sweat hours. If you’re playing the game this late on a week day, you’ll likely end up in lobbies with TTV Wraiths and teams constructed of Wraith/Lifeline/Pathfinder. We call that the Holy Trinity. It’s probably the most difficult team composition to go up against.

  9. Pay attention to where people are dropping. Purposely delay your jump from the ship to identify where people are landing and keep a mental note of it. This information will help you decide which rotations to make once you wipe everyone at your drop spot.

That’s a solid introduction into grinding for these badges. If I remember anything else, I’ll post again. I’ve been pulling all nighters studying for midterms so my brain is kinda fried right now. Message me if you have any questions and good luck on the grind.

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