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Apex Legends Ranked Guide 2020 Season 3 Grinding Guide

Apex Legends Ranked Guide 2020

Apex Legends Ranked Guide 2020 Hi guys Apex Legends Ranked Guide 2020 shared by TheGodDeimosTTV on Reddit, He wrote this guide to help you reach a higher rank. Some of these tips are obvious but some are not. Most of these tips will refer to Diamond / Predator lobbies so if you are a lower rank you can ignore some of them.

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Character Select:

The current meta for ranked is Wraith/Pathfinder/Wattson so that would be the optimal team. However as I have grinded through predator all the way to 1700RP I have found that Wattson can force you in to playing defensively and you can replace Wattson with Bangalore or Lifeline if Wattson gets too slow.

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The Dropship can come in at odd angels at times and finding a suitable landing location that is free can proof difficult. As a jumpmaster you need to be alert when dropping. A good strategy is to look at the number of people left in the Dropship. If less than 10 people drop straight away go with them and land in the clearest area. Most people are hesitant to drop in ranked so it’s important to act fast. Here are some more tips.

  • Loot denying: If there is a squad dropping in the same location as you try to land a head of them and loot away from them that way they will not get as much loot and will have a difficult time challenging you. This works really well in swamps.

  • Lookout: If you are not the jumpmaster you have an easier time looking around for your jump master to let him know how many squads are going where. If a location is free don’t be afraid to dictate to the jump master what to do as you can see more than he can.

  • Dipping: There is no shame in dipping to a nearby location if it’s vacant or splitting off when there is no one around.

  • Eyes in the Sky: Sometimes a team will drop at the last second and they will be so far above you that it seems like they appear out of no where. This can happen when dropping late

  • Muscle memory: If you have solid squad it might be good to always drop in the same 2-3 spots to build up a ind of muscle memory for looting, and rotation

  • Certain locations have better chances of spawning in good loot but nothing is guaranteed use this Map for reference (even if outdated) and try to avoid landing in the white areas.

  • In case there is a contest in your location try to land very close together and stick together. 3 Mozambiques against 1 player with an R301 is an easy battle.

  • Big Dick Energy: If there is squad going for your location it is possible that they dip so it’s important to stay confident.


Right now the R99, Alternator and Longbow are dominating the meta. A lot of times you will struggle to find exactly those 3 weapons with the much needed attachments. That’s why it’s important to be comfortable with more weapons than those 3.

  • You can run a Hemlok single fire or a triple take whilst looking for a longbow, you will want to have at least 2 players with Long range weapons

  • If you struggle to find extended light mags for everyone on the team, consider running another weapon I usually opt for a heavy weapon such as the Flatline or Full auto prowler. The havoc is powerful but the muzzle flash can be quite annoying.

  • The Alternator with the hop melts through shields and your goal should be to have 2 players running disruptors.

  • To be fair most weapons are decent(even the p2020 with hammerpoint) but you should strive to play with the meta weapons.

  • Know what your teammates are playing with and what they are looking for pinging the right gear is key but picking up the stuff and bringing it to them will save a lot of time which might be needed for the rotation.

  • I usually try to carry 12 shield cells, 6 syringes, 3 med kits and as many shield batteries as I can find, sharing is caring so shield batteries should be distributed as evenly as possible.

  • Grenades are important, I prefer arc stars and thermites over normal grenades but I pick up grenades in a pinch as well.

  • Relay and Swamps are usually quiet landing locations with decent gear however they take long to loot and make rotating quite difficult which brings me to my next point.

  • Looting death boxes should be as fast as possible not as fair as possible, your teammates should let you know when they need something.


Rotating safely and efficiently can be the difference between top 15 and top 10.

  • If your team paid attention while dropping they should know where most of the lobby landed so picking the less populated path is key.

  • If you get to rotate early you should try to loot on the way to the circle

  • Predicting the next circle with pathfinders passive can be a huge advantage. If you can see a vantage point in the green zone you will want to rotate to that vantage point early and try to defend it.

  • If you are already in circle and you don’t really have the loot for end game you will need to get in to fights. Preferably on the edge of the map so you are less likely to get third partied. More on that later.


  • If you have bad loot you will want to go for some kills to get better loot. It is important to run up on squad quickly and with confidence. If you lack confidence you will end up in a stand off with cover poking. Wasting time, heals and drawing attention to your squad.

  • If a fight is taking too long take a defensive position or run away to a vantage point. Gun fire can be heard from miles away so as soon as you start fighting a team enemies will start to close in.

  • Do not get knocked down this is very important, a full team with white armor is better off than a 2 man with purple.

  • Vice Versa: Once you get a knock on the enemies you should push them hard without mercy. It’s a 3v2, they don’t stand a chance.

  • Don’t chase, enemies will run away to get their positioning points. You already got a kill or 2 from that team and you should loot them before more enemies arrive.

  • Don’t forget your call outs; “Wraith knocked”, “I’m healing”, “Lets push together”, “I’m getting a better angel” etc.

  • Running away when enemies have the better gear and the better position e.g. if a full team is camping high ground with longbows it just is not worth fighting them.


The endgame is all about positioning. The circles are predetermined and you will see the same ones after a while. Every circle has what I call the “Power position”. Usually on the highground on a canyon or a rooftop right on the ending circle or nearby so you can shoot at the enemy squads rotating. Some of the power positions are the walls at airbase which are right next to the water, the canyon on the back of run off, the northeast wall at Repulsor that faces Hydrodam and many more.

  • You will want to take the power position right after the third circle closes if it is a rather exposed one. Before that you should try to prevent other enemies from taking it.

  • It is not impossible to take over a power position but you no need to risk your life for it. Grenades and longbows help

  • If you have a Bangalore on your team and you are getting shot at with snipers you can just simply pop a smoke constantly as long as you need to. At some point the enemies that are shooting at you will have enemies to fight or need to move in to the circle.

  • You can make a vertical zip line or temporary portal to drop down and heal. Just keep the position no matter what.

  • This is why you stock up on shields early game so you can hold that position forever.

  • Once the circle starts closing you just poke people with your longbow when they rotate.

  • Be sure to zoom in on your map to see what part of the high ground is still in the next zone, sometimes you hold your power position and then transition to a roof or inside a building.

Other useful tips:

  • Solo hunting; if you notice there are a lot of squads with missing players and you have a nice position with no one near you, you can check for random solos hiding for placement points in cracks and creeks. Just be close enough to your teammates so you don’t die by accident.

  • Weapon switching makes a sound to enemies so if you are hiding don’t do it.

  • Shield swapping can be a life saver. Gold armor is pretty much useless in ranked so don’t be afraid to switch to a purple one if you need full shield.

That’s all I could come up with hopefully this helps you guys rank up!

Source: Reddit

Shared by TheGodDeimosTTV

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